Past and Modern Adventure

Written By: Mandii (Boukyaku Kitsune)

I do not own InuYasha or YuYu Hakusho.

Chapter I

"Lost, Found, and Lost Again"

A fire apparition, who just gotten out of battle with a strong bear demon, leaped from tree to tree trying not to attract attention to himself. He was sporting a deep gash in his side, and claw marks were raked across his cheek from none other then the said bear demon. To other demon's he was a perfect target to kill. Hiei, who looked to be around the age of seven or eight in human years, finally stopped and leaned up against the trunk of a nearby tree unable to move any farther. Keeping up his defense the best he could he fell into a light sleep, his ruby red eyes drifting heavily closed.

"This is just perfect. Smooth move Kagome, just go get yourself lost why don't you?" Kagome Higurashi, a Miko from the future, pushed back a branch as she moved past scolding herself for her own stupidity. She had been out looking for a stream to gather water for the nights dinner and somehow managed to get lost in the process. Walking for another good ten minutes she finally stopped at a clearing sitting down unaware of a certain fire apparition who was now watching her from his hidden branch.

"I'm just making this worse. Might as well wait for Inuyasha to come to me." she sighed. She finally looked around taking in the scenery, it was a simple clearing that looked relatively normal besides the trail of blood. She paused as she spotted the blood and looked some more for the source of the blood loss.

"Is someone there?" She asked, standing up. She straightened her posture and took her bow from her back along with an arrow from its quiver. Hiei stayed still studying her as she made her way over to the same tree he was in. She only had too pull back a few bushes before she came face to face with him.

"Aieee!" she screamed, stumbling backwards onto her butt in surprise. They stared at each other for awhile before she overcame her fright. "Aren't you going to kill me?" she asked standing herself up once more. Her eyes widened as she spotted the wounds raked all over his body and she immediately stepped toward him. "Oh! let me heal those for you!"

He growled at her and moved away as fast as he could before stumbling back a bit, glaring at her with determination in his eyes.

"Your a Miko. Stay away from me!" He snapped.

"I won't hurt you, I promise. I don't kill unless I have a reason too, which I don't." She said stepping forward again.

"That's what they all say! You'll then kill me once you get the chance!" He stepped back some more.

"No I won't. The only demon I really want to kill right now is Naraku." She said.

He studied her warningly, trying to find any signs of lying. When he didn't, he cautiously stepped forward still starring at her as if she were some huge demon ready to kill for pleasure.

"I'm still just a beginner at healing, but I should have your wounds healed up in no time at all. Hold on, this might tingle a bit." She stepped toward him and gently placed her hands on his wounds. A bright pink aura surrounded her hands and seeped into the open wounds of his cheek and side slowly healing them and stopping the blood flow. She took her hands away from where the previous wounds once were and sat down wiping the sweat from her brow in an exhausted matter.

"So, what's your name? I'm Kagome."


"You seem a little young to be out here by yourself. Don't you have a home?" she asked bringing her eyes to his diverted red ones.

"If I told you, you would run." he said simply.

"Why would I do that? It can't be that bad." She stated in confusion.

"I'm a fire apparition." He stated after a moment of still silence.

"Fire? What's so bad about that? I find it fascinating." said a smiling Kagome. He blinked somewhat shocked at her before composing his unemotional look.

"That's a first, usually people run from me or try and use me." He said in a low mutter, it was only loud enough for Kagome to hear him.

"Use you? What ever for?" she asked. He studied her once more before cautiously pulling a black jewel from his pocket holding it in front of her to see.

"My tears make these valuable jewels."Was his only reply.

"Its a beautiful jewel, but I can't believe someone would use you to do that!" exclaimed Kagome. She paused as a slight breeze picked up and she sat up straight looking around.

"I sense a demon." Hiei pocketed the small jewel and his hand moved to the hilt of his sword as he glanced around the clearing before stopping in the direction he sensed the demon. Kagome grabbed her bow and arrows that she apparently had luckily brought with her and stood up also looking in the direction.

"It had to be when I got lost. I hope Inuyasha gets here soon." mumbled Kagome; highly aware that Hiei could hear her clearly.

Kagome stepped back a bit as whatever was coming came closer. The trees in front of them exploded making the two step back and cover there face's with there arms to block the debris of wood and branches from falling on them.

"Where is it?" yelled Kagome as she looked around the dusty clearing. Hiei was no where to be seen either. She spun around and looked behind her, her fear getting the better of her.

"Hello?" She called, her hand moving quickly to the quiver of arrows on her back.

"Well well well, this is sure a surprise. I was planning on having human for dinner but to run into the Miko that carries the Shikon Shards is a bonus." A low voice said in a chuckle as a large tiger demon walked into the clearing. Most would say he was good looking for a demon, maybe even compare with Sesshoumaru himself.

"Stay back!" she warned lifting her bow and aiming her arrow at the demon.

"That's very amusing." He laughed stepping toward her and leaning forward closing quite a distance between them. "You may be a Miko. But I can tell by the way you look, that you're a weak one." He smirked. "Now, give me the shards and I'll just think about making your death painless." he said

"Never." Kagome bit out falling back a few steps and straightening her bow once more, she took fire and the arrow surrounded itself with a pink haze as it soared towards the tiger demon at a rapid speed. He smirked and easily dodged the arrow with a simple side-step.

"I have one Jewel Shard already, so your going to have to do better then that Miko."

"Your not fast enough for me though." Hiei appeared in front of him out of nowhere.

"Where did you come..." The demon started but Hiei had stabbed him with his sword at breakneck speed. Kagome stood there wide eyed as the tiger demon fell limp to the forest floor.

"You killed him...not even Inuyasha could kill him that fast." Kagome was in complete awe from the scene she had just witnessed.

"Speed is an advantage of mine." stated Hiei swinging the sword and sending the blood to the ground. He inspected his sword before for any left blood before sheathing it.

"Amazing...Oh! I almost forgot!" she exclaimed running over to the corpse of the tiger demon. She bent down and gently pulled a single shard from the wound on him and stood turning back to Hiei as she held up the shard.

"You were the one who killed him, so the shard really does now belong to you." She said a serious tone covering her once cheerful one.

"I have no use for that jewel." stated Hiei, Kagome blinked in surprise and was about to ask but was cut off by a yell.

"Kagome!" Inuyasha bounded into the clearing followed closely by Kirara with Sango, Miroku, and Shippo all on her back.

"Inuyasha? You found me!" She smiled over to the group.

"A fire apparition... Kagome get away from him!" Inuyasha dropped down beside the bewildered girl and pushed her behind him glaring at Hiei who stood silently, his eyes covered by his starburst bangs.

"Lady Kagome, are you alright?" asked Miroku moving beside the two as well. Inuyasha growled lowly before unsheathing his Tetsusaiga and putting it threateningly at Hiei.

"Inuyasha! Don't!" Kagome pushed past him and stood in front of Hiei, her arms spread out, and a look of seriousness on her face. Hiei looked up his eyes wide; never in his whole life had anyone defended him as she was now...and he barely even knew her.

"Kagome! He's a fire apparition, he could be dangerous." Sango warned hefting her Hiraikotsu from her shoulder ever so slightly.

"Don't be stupid! Why are you defending him?" yelled Inuyasha.

"I'm well aware he's a fire apparition. I got lost and ran into him, he was injured at the time so I healed him. He also just saved me from that tiger demon that had this jewel shard. If you hurt him you hurt me. He didn't do anything." Kagome stood strongly, and they knew she wouldn't back down unless she got her way.

"If your sure Kagome..." Sango voiced.

"Feh." Inuyasha sheathed his Tetsusaiga. "Don't blame me if you get killed." He scoffed. Hiei took in the appearances of the group while the group talked among themselves in reunion.

"So, what's your name?" asked Sango, as she and Miroku stepped in front of him.


"Well, I'm Sango. The Demon Slayer." said Sango heaving her Hiraikotsu onto her back with ease.

"Miroku, I'm a Monk." said Miroku

"Hi! I'm Shippo! Is that a Jagan Eye you have there?" asked Shippo pointing to the closed eye that was barely noticeable to the others.

"Yes." He answered a bit uncomfortably, he didn't exactly like the attention he was getting from so many people.

"What's a Jagan Eye?" asked Kagome confused. Miroku examined it closer.

"Interesting. You see, a Jagan Eye is a third eye that either a apparition is born with or has implanted. It's increases power greatly and has extraordinary powers. Even the power to read the minds of others."

"Read minds?" asked Sango and Kagome fearfully.

"I rarely use that ability." stated Hiei. Inuyasha snorted in disagreement.

"A kid like you probably doesn't know how." He said. Hiei glared at him growling a bit threateningly.

"Inuyasha...sit!" Kagome glared at him. Hiei watched in amazement as Inuyasha was sent to the ground eating dirt. Not showing it but he was amused.

"So, Hiei, what do you plan on doing?" asked Kagome

"I don't plan on anything, I just roam" he stated boredly. Kagome nodded in understanding.

"I see" said Kagome, she rose a brow as Inuyasha pulled himself from the ground grumbling under his breath, before snapping in her direction.

"Are we going to eat? I'm starving!" He snapped. "Getting yourself lost like that has really wasted a lot of time!" Kagome sighed as this was a usual routine and moved to her back beside Kirara, momentarily giving Kirara some attention with a small pat to the head and greeting.

"Hiei, why don't you stay and eat with us?" suggested Miroku

"I don't eat human food." stated Hiei turning away from him.

"Oh! but you'll enjoy this. It's ramen. Its from where I come from." Kagome put in from her place beside the fire as she started the said ramen.

"Its quite good, Inuyasha can't even keep his hands off it." said Sango amused also putting in her word.

"Maybe" he said

Hiei indeed did like the ramen, and was even given seconds. After their late dinner, Kagome suggested him staying with them the night just to be sure he restored his energy much to the dislike of Inuyasha. During the night however, Hiei left without a word, only leaving the single black jewel he had showed her earlier that night in the palm of her hand.

End Chapter I