Chapter one: Naraku's message

Inuyasha stared up at the almost set sky, Kagome held tight in his arms as she slept a peaceful sleep. She looks so peaceful when she sleeps he said to himself in his mind as he held her closer. He had his fire rat shirt covering her; he settled his chin atop her head.

At Naraku's castle, he called Kagura to his side, "Yes Naraku." she said as she kneeled down next to him, "Find Inuyasha, and tell him that if he doesn't surrender his Shikon no tama jewel shards he will be killed." "Yes Naraku." she said as she stood up and pulled her feather from her hair as it transformed into a large feather big enough to ride on.

Kagome had woken, she turned over and stared at Inuyasha's amber eyes as she leaned closer and gently kissed him. She ran her hand through his silver hair until she came to his ears as she began to rub them. He began to purr from the pure bliss of her touch as he pulled her close and whispered in her ear, "will you be my mate?" he asked. "Of course Inuyasha." she said as she kissed him. Inuyasha slowly ran his hand up and down her back pulling her closer into the kiss. Before they could take it any further, Inuyasha jumped up and drew the tetsosaiga and readied the wind scar. "What is it Inuyasha?" she asked. "I can smell Kagura coming this way, Miroku, Sango, get ready Kagura's coming." Miroku and Sango ran forward ready to fight. "Put your weapons down, I'm not here to fight you, I came to give you a message from Naraku, he says that if you don't surrender your shards of the Shikon no tama you will be killed." "Tell Naraku, that if he wants our shards he'll have to kill us first." Inuyasha yelled. "That can be arranged DANCE OF BLADES!" Kagura yelled as her blades came flying at Inuyasha and Kagome "WIND SCAR!" yelled Inuyasha as the wind scar went flying at Kagura, but she pulled up on her feather and flew away. "What was up with that?" asked Miroku