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In Love With Love

He loved mornings like this.

Mornings when everything slowed down and there was no noisy rush of cars speeding past, when the sunlight tumbled through billowy curtains and onto the floor, when he could just lie in bed with the sweet scent of her draped over him.

He rubbed her arm affectionately and set his half-lidded eyes on her sleeping form. His fingers traced her arms and soon they were entwined with her own fingers. She had woken up.


"Hey," he noticed her eyes showed no sign of sleepiness. "How'd you sleep?"

"Excellent," she tilted her head upwards and looked curiously at him. "You?"

"Quite well," the last bit was muffled because she'd chosen to kiss him right then.

"Hmm," she made a satisfied sort of noise as she turned back around, sunlight catching her hair and forming a temporary halo. It complemented the smile on her face.

Neither said anything after that. He just wrapped his arms around her and she placed her hands on top of his, embracing the quiet and all the little understandings and connections drawn between them both. There was no need for words.

He closed his eyes and remembered their train rides, their walks in the park and their shared ice creams. He remembered all their coincidental bumps into each other and their long talks under flickering streetlights. He thought about their past, present and future. He thought about romance. He thought about love.

And lying there in bed on a slow, sunlit morning with her in his arms is when he realized it.

He was so in love with her.

He was so in love with love.