(Here's the chapter on what happened after "The Weakest Link." Thanks to Martin Seymus McFly, just a fanfic fan, Lizzi-Chan, and Niblick for reviewing chapter 6.)

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3:42 p.m. -- Sam's house -- Beverly Hills

Sam: So, how did you 2 do?

Brittney: Mathew won again.

We won a huge bundle. $528,000 to be exact.

Clover: Wow. That is a bundle. We're better than we thought.

Alex: Mm-hmm. You said it, Clover.

Sam: Remember, we split it amongst the 5 of us, guys.

Right, Sammy.

Brittney: How much do the 5 of us get?

If my math instincts are correct, we should get $105,600 each.

Sam: You know what, Mathew's right again.

(Brittney hands $105,600 to each of us, including herself.)

Clover: Wow. With $105,600, we could buy us about 5 swimming pools, one for each of us, even though I already have one.

Sam: Geez yeah. Maybe we could buy a boatload of non-fat lattes.

Alex: Or maybe a truckload of all our favorite things or clothes as well.

Or maybe 10 of those wide-screen TVs and maybe a new home for all of us.

Sam: I don't know about that, Mathew.

When you dream, you gotta dream big, Sam.

Sam: I know, but I think we can buy only 1 house for all of us.

Alex: Mathew's right you know.

Sam: I know that, Alex.

Clover: Come on, let's watch that show that we watched a few days ago that was one of Mathew's personal favorites.

That's a great idea, Clover.

Sam: Should I make us some popcorn like last time, girls?

Brittney: That sounds good, Sam. Why don't you do that?

Sam: I will. And by the way, I'm gonna go for a dip in my hot tub.

Alex: Okay, Sam.

(Sam goes into her kitchen and prepares some yummy popcorn.)

Clover: What channel was that show on, Mathew?

OLN or Outdoor Life Network.

(I switch the digital cable channel to 210.)

Brittney: Which race is this?

Denver, CO. This is later in the season. Current champion #1, Josh Demuth has dropped out of the series due to a leg injury he suffered earlier in the season. I forget which round he suffered that injury. Now it's up to Kawasaki's #4, Canadian import Darcy Lange to win the title and become the first ever Canadian to win an American Arenacross title.

(Sam comes back with a bowl of fresh popcorn in her arms.)

Sam: Man, I tell ya, this is such a great show.

Thanks, Sam.

Sam: You're welcome.

(She begins to stand up.)

Where are you going, Sam?

Sam: I'm going for a dip in my hot tub. It's not that I don't want to watch the show, it's just that I want some peace and quiet by myself.

Alright then.

(Sam walks up to her room, takes off her clothes, grabs her green bathing suit and puts it on. She walks out of her room and goes out to her hot tub.)

Hey, pass me some of that popcorn, Brittney?

(Brittney hands the popcorn over to me and I grab a handful.)

Brittney: Mmmmm...This is good popcorn, Sam made.

Clover: You said it, Brittney.

Hey, Brittney, you feeling okay after that heartbreaker on the show for you?

Brittney: Mm-hmm. Much better. It's out of my system and I'm moving on.

That's great.

(The4 of us enjoy the show and popcorn while Sam sits alone in her hot tub.)

The end.

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