With a growl of frustration Jean-Paul dumped an armload of shoes on his bed before he took a step back and examined them. He was going out if it killed him. He refused to be stuck in the mansion during the school dance.

He blamed Bobby for his bad mood. The Iceman didn't seem to understand that no meant no and he wasn't going. Before he'd left their office Bobby had once again attempted to get him to change his mind. When he refused Bobby had given him that smile that indicated that a prank had been done and simply told him, "We'll see."

Then on his way to his room Alex had stopped him by grabbing his wrist and telling him, "I just want you to know, this wasn't my idea."

He hadn't even gotten to find out what Alex had meant because Havok had quickly exited to his room. There wasn't a doubt in Jean-Paul's mind, there was a prank and he was the target.

The sooner he escaped the better.

As he reached for a pair of boots Logan's voice interrupted his brooding, "Johnny, I'd never have guessed you have a shoe fetish."

He glanced at the shorter man, "I don't. The last time I counted I only owned twenty pairs."

Logan shook his head, "Twenty? And you don't admit you have a problem?"

"There's no 'problem' except that I appreciate my ability to look impeccable."

"Keep telling yourself that Johnny."

"Is there a reason for your visit?"

"Yes, you owe me a dance."

Jean-Paul turned to give Logan a confused look as he inquired to what he meant. Logan shrugged, "I've decided that before you leave tonight you owe me a dance."

"This is an attempt to get me amongst those kids isn't it?"

"It could teach them something, don't ya think?"

"They already know enough about prejudice, but you're right. That is after why Charles sought me out and one of the few reason I chose to stay," Jean-Paul mused as he sat on his bed and changed his shoes.

Logan grinned.

"Do you know what Robert's up to?"

"Yeah," Jubes voice called from his doorway, "let me guess you're going as a Goth?"

"Excuse me?"

"What's with the all black?" Jubilee inquired as she entered his room and Logan shut the door before leaning up against it.

Jean-Paul's eyes narrowed at the young girl dressed in plaid pants, a pale blue t-shirt with a cherry in the center and buttons strewn all over it, covered by a much too big green leopard-print jacket. Jean-Paul frowned as he took her in. Where had her breast gone and why was she wearing a brown wig that gave her shoulder length hair?

"Why do I get the distinct impression I'm being ganged up on?"

"I'm only going to give you a costume; you can wash the make-up off after you leave the dance."


"Everyone wears make-up on Halloween. Even Wolvie's got some make-up on."

Jean-Paul looked around towards Logan and frowned. Logan held out his arm so he could see the fake tattoo painted there. Jean-Paul frowned.

"I'm Popeye." Logan explained.

"I thought the shirt odd, but decided not to say anything."

"He refused to wear the hat Kitty got him," Jubilee hinted.

"There are some things even you two can't convince me of."

"If he's not wearing…"

"I don't think so JP, you're so wearing some make-up," Jubilee informed him.

"And just what do you think to make me go as?"

Jubilee's smiled mischievously.

"This is all Robert's doing isn't it?"

Logan and Jubilee exchanged a look.

"Johnny, this is one prank that's safe, I'd say go along with it." Logan reassured.

So Jean-Paul got a little bit of make-up in between snide comments carefully placed to have Jubilee laughing. At last they were done and as they were leaving Jean-Paul commented on the awfulness of her jacket causing Jubilee to hand it over to him, telling him to put it on.

"That monstrosity? Logan, you said this was safe."

Logan grinned. Jubilee rolled her eyes and told him, "Just put it on, its part of your costume."

"One dance, then I leave," Jean-Paul warned as he put the jacket on. Frowning as he realized that it fit him perfectly he asked Jubilee just who she was suppose to be.

"Arthur Stewart."

"Velvet Goldmine?"

"Hell yes!"

Her comment caused Jean-Paul to frown and look down at the jacket once more. Logan quickly grabbed him and steered him to the dance where he was quickly told again that there would one be one dance and then he was leaving.

They hadn't even entered the room when Rogue launched herself into his arms, "Jean-Paul! I can't believe you showed up, you have to dance with me!"

That said she latched onto his arm and dragged him out onto the dance floor.

"This is part of the joke isn't it? By not letting me dance with Logan you think to keep me here longer," he commented as she wrapped his arms around him.

"That's part of it, sugar," Rogue smiled, "Trust me though, you'll want to go along with this one. It'll be worth your while."

"Well no woman has grabbed me in an attempt to kiss me, so I suppose I'm safe."

Rogue laughed, before smacking him lightly on the arm and pulling the black scarf off her neck and placing it around his. He shook his head at her. The song ended and he made to step away from her, but she held on.

"You are not getting away from me that easy. We need to catch up, lunch sometime this week?"

"Only if we go out, away from all this for a few hours," he answered.

As she nodded Gambit approached them and asked if he could cut it. Jean-Paul nodded and began to step away when Remy wrapped his arms around him and told him that he'd meant him. Rogue disappeared into the crowd with a 'be good.'

"What's this?" Jean-Paul asked.

Remy smiled, "Popsicle's great plan."

"You're a mere distraction then?"

As an answer Remy stop dancing and pulled a green broach out of a pocket and pinned it to the scarf. Jean-Paul raised his eyebrow. With a wink Remy told him that he had to go find his date and that Logan was behind him, then he gave Jean-Paul a quick kiss and disappeared into the crowd.

Jean-Paul turned and grabbed Logan, "You said one dance."

"Having fun yet?"

"I told Robert I didn't want to come," Jean-Paul scowled.

"He went to a lot of trouble. I blame the production on him getting a few women involved."

"I'm supposed to be Brian Slade aren't I?"

Logan nodded before smirking, "He's Curt Wild and you're date."

"My what?" Jean-Paul was certain he'd heard wrong.

"He's over by the entrance dancing with Kitty. Go cut in," Logan told him before walking away and leaving Jean-Paul there to make his decision.

Feeling self-conscious and a little put out Jean-Paul stalked over not quite sure how he was going to react until he caught sight of Bobby. His breath caught in the back of his throat and he stopped to simply stare for a moment. Bobby was wearing tight jeans, a long sleeve black and white shirt and had a wig on that gave him longer blonde hair. Jean-Paul was use to seeing Bobby in large baggy shirts, even his pants were slightly big on him.

Kitty smiled at him over Bobby's shoulder and said something to her dance partner. Bobby immediately stopped dancing and hid behind her as he grinned, "You're going to hit me, aren't you?"

Kitty laughed, "Don't be stupid."

"Kit-Kat, you obviously haven't spent time with him. He's going to smack me."

Jean-Paul smiled as Bobby's eyes met his over Kitty's shoulder. Kitty laughed and pushed Bobby away telling him, "I have to go find Kurt, he promised me a dance."

"This was rather elaborate," Jean-Paul told him as he and Bobby moved into dancing.

Bobby shrugged, "We figured it was the only way to get you here."

"I could have just left you stranded, dateless," Jean-Paul pointed out.

"Annie said there was no way you would," Bobby grinned, "I was worried you'd be pissed though."

"I was, for a moment. Whose idea was it to have Remy kiss me?"

Bobby stopped dancing and scowled, "What?"

"I take it he added that on his own."

Bobby took a step back a little startled at the jealousy running through him, the anger at Gambit and the sudden thought that maybe Annie was wrong and Jean-Paul wouldn't want him. Jean-Paul smirk as he pulled Bobby against him and told him, "Turn about's fair play."

Then he kissed Bobby before telling him, "I'd rather dance with Curt Wild. What's he suppose to be?"

"He and Rouge are pirates," Bobby answered as he wrapped his arms around Jean-Paul. Calm and happy he smiled.

Jean-Paul couldn't help but return the smile.

"Bobby? What are you doing?"

They both turned their heads to take in a confused Scott dressed as a cowboy. Bobby smirked at him, "You told me to make sure he came. Well here he is."

"I…" Scott frowned not quite sure how to answer that. He didn't get to as Warren grabbed him by the elbow and steered him away after he gave Bobby a wink and a shake of his head.

"Worthington was in on this to?"

"This is why plotting in a group is a bad idea, word spreads fast. I was convinced you'd hear about it before today."

"I had no idea."

Bobby smirked, "Luckily most of my pranks turn out to run smoothly."

"Congratulations," Jean-Paul offered before kissing him again. As Bobby returned the kiss wholeheartedly Jean-Paul realized that someone up there really didn't hate him.