Title: Max's Return , An Alternate Ending to Blah Blah
Woof Woof
By: bizkitprinzess
Rating: R
Spoilers: Blah Blah Woof Woof
Summary: Max left with Zach to go on the lamb.After
four years she returns
Disclaimer: not mine...
Authors Note :This is my first fanfic , i'm a horable
speller , and i would like
your criticism , creative or non-creative.


I stayed away from Seattle for four years.I couldn't
stay away any longer. I want so badly to see Logan , but the
'geneticaly enhanced killing machine ' is scarred. First
I'll go see Kendra. The apartment buildings the same, I
walk up to my old apartment and knock , not sure if i
should walk right in. No one comes to the door. I walk in
and notice almost nothing has changed , the marks are
still on the floor where my Ninja used to sit.I walk around
slowly , Kendra's things are still here.I wonder where
she is , then it dawns on me , Crash.The bar also hasn't
changed much. I look long and hard , but i don't see
Kendra , Original , Herbal or Sketchy. Sketchys probably
in jail though without me around to save his ass.I make
a decision , i'm gonna go see Logan.I hope he still
lives in Fogle Towers. All I can think of on my way
there is the look on his face when he said "Just Go".
Was that really our final good-bye. Did he know as
well as I did , I could'nt stay away for long.
Four years is a long time though.I wonder if he
recovered , i wonder if he can walk.I reach the
building , slink past the sleeping door man and get
on the elavator. Logan's door looks the same ,
i wonder if it's still his door.I put my ear to the
door and hear typing.His computer. I knock on the
door , lightly still not sure if i should do this.
No one answers so i knock louder. I hear walking ,
the door opens , and there he stands , starring at me
with his mouth wide open. I look strait ahead ,
starring at his chest.I forgot how tall he was.
He pulls me into the apartment by my arm and motions
me to the couch. Everything here is different ,
different colors , different artwork with one
exemption. There sat Bast. "I changed the apartment.
It reminded me of you ". His voice sounded shakey.
"Logan , I had to come back , I couldn't stay away ".
Logan looked me in the eyes , his eyes seemed different.
"Zack probably didn't think highly of you coming
back ""Zack's gone , he tried to hit on me one to
many times. I threw him in the Atlantic Ocean ".
Logan was trying to hold back laughter."He lived ,
I just never saw him again". "How long ago was
that ?" Logan asked. "Six months after we left
Seattle. Now i have a question for you. How long
have you been up on your legs? that must have made
you happy ". Logan gave me that grin. "I was happy
i guess "I looked at him. I figured out why his eyes
were different. He was confused. "Logan , do
you know what happened to Kendra , Cindy , Herbal
and Sketchy ?". Logan paused "Lydecker got them ,
killed them ,. Not Sketchy though, Sketchy's in
jail".I didn't hear the rest of what he said ,
Lydecker got them ".I started to cry. "I left to
protect them , you , me , and they still died". I
put my head on my knees and i cried harder. Logan
came over and sat next to me. He held me , it felt
comforting."All the people I left to protect , are
gone.Logan you're all i have ". Logan grabbed me by
the shoulders and made me look in his eyes , his eyes
now filled with compassion instead of confusion,
"You'll always have me Max , No matter what ".
We sat there for a while , me crying on his shoulder.
"Do you wanna stay in the guest room ?" he asked
tenderly. I nodd and Logan then did something i
didn't expect. He picked me up and carryied me to
the guest room. I cried on his shoulder the whole
way there.


She's back.Somewhere inside of me i always knew she
would be. It was always at the back of my mind.Lydecker
killed Kendra looking for Max. Herbal and Cindy got
killed trying to save Kendra. I've spent the last
few years looking for Max. I've suvirely neglected my
job as Eyes Only , finding Max was what mattered.Now
shes back and is very fragile. Never thought i'd ever
call Max fragile.. I stroke Max's face before i leave
the room. My fingers tingle were i touch her.
She feels the same. I leave the room and go to my
computer. I stare blankly at the screen. She's back.
I shut off the computer and go to bed. I'm gonna
make Max a huge breakfast in the morning.

I wake up to the smells of coffee , pancakes , bacon
and eggs.Logan still cooks. I walk to the kitchen
and there stands Logan in sweets and a t-shirt , fliping
pancakes. I never thought a guy could look sexy in
sweats ,but, Logan proves me wrong. "Hi Max " he
smiles and hands me a plate with pancakes on it
"Want breakfast ?". I grab the plate and a fork ,
sit down and dig in. Logan brings me plate after
plate of food before he sits down with his.
"I'd swear you were trying to fatten me up".
Logan made an adorable 'what me ?' look and
ate a peice of pancake. "Do you have any of
your stuff with you ?" Logan asked when we were
cleaning the kitchen together after breakfast.
"Nope , i was lucky i remembered my pills though
, there the only thing i remembered , i just up
and left other wise "."I feel like spending a
wad of cash , lets go shoping ".I looked at him ,
he had a light in his eyes which brightened up
his whole face. "First you try and fatten me
up , now you're gonna spoil me rotten , a girl
could get used to this ". Logan laughed , i
missed him so much.We spent the rest of the
morning shoping.Logans a typical male , doesn't
like shopping. He did like the fashion show i
gave him though.We walked infront of an expensive
boutique and i was shocked when Logan said
"Do you wanna go in here ?""Nah , to rich for
my blood ""Not for mine ". He paused. "Altteriere
Motive , were going out tonight and you need a dress ".


"Where are we going?". I'm not telling her that.
"It's a surprise".Max grinned wickedly."If you're
not telling me where were going , you don't get to
see the dress you're gonna buy me till we get
there ". She could tease the devil , Oh god , I
love her. What can i do but agree , and hand her
some money. She disapeared into the store , i
watched her backside as she went in , she knows
i was looking at her , how could i not look though.
For four years my first thought in the morning
and last thought at night was of Max. There
wasn't a moment in my day that i didn't think
of her. There wasn't a dream without her presence.
I pushed myself to recover so i could go find
her.Maybe i knew she was comming back , maybe
thats why i didn't leave.Max exited the store
"That didn't take long "I state. Max grinned
"What can i say , i found the perfect dress ".
We spent the rest of the afternoon playing chess
and talking. We talked about how much she missed
her friends , how gulity she felt even though it
wasn't her fault.We talked about what we've done
in the last four years.I love watching Max talk.
"I think it's time we got ready " I said at five
o'clock "Our reservations are at six "."You need
reservations at this place ?". "Yeah ". "You are
spoiling me "Max said as she went into my Guest room.


This dress is going to drive logan wild.I'm ready
so i go to Logan's living room.Logan looks unbelieveably
handsome, black suit , white shirt and a tie the same
shade of red as my dress."Hey Handsome "Logan looks
at me and his eyes bug out slightly."Hey Doll Face
"he comes back at me. We crack up laughing at
each other. He offers me his arm , and i take it.
The resturant is beautiful. There's even a dance floor.
I never knew dinner and dancing , the cliche date ,
could be so much fun. The food is good but Logan
could've cooked better.Before desert , Logan asks
"May i have this dance ?" , and i say yes.Were out
on the flloor dancing , holding each other very tight.
I whisper in his ear "Logan why'd you bring me here ?
you could've cooked a meal just as good as that""I
wanted to dance with you and if i took you out to dinner ,
i had an excuse to see you in a beautiful dress ".
We danced the rest of the night , holding each other tight.
It was pure heaven. "Why do nights like this have to end
"i ask Logan as we enter his apartment."Give me a minute"
he says as he goes to his stereo.Outcomes a beautiful
R&B sound , with a throaty female singer. "May I have
this dance ?". Logans a great dancer.
Logan starts kissing me. I shock him by deepening
the kiss.Next thing I know , were at the door of
Logans room. His shirt and tie are undone and my
dress is getting hiked up ever so slowly by Logans fingers.

After making love ,Max fell asleep in my arms. I
didn't fall asleep. I pulled out the ring I had
planned to give her , i had it hidden in the stand
next to my bed . After a year I realized I loved
Max. I had bought the ring with the intention of once
I recovered , finding Max and asking her to marry me.
I love Max , even more now then before. We could
slip into Canada , get married and come back. Maybe
there is such a thing as happily ever after.


I wake to sunlight , streaming in through a window.
Being in Logans arms feels so good.He's stroking my
hair ever so gently.I love him so much "Good Morning "
I say. "Good morning to you too " Logan replies
and kisses me."Max i realized something when you left ".
"I realized something too ". "Max , I love you ,
I've loved you since i first laid eye's on you ".
"Great minds think alike ". I look him in the eyes ,
those blue depths that mesmerise me so easily "I love
you Logan Cale and I'm not ever leaving you , you're
never getting rid of me ". Logan smiled "I was " he
said reaching into the stand next to his bed and
pulling out a ring " just gonna ask you something
to the jist of that ". The ring fit my finger perfectly.
Max , will you marry me ?" I give him a miscievieous
smile "Try and stop me "

The End

Hope you liked it