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Chapter 1

...the great wizard Salmalin forced back the entire approaching army saving his people from utter destruction...

"Aram, still taking to reading children's books I see." Ozorne taunted.

Aram Draper quickly slammed shut his favourite childhood book, his face flashed crimson in embarrassment. "I'm just flipping through a few old things of mine."

"Aram you're thirty-two years old, you can't seriously be still reading that thing?" Ozorne was enjoying the joke.

"Don't forget I'm also a black robe mage." Aram mentioned this anytime Ozorne tried to mock him; Aram was better and smarter in terms of mage craft.

Ozorne was getting angry, he was always jealous of his friend's accomplishment, "Yes but don't forget that I am the Emperor of Carthak." Ozorne was no longer speaking to Aram as a friend, but as a diplomat.

Aram had always made note not to forget that. He and his best friend used to be equals when they were younger, he always enjoyed that time with Ozorne at the university. In recent years ever since Ozorne was crowned the emperor he has grown a lot more... arrogant. "Sorry, I thought we were teenagers again."

Ozorne smiled, his look of authority washed from his face, "It's alright friend. I know it's hard for you to realize your place. Now there is a very beautiful woman waiting in my bedroom that I need to attend to."

Aram was set aback by the 'realizing your place' comment but managed to hold his tongue. "Ozorne you're thirty-two, when are you going to stop fooling around with ladies of the court and take a wife."

"What is this talk about taking a wife, I thought we agreed that the life of a bachelor was a good one. The only reason for me to take a spouse would be to give an heir, and my nephew is my heir. You are of equal age to me, why aren't you taking a wife?"

Aram wanted to settle down, he had spent many years of his life devoted to one woman, Varice. She however didn't have any goals or ambitions. She simply wanted to be stuck in the kitchens all her life, using her gift for the culinary arts. Aram wasn't able to stand that, so the two broke it off. "I plan to as soon as the right woman stumbles into my lap."

Ozorne chuckled, "Aram you need to wake up, there is no right woman for anybody, there are attractive women, but no one was made for you."

Aram sighed, and decided to change the subject, "Oh Ozorne, I was wondering if you could supply me with the funds to further research Wild Magic."

This got a roar of laughter from Ozorne, "You aren't seriously still hung up about that are you Draper? Everyone knows that Wild Magic is a myth, something some nutcase mage made up long ago."

Aram knew that everyone thought he was wasting his time on this subject, and that mage of long ago was Numair the great, Numair... that was a powerful name. "I believe it does exist, and I want to research it."

Ozorne decided to humor him, "Very well, have the funds to research it, while you're at it maybe you could research how I could grow wings and fly to the moon. Honestly Numair you should have devoted your interests into studying war magic." Ozorne continued laughing again at his own joke. Aram simply bit the inside of his cheek to stop himself from saying something he might regret later.

"Aram you always know how to make me laugh, just go into your precious libraries and read your life away on this ridiculous subject. Now as I said before, there is a pretty lady awaiting my company" Ozorne left Aram's rooms, not even bothering with the door. A mute slave came and closed the door for him.

Aram didn't think the subject of Wild Magic was ridiculous at all, but no one believed him. He had his suspicions, he believed the Banjiku had some connection with Wild Magic but it was so subtle that it couldn't be detected. Aram had no proof. He could go down to the libraries and look at all the books they had on Wild Magic, which were few, but he didn't feel like translating Old Thak at that moment. He instead decided to go for a walk.

His stroll took him out into the courtyards; the courtyards surrounding the palace were exquisite. All the exotic plant life that Cathak had to offer could be witnessed here. Aram enjoyed it when no one else was in the gardens; it gave him time to think. He wasn't able to think for long though. Varice was running through the gardens towards him. "Aram, thank goodness I've found you. There's some girl creating havoc near the stables."

Aram looked towards his former love, "How much damage can one girl do?"

"Well for one thing, she's dressed in breeches. Those are clothes men wear! Secondly all the horses busted down the gates holding them in their stalls to rush towards her!" Varice said waving her arms about trying to animate what happened with her hands.

"Hmmm, that is very peculiar behavior for horses don't you think?" Aram asked.

"I don't care they are smelly beasts, the point is they are damaging property that matters. Please deal with the problem; I need to deal with an upcoming feast." Varice patted Aram on the cheek, and ran towards the palace, lifting up her pink skirts making it easier for her to run.

"I suppose I better go tend to this 'problem' then" Aram mumbled to himself.

When Aram arrived at the stables he discovered total ruins. Part of the stable would have to be rebuilt. In the middle of it all, about a dozen of Cathak's finest mounts stood huddled around one woman. "Hey, you there, what on earth is going on...?" Aram's jaw dropped, the woman looked to be in her late teens. She had smoky brown curls cascading half way down her back. What entranced him the most was when he looked into her eyes, they were blue, or were they gray? He couldn't tell because it was if he was peering into an ocean storm, the colours seemed to shift. She was a jaw dropping sight.

The woman bit her lower lip in worry, as if she were a child caught in the act of drawing on the walls. "I'm sorry, there were a group of young men making advances on me, and the horses were getting worried. It wasn't the horses' fault it was mine."

Aram walked closer to the unusual girl weaving his way through the bodies of many horses. "What is your name?"

"Veralidaine Sarrasri" the woman answered.

There was something about this woman, something Aram couldn't quite put his finger on...

"I'm an apprentice to the hostler; I just arrived in Carthak a few weeks ago." Veralidaine said.

Numair nodded absentmindedly, he was still staring intently at her, "Where are you from Miss Sarrasri?"

"I'm from up north in Galla, in a little village called Snowsdale." She answered. "I'm sorry sir, but might I say that it is rude to stare."

Aram shook his head, "Talking to a noble like that can get you into a lot of trouble."

"And staring at a woman like you were can get you in a lot of trouble." She retorted.

This woman was wild in not only her appearance but her personality. Everything about her seemed untamed. "I apologize, my name is Aram Draper," he told her holding out a hand. Veralidaine shook the offered hand.

"And you already know my name." She responded. She hesitated but then added, "My friends call me Daine, and you may call me that if you wish."

"Yes, well Veralidaine..."

"Daine," she corrected.

"Sorry, Daine, excuse me for asking this but do you have the gift?" Aram inquired.

Daine sighed, "No, my mother was hedge witch, she had the gift."


Daine looked away from his face, "She was murdered when I was younger, by a band of dirty thieves."

Aram put a comforting hand on her shoulder, "I'm so sorry to hear that." Daine nodded, stifling back tears.

"So how much trouble am I in?" She asked changing the subject.

Aram laughed trying to lighten the mood, "A lot, but I can see that this wasn't done intentionally so I can try and get you out of trouble."

"I appreciate that," she answered smiling.

"Mithros," Aram said in awe.


"You have the most beautiful smile. You should wear it more often." Aram laughed as she turned crimson. "I bet you have all the young men chasing after you."

"Unfortunately," Daine joked.

"Unfortunately? I thought all women liked to have the attention of handsome young men." Aram said confused.

"That was what caused all the trouble with the stables, some young men making very inappropriate advances. I thought that maybe their mothers would raise them better. Anyways, the horses got worried and came out to help." Daine explained eagerly.

"Wait the horses came out to help you, how did they understand that you were in trouble?" Aram asked, suddenly very interested.

Daine shrugged, "I don't know, they just sort of...knew."

Aram nodded, "Well it was very nice to meet you Daine but I have to get going. Is there any way I can reach you?"

Daine nodded, "Sure just talk to Paul the hostler, he'll know where I am."

"Thanks, I'll do that, but for now I have to go and get you out of a lot of trouble." That was true, but that issue didn't need immediate attention, what Aram really needed to do was find the library. He was stumbling along the way; he couldn't seem to get this odd woman out of his thoughts. He was excited though; this Daine girl could be the proof he needed.

The proof to show all the mages at the university that Wild Magic really did exist.

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