This is just an author's note to some of you who said interesting things or asked a question somewhere in all the reviews I got. By the way, if you took the time to review, thank you! I appreciate it.

OK, first of all, chapter nine was the last chapter, and so don't wait for a new one. Second, the name Billy, it's like, the name of a singer I like, only spelled differently, and I don't know how I came up with it, but it's just because I like it. Like I said, just change it in your mind if you don't like it.

Also, I just wanted to tell you about how great this has been. You want to know my biggest stat on a story on my other account was before I wrote this one? I had 16 chapters and nine reviews total, and they were all from my friends that go to school with me. So when I opened my e-mail box and found twenty-one reviews on the first chapter of a story I wasn't even going to write, it made me feel really good, and that's why I'm always saying thanks and all that.

And speaking of thanks, I have you folks to thank eternally for all of those reviews. I believe with the last few, I made it to about 93, so only seven to go.

It's looking to me that the Fruit's Basket story should be coming out in about two to three weeks, because I have icky midterms next week! I hate math and geography... anyway, so once that agonizing time passes, I should be able to write a storm. Thanks to everyone who stuck with me through this whole thing even if some of the ideas seemed strange. And thanks for not hesitating to point them out.

Well, homework calls. See you guys later. Love ya!