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Chapter One-Pregnant?

Rachel's heavy eyes opened slowly. Without moving her head, her eyes darted around. 'This isn't my room...' She thought. She started to sit up, but realized that she couldn't. There was an arm hanging limply over her waist.

She thought a moment, closing her eyes for another second. And that's when she remembered the night before. A hot red blush crept across her cheeks. To confirm what she was remembering, she lifted her head to see Jimmy asleep behind her.

She felt as though her cheeks were going to spontaneously combust. He was wearing just a pair of jeans.

'What am I doing? I'm only 17!' She thought.

She abruptly sat up, causing Jimmy to awaken. His eyes were squinted in confusion for a minute until he remembered too.

He sat upright next to her.

There was an awkward silence for a few minutes. And then...

"Rach?" Jimmy cautiously asked.

She stood up and ran off, making Jimmy even more confused.

Later that day, Jimmy and Rachel sat in silence again at a local diner. Jimmy was thinking even harder than Rachel was. He thought of what it felt like, he thought of what people would think of them as a couple at school, he thought of what happened when Rachel told Richard and Eva, and he thought of what Rachel thought. Then, a terribly scary thought crossed his mind.


She looked up. "Yeah, Jimmy?"

"What if... What if you're..." His voice trailed off.


"What if you're pregnant?"

Rachel's eyes widened, and she quickly looked away, blushing.

Jimmy tipped the waitress as she brought their bill, and the two left the diner to go on a walk. After a while, Rachel sighed and tapped Jimmy on the shoulder. He turned and she was in his arms. Tears were leaking down her face and sobs were escaping her lips.

Jimmy didn't know what to say, besides, "Shhh...". He held her there for a few minutes. She finally sniffed and backed away, the cold night air stinging her wet face.

"Jimmy..." She said. "What if I am...?" She looked down. "What will people think?"

Jimmy couldn't answer these questions. He just smiled weakly at the only girl he'd ever loved.

They walked to the drugstore, and Rachel led Jimmy to the right aisle. She picked out a box, and they paid for it and left to Jimmy's house.

A few hours later, Rachel tested herself in the bathroom. She trudged out the door and up to Jimmy. "..........."

"So, are you?"

She took a deep breath and started to answer.

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