Summary: Jack thinks about her past...
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4. Forever

Looking down at the woman asleep on my arms, I wonder what good deed I had done to deserve the miraculous gift of her love. She confided in me this evening, once we had finished our meagre meal, about the horrors of her life before she booked that fateful trip on the Hunter-Gratzner. Only years of practise kept me from showing any emotion as she poured out the things she had been through. As she poured her soul out to me, I vowed then to protect her for the rest of our lives.


I stroke her hair as she twitches in her sleep, soothing her through yet another nightmare. She has one most nights, and I soothe her during every moment of them. I know that one day, they will recede and she will be at peace with the universe, but until then, I will be here to ease the torment of her dreams. In the weeks since I took her from that tiny outpost, I have been torn between what I want and what is 'right' for her. The selfish part of me wants her to stay with me, by my side forever and beyond, but I know the risks that represents. The selfless part of me knows that she would be safer as far away from me as possible, but it acknowledges that if she found me once, she could easily do it again.


I cannot tell her that, after I left her on New Mecca with Imam, I did some digging into who she was and where she came from. I knew some of what she told me this evening, and took steps to ensure that the people responsible paid for the pain they had caused her. She trusted me tonight with the deepest darkest secrets of her soul, and I cannot sully that gift by admitting that I have already taken care of some of those involved.


As she drifted off to sleep in my arms tonight, sated physically and emotionally from several hours of passionate love-making, I finally understood why Carolyn had been willing to die for the survivors of the crash. By accepting the responsibility for them, she had been showing me the truth of the human soul. And even though I had gone back for those in the cave, I had never believed that they would remain in my life for very long. But a young girl, with a tortured past and an uncertain future, had somehow managed to find a chink in my armour, and wriggle her way through it. I realise now that she became part of my soul when I opened that cave and she smiled at me, telling me she knew I would come back for her. And now I understand that, no matter how dangerous it might be to have her with me, I cannot live life without her. She is part of me now, her soul and mine entwined for eternity.

Forever. I will love and protect her forever.

Hope it was a worthy end to this little fic