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Summery: Kish has been betrothed to a young girl named Lettuce Midorikawa, while Lettuce is nice and kind she's not Kish's kind of girl, then one day when Kish sneaks out he bumps into a peasant girl in the market and falls in love with her instantly. He tells Lettuce of his undying love for the peasant girl (you can guess who can't you? –Snicker-) lettuce says she understands and tells Kish that she too was in love with a commoner boy as well. While lettuce and Kish are ok with not getting married, Kish's father is not. Apon hearing of Kish's love for the peasant girl the king, Kish's father orders for her to be killed.

Chapter 1:

The Girl of my dreams...


"Thank you Prince Kish, for showing me such a lovely garden..." A slender girl said as her faded green hair blew lightly in the wind as she tilted her head.

The boy know as 'Prince Kish' hardly glanced at the girl, "I guess the plants are quiet...interesting...Lettuce" At this Kish walked a little bit ahead of the girl know as Lettuce.

Lettuce looked down, "umm...if you would like to be doing other things besides walking though the garden with me...you can..."

Kish turned around and look at Lettuce right in the eye, "Who said I wasn't enjoying walking through the garden?" Kish leaned closer to Lettuce face so that their noses touch, "besides if I left you hear all by yourself to walk through the garden and my father would kill me you know I have to spend time with you even if I didn't want to..."

Lettuce blushed and backed away so Kish's nose was no longer touching hers, "oh...well ok...but I would not care of you leave prince Kish...for I would like to go some other things to..."

Kish looked at lettuce's big bluish gray orbs and could tell she was telling the truth, "alright only if you promise not to tell...and don't get me wrong I do like you lettuce but I have other things to do and worry about..."Kish finished

Lettuce nodded as she smiled, "I promise I won't tell a soul..." at this lettuce patted Kish on the Shoulder and began to walk through the garden.

At this a devilish smile spread across Kish's face, 'While I have the chance I'll go down to the market and play around...since there is nothing fun to do around here' Kish thought he grabbed his cape off the coat hanger on the garden entrance.

"Ichigo! Come here Ichigo!" female voice called

A pink haired girl slowly opened her gray eyes as her mother called her from the other room. As she sat up from her hay bed she rubbed her head and walked into the 'small' living room, "Yes mother? You called?"

"Yes I did and it only took you a century to get up!" Ichigo's mother said as she insulted Ichigo, "I swear you are as slow as a turtle! You should act more like your older sister Zakuro!"

Ichigo sighed ad looked down...this was nothing unusual, her mother always made fun of her and compared her to Zakuro, and Ichigo HATED it. Once Ichigo's mother was done insulting her she handed Ichigo a plain white pail.

"Ichigo you are to go down to the sea and catch us some crabs so I can make some food for us...now...now hurry it up...and DON'T be late or else I'll make you sleep on the floor" Ichigo's mother said as she pushed Ichigo out the small opening in the hut, Ichigo sighed as she walked though the woods.

Ichigo always loved to walk through the woods...instead walking through the busy streets of the market, it was so peaceful and it just felt like she belonged there. After awhile Ichigo got so lost in her thoughts of how beautiful and peaceful the forest was that she was surprised when she felt cold water touch her feet.

' Oh ...I must have reached the beach with out realizing it...' Ichigo thought, Ichigo smiled, the water felt so good on her feet...Ichigo closed her eyes enjoying the moment, when she remembered her mother had told her not to be late.

"Alrighty then I best get started" Ichigo said as she walked deeper into the water. Once she was deep enough she began reaching into the water and grabbing crabs and putting into the bucket just as her mother instructed.

' It's so quiet here...' Ichigo thought, ' I guess I'll hum just to keep my self occupied'

Ichigo began to hum a song her mother used to sing to her when she was real little. Ichigo smiled, those where the days when her mother was actually nice to her. Ichigo reached down into the water and grabbed another crab and threw it in the pail. Ichigo look at the pail and decided it was full enough and began to walk away from the beach.

'Maybe I'll go through the market this time...I have just enough money to buy myself an apple' Ichigo thought as she headed toward the market place. Once she reached the marketplace she walk over to the apple stand right off.

"Umm...sir one apple please" Ichigo said

The man turned and looked at Ichigo and said plainly, "that will be 99 cents"

Ichigo dug in her pocket and took out her money and began to count it she only had 98 cents, "Um...sir could I please have the apple for 98 cents?" Ichigo asked almost pleading.

The man made a disgusted face and looked right at Ichigo, "And now why would I do that?"

Ichigo looked down and was about to walk away when someone's and reached over Ichigo's shoulder and dropped a penny in her hand. Ichigo turned around to see a tall boy with green hair and mysterious golden eyes staring at her.

Kish walked through the market ever so slowly not really paying attention to anyone.

He yawned.

He thought going to the market would be fun...but all it turned out to be was a really crowed place that was oh so...boring...just when Kish was about to leave he spotted a pink haired girl pleading for and apple...form the conversation the girl was short one penny. Kish having nothing better to do stuck his hand in his pocket and pulled out one penny, walked over to the girl, and reached over her shoulder to drop the penny into her hand. The girl spun around and looked at Kish in shock.

Kish stood there for a minute and stared at the girl she was beautiful, she had light pink hair and innocent gray eyes, 'wow...she's really...pretty' Kish thought but was knocked out of his concentration when the girl began to talk in a very thankful tone.

"Thank you" this girl said as she turned around and bought the apple and she started to walk off. Kish eyes widened as she grabbed her shoulder "wait!" Kish said, "What's you name?"

The girl looked at Kish and blushed, "m-my name?" she asked

Kish nodded and smiled sweetly, "yeah..."

By now the girls face was solid red, "um...Ichigo...my names...Ichigo" Ichigo finished

Kish smiled his charming yet mischievous smile, "my name is Kish..."

"Um...would you lik-" Ichigo was cut off by Kish

"I'm sorry I gotta go! Meet me by the beach tomorrow! OK?" Kish said as he ran out of site.

Ichigo nodded and blushed as she started to walk home.

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