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Note: This is a response to the Halloween challenge on speedsicle. Spoilers are sometime before Reloaded. I wanted it around that time cause of the characters I wanted in it, but I also felt it'd be easier to work with Bobby sans secondary mutation taking over…and actually I haven't read much since they did the Reloaded thing. Sorry. Also this is an attempt at humor. There are also Velvet Goldmine spoilers in this piece.

Warning: This piece contains male slash if that offends you please don't read it, futhermore this piece has non-slah in the form of Alex/Annie, if that's going to offend you please don't read it. Thanks! This piece is dedicated to Tammy who helped me pick out a title.

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This Must Be Love:

Someone, somewhere, up there hated him. Jean-Paul felt he knew this. It simply too easily explained one too many things about his life, like why he was asked to share an office with his crush, Bobby Drake. Or why as he attempted to organize his papers so as to better grade them he could feel Bobby's eyes watching his every move.

He attempted to ignore it and found he couldn't. Finally out of pure frustration he reached into his drawer for a red pen, met Bobby's gaze and asked, "Is there something I can help you with, frost-boy?"

Bobby blinked, and then wrinkled his nose, whether it was at Annie's nickname or being caught Jean-Paul couldn't tell. At last his fellow teammate told him, "Scott wants me to make sure you come to the dance."

It was Jean-Paul's turn to blink as he set the pen down on his stack of papers, "You?"

"W-well," Bobby stuttered, "we do share an office."

"And that means you have any influence on me how?"

"That's what I said," Bobby muttered low under his breath causing Jean-Paul to raise his eyebrow and ask him to repeat that. He shook his head before asking him with a sigh, "Would you just come?"

His questioned caused Jean-Paul to lean back in his chair and regard him before telling him slowly, "Some things, Drake, I don't do on command."

Bobby stared at him a moment before he sputtered and growled, "I told him you were impossible."

"Something the matter?"

Bobby felt like screaming 'yeah, you're impossible', but he held his tongue. He wasn't about to start an argument with Jean-Paul, "No."

"Good, than you can inform Mr. Summers that I'm not interested and I didn't sign up to chaperon children while we encourage them to form romantic…"

"That's not what we're doing," Bobby informed him dryly.

"Robert, it's a school dance."


"I have that night off. I'm not going to spend it here. I'll probably be going out. I might even have a date," Jean-Paul informed him off-handily, but deliberately. The last thing Jean-Paul wanted was to get roped into chaperoning a school dance.

Date? Bobby frowned at the sudden flare of jealousy he felt. Was he jealous that Jean-Paul could date or that someone might be dating Jean-Paul? Both he decide. He either needed to act on this crush on his officemate or get rid of it. What would Jean-Paul want with him though? He was slowly turning into ice, not that Jean-Paul knew this…no scratch that Jean-Paul probably knew, hell the whole school probably knew after his freezer incident. He was just glad he'd managed to change back into himself after fighting Kurt's crazy father, Azazel. For a short while there he'd thought he was cured, but then a patch of ice had slowly started to form in the exact same spot as the before, that place where he'd been wounded by Black Tom. It was slowly spreading again. Bobby didn't want to think about that at the moment, if he didn't concentrate on it then it didn't scare him quite so much. No one wants to think that they'll end up alone for the rest of their life.

Date, Jean-Paul was talking about going on a date. Well he'd put an end to that if he could. Bobby narrowed his eyes, "No, you're going."

"Think again, otter pop, I'm not."

Bobby wanted to grit his teeth in frustration. What was with the nicknames? No one else got a nickname from Jean-Paul except Logan, and really he wasn't sure 'old man' counted for much. Was there perhaps some hope that Jean-Paul might be interested in him? He looked his teammate over as Jean-Paul's head went down and he began grading papers furiously. Red ink, he remembered hating that before he'd come to Xavier's, back when he went to public school. Xavier hadn't used red ink.

"I'm going," he offered.

Jean-Paul raised his head to meet his gaze and Jean-Paul suddenly found himself fighting the urge to tell Bobby that yes he would go to the dance. Maybe it was the wounded hopeful look in those hazel eyes, or maybe it was just the thought of seeing Bobby dressed up and having fun, but suddenly he did want to go. No, Jean-Paul told himself, he really couldn't keep torturing himself with this crush on the Iceman. He wasn't going. Choosing his words slowly he asked, "And that means what to me?"

Bobby put his hands up in a gesture of defeat, but internally he was plotting. Jean-Paul was going to the dance whether he wanted to our not, and he was going to be dressed up too.

"What are you going as?"

Bobby shrugged, "Aren't I intimidating enough as it is?"

"No," Jean-Paul informed him.

"Jubes and I are work on coming up with something together."

"Then I'm glad I'm not going. I'm sure you two are plotting a ridicules prank."

"Nah, not really, but that might be a good idea though, thanks."

Jean-Paul resisted the urge to roll his eyes at the mischievous grin Bobby sent his way and in an attempt to ignore him went back to grading his papers. Bobby watched him another moment, trying to think of just how he was going to get Jean-Paul to the school dance.

"Robert, you're staring. Is there a problem?"

"Yeah, Scott told me to make sure you were coming to the dance."

Jean-Paul shot him a glare and Bobby smirked before swinging his chair away from his desk and standing. As he walked out of the room he told his teammate, "Well it was worth another try."

He was going to find Annie, she'd help him come up with something. Either that or she'd let him know if Jean-Paul would hurt him when he managed to trick the speedster into coming to the Halloween dance. If she couldn't help he'd go to Hank, Hank would know what to do.