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Who do you want for Christmas?

Chapter 1: Oishi x Eiji

It was only like a month to Christmas and Fuji had detected something he had never seen before on a person like Kikumaru Eiji. Depression. To be exact Christmas depression.

The acrobatic player was going on and on whining and complaining about different things and most of his sentences laked sense. It wasn't hard to figure out what had caused this mood swing in his friend.

Fuji took a bite of his lunch, watching Eiji's mouth move constantly. He could even eat his whole lunch for once and Eiji hadn't come close to touching his own food either. This was serious Fuji decided.

There was just one subject that hadn't escaped Eiji's lips so far. Tennis. To be more specific his doubles partner. Fuji didn't know if Oishi wanted to take it slow before he would finally make his move or what the heck the vice-captain thought he was doing, but Fuji decided to speed things up.

"So how will Oishi spend his holiday?" Fuji's sweetest voice came and Eiji jerked, finally stuffing some food into his mouth.

"I'm not sure, he hasn't told me. Probably with his family, or close friends and relatives." Hmm, good tactics to not have to say very much. Even Eiji knew you shouldn't talk with food in your mouth. Sorry Eiji, you'll just have to try harder than that.

"Have you talked about seeing each other during the vacation?" Fuji continued on the subject and Eiji shrugged.

"No, we haven't really talked much at all about it. He probably doesn't have time, though. I shouldn't bother him."

"So you've planned to stay home alone with your family the whole time?" Fuji teased, but Eiji didn't even notice it.

"I don't know. I haven't really thought about it." In other words, Fuji read his friend: I don't wanna think about it.

"I guess I'll just hang. Do you wanna come over sometime?" Fuji read: I don't wanna be alone.

"Nyaah, holidays like these are stupid, but it's good with the presents and no school." Fuji read: I can't wait for school to start so I can see Oishi again.

"Ah. I guess so." Fuji said showing his sympathy. Eiji was just too easy to read through. Fuji had long ago understood that in between the redhead's lines that Eiji had fallen for Oishi. It was there for everyone to see, but the unsure couple itself. "I can ask him if you like. What he's got planned."

Eiji looked up from his suddenly so interesting food. He knew it was bad to give Fuji free hands but what could happen? What could Fuji possibly be up to except for asking Oishi about his holidays?

Dear Eiji, you jinxed it!


While Eiji was in the middle of doing some sort of denial and selfangst his best friend Fuji went to have a little chat with his secret, almost secret atleast, crush Oishi.

Fuji found said person sitting alone outiside class.

"Oishi." Fuji's casual voice came, as if he had bumped into the other boy by accident. Oishi greeted him with a nod. "Imagine finding you here. Why aren't you indeed spending your time with Eiji as usually?"

"Eh? E-Eiji? What do you mean? Doesn't he usually spend more time during school hours with you anyway?" Oishi babbled. "What are you then doing here?"

"Oh, I was just searching for…Tezuka. Have you seen him around?" Fuji made up quickly.

"Actually yes, he went into that classroom-" Oishi started and pointed with his finger.

"Good, thanks. Listen about Eiji, have you noticed how down he has been lately?" Fuji interrupted and noted how the mere meantioning of Eiji's name could make Oishi give his full attention to him and forget about everything else.

"I…uh…" Oishi wasn't sure how he should answer to that question without getting the tensai's attention even more.

"Do you know why?" Fuji bombared the flushed boy with some more questions. Oh, how he loved to see people suffer.

"I…I'm not sure…" Oishi had that tone that sounded like he was going to start some one-sided ramble, worrying about his teammates health and feelings and- Fuji decided to take over before he had the chance to start.

"I have a pretty good guess." Fuji said innocently and Oishi waited for Fuji to continue. "I worry about him, because…he sort of likes you."

Oishi's mouth fell open, but no sound came out. After a while the boy managed to choke out a weak "…what?"

"But you can't tell him that I told you." Fuji hurried to say.

"No, o-of course not. That would be wrong of me!" Oishi replied. "What should we do- how can we make him…" Oishi fell quiet seeing the smile on Fuji's face. "I'll talk to him."

"Good, but meet me after practice first so we can discuss it some more. I can't stay any longer now." Fuji said and Oishi gave him a nervous nod, agreeing to his every term. Fuji's smile deepened and he turned, starting to walk back to his class again.

The troubled boy behind him hadn't even noticed how Fuji wasn't gonna go and look for Tezuka anymore like he had claimed in the beginning.¨

When Fuji entered the class room he saw that Eiji had taken Fuji's favourite place next to the window and the boy was staring out at the empty courts.

"I talked to Oishi." Fuji's voice made the other boy jump and Eiji looked at him. "He was also rather down at first but then we came to the subject of you…" Eiji blinked. "…and he told me he likes you."

Eiji's mouth fell twice as low as Oishi's had and Fuji did enjoy messing with their lives. "Nyah, Fuji you told him?"

Fuji smiled innocently. "Told him about what, Eiji?"

Eiji noticed his blurt and gave a blush. "Nothing. What am I gonna do? I mean, what can I do?"

"Calm down, Eiji, first meet me after practice in the locker room and we can take it from there." Fuji said and Eiji hurried to agree with him.


Why did it feel to him like Fuji was stalling? All the other regulars, except for Fuji, himself and the golden pair that for some reason were taking extra long to get ready outside, had left. What had the tensai done this time?

Tezuka observed the figure from the doorway to the showers. He had this familiar feeling in his gut telling him that there was something going on. Something Fuji had caused or was on his way to cause. The golden pair, who weren't talking to each other very much, trying to look like they were still packing their things for the hundredth time. And Fuji…

…going through a bag that wasn't his. Tezuka recognized it to be Oishi's. /Oh, no you don't/ The captain narrowed his eyes and slammed the door shut behind him, making Fuji jump.

"Tezuka." Fuji smiled and faced his captain in only a towel. "You scared me."

Tezuka merely glared and closed his locker, safely locking his bag and his clothes in there away from Fuji's reach. He didn't want the tensai messing with his stuff while taking a shower. Tezuka dropped his keys on the bench.

"Wanna tell me what you-" the taller boy began, but Fuji straightened himself as if he had just heard a noise from outside. Tezuka listened as well. It sounded like the golden pair had finally decided to make it back to the locker room.

Faster than Tezuka had ever seen Fuji work on the court the tensai had reached the door, fiddled with the lock and left the door half open. Tezuka stood there silent. Dumbfounded, really. He realized he had been caught in the middle of an important plan.

"Tezuka, please excuse me." Fuji said, gathering all of his remaining belongings and pushed his captain into the shower room with him. Tezuka almost slipped on the water and Fuji shut the door quickly, putting his stuff to rest against the shower wall.

"Fuji! What is the meaning of-" Tezuka started but Fuji placed a finger against his mouth, completely silencing the now shocked captain. Seconds later they heard the door to the locker room close. Two voices spoke.

"Um, Eiji, I…" Oishi's voice came.

"Oishi…" Eiji's voice was heard next. "I thought Fuji would be here…"

"Sch…" Fuji hushed Tezuka and sneaked up to the door to hear better. Tezuka gave a sigh, he was not going to put up with such idiocy. In firm steps he was bound to marsh out of there, but he didn't make it further than to Fuji's side before the tensai pulled him down next to him.

"Fuji..!" Tezuka gritted between his teeth.

"I said hush, Tezuka." Fuji whispered. "You can't be so heartless that you'd interrupt your friend's confession."

"Confession?" Tezuka brought himself to lower his voice just as much as his pride allowed him to at the moment. Fuji put a finger against his own lips.

"Eh? Fuji?" Oishi's voice came.

Tezuka tensed. Had they found them? Looking around quickly he saw Fuji still sitting calmly by his side and realized it must have been a part of the conversation between the golden pair in the other room.

Oishi coughed and continued. "I was gonna meet Fuji here to talk with him about…er, stuff."

"Oishi was..? I was gonna meet Fuji here!" Eiji replied confused.

There was a short silence. "He might be outside waiting for…um, us." Oishi then said, making it towards the door. There was another moment of silence.


"Um, Eiji, I can't seem to open the door."

So that's what Fuji had done to the door! Tezuka glared at the boy kneeled down next to him. Of course! One day in Seigaku wouldn't be the same without Fuji and his games.

Eiji sighed. "Fuji locked us in."


"Well, why not? Just think about it!"

"…you're right. He did."

"There you see." Eiji said.

"But he did it for me. He wanted me to talk with you. Eiji, I-I like you back-"

"Mou! Fuji told you! Damn him, I knew it! I thought he was my best friend and-…you like me back?" Eiji babbled, his mood swinging before settling on shocked as he took in what Oishi had said.



"But Eiji we can't be together, it'd be wrong!"

"Do you think loving me would be wrong?" Eiji sounded sad.

"No, I meant because we're friends and both male! Not to mention teammates!"

"And turning our backs on our feelings would be right?" Fuji smiled at that comment, maybe Eiji had learned a thing or two about turning conversations around from hanging out with him so much.

"Eh? Maybe not…"

"Say it would be Tezuka and Fuji who were to fall in love. Would you rather see them apart and hurt because you think it would be wrong for them to be together as gay lovers?"

Neither two boys in the other room said anything. Right then Tezuka wished Fuji had let out another one of his remarks and saved them from this awkward silence, though he doubted Fuji felt as awkward as he did. After all Tezuka was the one dressed in a quite revealing towel.

"No! Of course not! I just hope they would be safe-"

"Safe?" Eiji asked, not understanding how a word like safe fit in their conversation at all. Fuji gave a suppressed chuckle and Tezuka had to move a little in his tense position inches away from the tensai.

"…Nevermind. They are a little more mature…"

"So I guess I should go and spend that Christmas alone then. It would have been better if Fuji had never even gone through the trouble to try to pair us up, since we can't even get together when we already are together!"


They heard footsteps and how Eiji most likely went through Oishi's bag for the key to the door. Finding it the redhead dashed for the door and got it open. Fuji's smile developed a frown. "Go after him you idiot." he whispered for himself.

Tezuka looked at him a bit shocked. He was starting to see new sides of Fuji he had never thought he'd see. It was strange hearing Fuji talk like that.

"Eiji, wait! You're right."

"I don't want you to be with me just because you feel bad for me! I don't need your pity!" Eiji sounded almost pissed.

"I don't, I wouldn't…I'm sorry, I just don't ever want to let anything ruin things for us and let it lead me to losing you. I love you. And I know I love you more than a friend and that's what worries me that I could lose you as a friend and…"

Tezuka gave a groan. "How long are we gonna stay in here?"

Fuji gave a shrug. "I think they're done soon."

Tezuka sighed. "Oishi is just getting started." The vice-captain could go on like that forever. Tezuka knew for a fact that was true since they had been friends for some time now, and he always had to listen when Oishi started to explain something and then only end up explaining it wrong and then re-explain it. Tezuka gave another groan.

"Sch…" Fuji elbowed Tezuka to be quiet.

Tezuka switched position where he was crooked down next to Fuji. He wondered how come he always ended up somehow being tortured.

If it wasn't the usual picking he received from his teammates, and mostly from this one by his side, then it was just his luck to be trapped in a room half naked with Fuji, who was the one person definite to give him a hard time…Tezuka gave a silenced cough. Tough time.

Furthermore it was starting to get cold, but for some reason he didn't feel like removing his towel and dry himself from the water, in an attempt to get warmer. Never mind that every other second a drop of water would fall from his body and wet Fuji's jersey, Fuji not seeming to mind it.

But if he exposed himself now he knew that two blue eyes, hidden or not, would watch him intensely and only the Gods knew what the smaller boy would come up with after that.

To his fortune Fuji had his concentration directed towards the golden pair right now. Tezuka refused yet another sigh from escaping his lips and wondered how much time could've past already.

"…so, I don't think it would be wrong. I was wrong, you were right. You are right." Tezuka woke up from his thoughts hearing Oishi sound like he was finishing his speech.


Everything fell silent. Well Oishi had reached a conclusion, that meant it was late.

He felt Fuji move next to him. "I hope they're not gonna start doing it on the bench, my feet are getting tired." the tensai whispered.

"They're not like you." Tezuka replied snarkily. He was getting kind of cranky. This was all just nonsense and he should have trailed out of the room, what seemed like, hours ago.

"I'll have you know I have never done it before." Tezuka heard Fuji whisper back and he felt a sudden stiffness.

/As if I needed any further encouragement/ he thought. "You have never made love?" It was actually meant to sound as a comeback for making him stay in here all this time and fall through on the smaller boy's every request.

Fuji gave a smile. "On the bench."

What Tezuka didn't realize was that that was only half of the truth. Sure Fuji had never made love on the bench, but neither had he made love at all before. Just that the tensai wasn't gonna tell Tezuka that anytime soon. It was just too much fun to see the shocked expression on the taller boy's face and have him ponder about this later on.

"I think they're leaving." Fuji said instead, hearing motions again and a door opening.

"What are Tezuka's keys still doing here? He must've forgotten them! That's so unlike him!" Oishi's worried voice came. Apart from what the golden pair had with them, the keys were the only stuff left hanging around there.

"Maybe he's got a lot on his mind. To be honest he hasn't been his usual sharp self lately." Eiji's tone turned into teasing. "Maybe he was too busy checking Fuji out in the shower to remember any stupid old keys. The door was left open anyway."

Tezuka closed his eyes tight. If he wished real hard then maybe the world wouldn't be there when he opened them again.


"Kidding, kidding!" Eiji laughed. "But honestly, hasn't there always been something special between Fuji and Tezuka? How Fuji is the only one to get under Tezuka's skin the way he does?"

"I know, I agree." Oishi replied. "Eiji, will you walk with me to Tezuka's place and return these?"

/Oishi! Even you my Brutus/ Tezuka's mind screamed.

"Of course, let's go."

A deep inner sob could almost be heard coming from the captain as the door clicked shut.

Fuji noticed the troubled face Tezuka wore. "Relax Tezuka, I think they might've changed the lock back to normal when they left so that we can open it without the keys from the inside."

"No, we can't! Ryuzaki-sensei just installed a new lock there. Once either Oishi or me, whoever is the last to leave, lock up after practice with the keys it can only be opened with the keys."

"Now that is a problem." Fuji gave a somewhat disappointed sigh. Now the golden pair would know they had been there.

That wouldn't look so good on his plan, that despite the troubles earlier had succeeded pretty well. No thanks to Tezuka, who had managed to walk in on him trying to take Oishi's keys in order to have the golden pair locked in there alone all night. Now it more seemed like Fuji and Tezuka would be the ones locked in alone all night instead.

"Oh well, I guess we'll just have to call Oishi and tell him to turn back." Fuji added then, digging his phone from his bag. Tezuka hurried up to his side and grabbed the phone.

"No! They'll know we've been here. And heard what they've said."

Fuji suddenly broke into a smile. "Not necessarily." By a quick movement he had loosened Tezuka's towel, causing it to start slipping off the older boy's body. As Tezuka reached, with a quite embarrassed look on his face, to hold his towel in place Fuji grabbed the phone from him.


Oishi locked up the door meeting a Tezuka dressed only in a towel, his face looking quite serious since he was still pissed at Fuji who had successfully talked him over to make the call and to face the pair.

"So, you were here all along?" Oishi asked and Eiji tugged on his sleeve behind him.

"Yes, sorry to disturbe you, but you locked us in and took the keys." Tezuka answered.

"So, you heard what we sai-…us?"

Oishi and Eiji stared at the sight of Fuji showing up behind their captain, and looking like he was wearing even less than Tezuka was.

"…you heard what we said?" Oishi coughed, finishing his sentence at last.

"What are you talking about?" Tezuka said the words Fuji had fed into him and Fuji cut in, obviously proud that Tezuka was being such a good boy and playing along.

"You were also here?"

"Yes, we were in the locker room talking and making ou-" Eiji started, but Oishi silenced him quickly.

"A-ah! And you were also here?" the vice-captain repeated Fuji's question. "Where have you been when we were standing right here? And how could you not have heard us?"

Fuji smirked leaning his head, with some recently wet brown strings of hair, against Tezuka's shoulder. "We were in the shower…and we were busy…" the boy said, running a finger on the captain's arm. Tezuka had a hard time trying to keep his face expressionless.

Oishi turned bright red and Eiji only blinked, not really following.

"My only question is…how come you didn't hear us?" Fuji then continued and Oishi stumbled backwards as if he needed more space between them to breathe.

"Ah, no! No, we never heard a thing! We must've been so into our own talking and, and, we better go! Let's go, Eiji! We should get you home!" Oishi said panicking and handed Tezuka the keys back. "Don't forget to lock up!"

"What? What is going on, Oishi?" Eiji was totally confused.

"I'll tell you on the way." Oishi mumbled to his partner and pulled him along. "See you tomorrow!" he waved over his shoulder.

"See, I told you it would work." Fuji smiled as the golden pair was out of sight, and broke apart from Tezuka. Tezuka avoided to look at Fuji's exposed body, as he passed the smaller boy by to collect his stuff now that he had the keys to open his locker again.

Fuji got his belongings from the shower room and started to get dressed again.

"It would've been better if we had just told them we happened to overhear and didn't want to interrupt." Tezuka replied, his eyebrow twitching.

"And embarrass them?" Fuji said innocently.

"What do you think we did now then?" the taller boy said. After a quick dressing they walked out and Tezuka locked the door.

"But I bet it still would have been more embarrassing for them to know that we heard their whole intimate conversation." Fuji insisted. "This way we were the ones in the spotlight."

"We've only gotten us deeper into this mess now." Tezuka said. "What are we gonna do about the fact that they think we are dating?"

"Something wrong with that thought?" Fuji smiled and Tezuka didn't answer. It was best not to say anything. "If not then let them think. It can be very useful later on."

"Fuji!" Tezuka warned. "I trust this stays as a secret between you and me…and Oishi and Kikumaru."

"Well, I won't say anything." Fuji promised and Tezuka almost showed relief on his face. "Because I won't have to. Trust me, if I know Eiji right the whole school will know by the end of the week."

The long pressed back sob finally escaped the captain's lips. He felt a Christmas depression coming on.