(Here is another story. It is a reference to the game show "The Weakest Link" with host Anne Robinson. When I get to the announcer parts on the beginning and the telling of who the strongest and weakest links are, no contestant, even me, can hear him. Before I start, thanks to Sailor Evanescence for reviewing my first 2 stories. Check out my Dog Eat Spy story. Also to him for reviewing chapter 2 in my latest story.)

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Announcer: Here are the 8 teens who will take part in tonight's show. One player could walk away with up to $1 million, but 7 will leave with nothing, as round by round, they're voted off as "The Weakest Link."

Anne: Welcome, to a special teens edition of "The Weakest Link." Any of the 8 people here in the studio tonight, could win up to 1 million dollars. Some know each other, but, if they want to win that money, they'll have to work as a team, but, 7 of them will leave with nothing as round by round, we eliminate the player voted, the Weakest Link. Let's meet the team.

Mathew, 16, Honolulu, HI, Junior at Beverly High.

Sam: Sam, 16, Beverly Hills, CA, Junior at Beverly High.

Clover: Clover, 16, Beverly Hills, CA, Junior at Beverly High.

Alex: Alex, 16, Beverly Hills, CA, Junior at Beverly High.

Arnold: Arnold, 16, Beverly Hills, CA, Junior at Beverly High.

David: David, 16, Beverly Hills, CA, Junior at Beverly High.

Brittney: Brittney, 16, Beverly Hills, CA, Junior at Beverly High. (A/n: Nobody knows what school Brittney goes to or where she's from, but this is a guess. I know it's not right, but it's the only thing that smacked me in the face. So don't bother me about it in your reviews.)

Mandy: Mandy, 15, Beverly Hills, CA, Junior at Beverly High.

Anne: Now the rules: In each round, the aim is to answer enough questions correctly in order to reach your $125,000 target. There are 8 of you, so the fastest way to reach that target is to create a chain of 8 correct answers, get your question wrong, and you break the chain and lose all the money in that chain. But, if you say the word, "bank" before the question is asked, the money is safe, however, you'll start a brand new chain. The first round lasts for 2 1/2 minutes. The order you're playing was randomly selected before the start of the show. We'll start with the player in the first position. That's Mathew. Let's play "The Weakest Link." The first question is for $1,000 start the clock. Mathew before Meredith Viera, who was the original host of "Millionaire?"

Regis Philbin.

Anne: Correct. Sam, which fruit is not in the "Fruit of the Loom" logo? Grape or orange?

Sam: Orange.

Anne: Correct. Clover, who is the lead singer of the music band, the Eagles?

Clover: Don Henley.

Anne: Correct. Alex, what city has the most casinos than any other city in the U.S.?

Alex: Las Vegas, Nevada.

Anne: Correct. Arnold, in math, what is 24 divided by 4?

Arnold: 6.

Anne: Correct. David, what year was the Declaration of Independence signed?

David: 1776.

Anne: Correct. Brittney--

Brittney: Bank!

Anne: What is the most populous city in Maine?

Brittney: Augusta.

Anne: Correct. Mandy, in the Bette Midler song "Wind Beneath my Wings," which bird does Bette Midler claim she can fly higher than?

Mandy: Um, hawk?

Anne: No an eagle. Mathew, which female singer is known as the lady of rock 'n' roll?

Pat Benatar.

Anne: Correct. Sam, how many digits are there in your social security number?

Sam: 9.

Anne: Correct. Clover, what holiday is celebrated first in a year?

Clover: Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Anne: Correct. Alex, what city is known as the city of lights?

Alex: Paris.

Anne: Correct. Arnold, what singer's pen name is also the name of a TV channel?

Arnold: Tlc.

Anne: Correct. David, what cereal has a mascot named Sonny the Cuckoo Bird?

David: Cocoa Puffs?

Anne: Correct. Brittney--

Brittney: Bank.

Anne: What French Canadian had hits with the songs "My Heart will Go On," and "That's the Way It Is?"

Brittney: Alanis Morrisette?

Anne: No, Celine Dion. Mandy, what country is located below the United States?

Mandy: Costa Rica.

Anne: No, Mexico. Mathew, what is the name of Miss Piggy's boyfriend.

Kermit the Frog.

Anne: Correct. Sam--

Sam: Bank.

Anne: What network's logo is the shape of an eye?

Sam: NBC?

Anne: No, CBS. Clover, what temperature does water freeze at?

Clover: 32 degrees Celcius.

Anne: Correct. Alex, in the TV show "Hamtaro," what kind of animal is Hamtaro? A hamster or a mouse?

Alex: Hamster?

Anne: Correct. Arnold--

Arnold: Bank.

Anne: What hair product does the company--

(music cue plays meaning the round is over.)

Anne: Time is up. I cannot complete the question. In that round, you banked a fair, impressive, $53,500. That money will go through to the next round, but one of you will not. Who's brain has been seriously damaged?

(Audience laughs.)

Anne: Who has come up short in the accountant days?

(Audience laughs again.)

Anne: It's time to vote off, the weakest link.

(We all begin to start writing.)

Announcer: In this first round, Mathew is statistically the strongest link. He answered all of his questions correctly. The weakest link is Mandy. She answered all of her questions wrong. But, it's the votes that count.

Anne: Voting over it's time to reveal who you think is the weakest link.

Mandy. (my handwriting of Mandy's name appears on the small screen below me.)

Sam: Mandy. (her handwriting of Mandy's name appears on the small screen below her.)

Clover: Mandy. (her handwriting of Mandy's name appears on the small screen below her.)

Alex: Mandy. (her handwriting of Mandy's name appears on the small screen below her.)

Arnold: Mathew. (his handwriting of my name appears on the small screen below him.)

David: Mandy. (his handwriting of Mandy's name appears on the small screen below him.)

Brittney: Mandy. (her handwriting of Mandy's name appears on the small screen below her.)

Mandy: Clover. (her handwriting of Clover's name appears on the small screen below her.)

Anne: Mathew.

Yes, Anne.

Anne: Is that how you spell your name? With the one T?

Yes it is. When my mom was pregnant to me in 1988, she liked the name, but she didn't like it with 2 T's. She only liked it with one.

Anne: Why Mandy?

It was the Bette Midler question that turned the tables on us. She answered it wrong and I knew the answer to that one. She also looked like she didn't know what was going on when she was watching the other players, including me.

Anne: Okay. Sam.

Sam: Yes.

Anne: Why Mandy?

Sam: Because sometime during the round, she didn't bank when some of us really wanted her to. She seemed a little zoned during the round when the question came to her.

Anne: Okay. Clover.

Clover: Yes, Anne.

Anne: Why Mandy?

Clover: Because she was a real disgrace to us in that round.

Anne: What did she do that was wrong to you guys?

Clover: She didn't really give it very much thought when the question came to her.

Anne: Statistically, Mandy was the worst player, and it's votes that count. Mandy, with 6 votes, you ARE the weakest link. Good-bye.

(Mandy takes the walk of shame as she leaves the studio.)

Mandy: (after she exited) I really should've stayed around. Just because I didn't know what to do and what was going on, doesn't mean they have the right to kick me off. I sure hope Clover gets kicked off next.

Anne: 7 have made it this far, but only 1 will win. Find out who, when we return to "The Weakest Link."

(The show goes to commercial.)

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