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Fuji's Blackmailing...

Two weeks passed since the horrid play.....and it was October 31st...Halloween....

"Nya! It's Halloween!!!!" Eiji bounced up and down. He was thinking of all the candy and sugar that he'd be able to get, and was VERY hyper about it...

"Kikumaru-sempai, don't you think you're a bit too old to go trick-or-treating?" asked Ryoma, dully. He didn't think of going trick-or-treating at all....

"Nya, who says that I'm too old to go for trick-or-treating? Besides, nya, I'm not the only one! Oishi's going with me!!!"

The raven haired boy blinked, "Ara? I'm going with you?"

"Nya, of course!! Who said I was going alone?"

Oishi sweatdropped. He didn't remember anything of him saying that he would go with Eiji to go for trick-or-treating....

"Well, it is Halloween..." said Momo, "Hey, why not throw a Halloween party?? It'll be fun, we can all eat candy together,"

Everyone looked at each other, wondering. Fuji was the first to react.

"Not a bad idea. Let's have one," the smiling tensai smiled. For some weird reason, Ryoma had the slightest instinct that his sadistic upperclass freshman had something behind that smile of his...

"Ne, Fuji-sempai, you're not planning anything, are you?" Ryoma asked. He knew that he wouldn't get any answers, but it was worth an effort to ask...

"No, why would I?" Fuji answered innocently. Ryoma rolled his eyes.

"Well, the whole Halloween party doesn't sound too bad. Sure, let's have one," said Oishi, "Anyone else?"

"Me, me, me!!" Eiji bounced up and down.

"I'm in," said Momo.

"Same here," said Fuji.

"I'll come, too," said Taka.

"I-data...." said Inui.

The only ones left were Kaidoh, Ryoma, and Tezuka. Kaidoh hissed. "Sounds boring....". Ryoma nodded. Tezuka said nothing.

"Nya, O'chibi!! You've got to come!!!"

"Who says I have to?"

"I said so!!" The redhead pouted cutely. Ryoma now realized why Oishi couldn't stand up to Eiji sometimes...if Eiji ever decided to give a little cute puppy look, whatever protests you have against him just melt away....still Ryoma wasn't going to give in that easily.

"Echizen, just come! Or else....or else I'll have Sakuno and Tomoka come over, too!!"

"Go ahead, I won't come anyhow,"

"Ne, Echizen, why don't you come?" The smiling tensai's smile twisted a bit, "Come to the Halloween party,"

Ryoma gulped. Fuji's expression hadn't changed, smiling as ever, but somehow, his voice had sent the shivers down his back.

"....Fine...." Ryoma gave in.

"Oi, mamushi, too scared to come to a Halloween party?" called Momo.

"You're the one who's scared!!" Kaidoh hissed back.

"Tezuka?" asked Oishi. Tezuka looked at his fuku-bucho. He sighed. "Hn, I'll come," he said.

"Then it's settled!! We're all going to the Halloween party tonight!!!"

Fuji had volunteered to use his house as the place for the party. His older sister was going to be gone, and so were his parents. Only Yuuta would be there (A/N: I have an affection for Yuuta...ne!). Directions to Fuji's house were passed out, and they were all to come to Fuji's house at 6 PM sharp....

5:45 PM at Fuji Residence...

"YOU WHAT!?!?!?" screamed Yuuta.

"Ne, Yuuta, calm down,"

"Why did you volunteer your house for the Halloween party!?!?!?" Yuuta scowled. Baka aniki!!! Why did his stupid brother do such a thing!?

"It's just a Halloween Party, Yuuta. Now hurry up and get into a costume,"

"I don't have a costume...and you can't make me wear one!"

"Nonsense, Yuuta, you've still got your last year's costume don't you? The one you had when you were a first year,"

Yuuta blushed. "No way am I going to ever put on that stupid costume!! Besides, you were the one who made me wear one last year!!!"

"That costume wasn't stupid, it actually looked pretty cute on you. Now, go into the dressing room!! It's nearly 6:00!!"

Yuuta tried to protest, but before he could do anything, his aniki had pushed him into the dressing room and shoved the costume into his hands. "I'm not letting you out until you put that costume on, Yuuta!!" called Fuji, "I promise, it doesn't look bad!!"

"Maybe to you..." grumbled Yuuta. He reluctantly put the costume on...


Ryoma didn't even know why he was coming to the stupid Halloween party. The thing that puzzled him the most was why Eiji and Momo had come to his house to drag him out...Oishi was in the back.

Ding-dong.....Fuji opened the door. He was dressed as a cowboy (A/N: I got that idea cause I was flipping through several magazines, and this kid looked kinda like Fuji and was dressed as a cowboy, so haha). "Ne, come in,"

Eiji was dressed up as a black cat, washable paint was on his face, representing whiskers. He also had a tail....not to mention to little ears placed on his head. Momo was dressed as a fighter, and he was in a weird-looking gi (fighter's outfit). Oishi didn't wear any costume, for he said that he didn't have one...Ryoma wasn't wearing any costume either.

Ryoma stared at Fuji. For some reason, Fuji seemed to only have eyes for Ryoma, followed with a mischievious smile....what on earth was he planning...

"Nya, Fuji, where's your little brother?" asked Eiji.

"Oh, Yuuta, come out here!!" called Fuji.

"NO!!!" yelled Yuuta.

Fuji turned to his guests, "Ne, he's just shy. Let's go upstairs and get Yuuta,". They all went upstairs...

Ryoma blinked. Was it just him, or was Fuji whispering something to Eiji when they were running upstairs? And it kinda looked like Eiji was whispering something to Momo....Momo had this evil grin on....Ryoma gulped. Hopefully, nothing would happen....


"Yuuta, you look fine!!" said Fuji.

"Shut up!!" Yuuta was blushing hard. He was dressed in a mouse's costume....with big adorable little ears on his head and a tail...it was gray suit, but really, Yuuta looked quite cute (A/N: I had to....I couldn't resist). Finally aggravated by his aniki, Yuuta went into his room and slammed the door.

Ryoma was sitting on the couch. "Fuji-sempai sure is evil towards his little brother..." he thought, "Not that I care...". Ryoma glanced about the room. What on earth was Fuji holding? Ryoma looked closley....a...pink dress??

Oishi noticed it too. "Ne, Fuji, what's that for?" he asked.

"Well...since Echizen doesn't have a costume..." Fuji didn't have to finish. Ryoma, having heard that statement, ran towards the door. Momo and Eiji tackled him down.

"Lemme go!!" he screeched.

"Nya, you don't have a costume, o'chibi!! Fuji has one for you!!" Eiji seemed rather happy....

"I don't care!! I'm not wearing a skirt!!!"

"Echizen, if I were you, I'd put it on....you wouldn't want the pictures of you in the school play holding Sakuno-chan spread everywhere, would you?" Fuji asked.

Damn....Ryoma had forgotten about the blackmail pictures....He scowled. So that's what Fuji was planning all along...

"Um, Fuji, I don't think you should..." started Oishi.

"Nya, Oishi, it's okay!! The dress isn't going to kill O'chibi!! We're just dressing him up!" said Eiji.


Eiji pouted, "Pleeasseeee????" Oishi didn't have the heart to say so. He sighed. "Fine...but don't go too far..."

Momo and Eiji had taken hold of Ryoma's legs and arms, forbidding him to go anywhere. Fuji had taken out his sister's make-up kit and the dress with accessories. "Let the dress-up begin," he mumured evilly....


By that time, the other Seigaku regulars had already arrived. Yuuta was the one who opened the door for them. As soon as they were in, Yuuta ran off once again.

"Ara? Yuuta's dressed up as a mouse? I-data..." said Inui. He was dressed up as a scientist with red paint all over his lab suit. Taka simply took his apron from his dad's sushi shop, symbolizing that he was a chef. Kaidoh and Tezuka had refused to put any costume on.

"Where are the others?" asked Taka.

"Oi, Taka!!" It was Momo, "We'll be right down, just hang on!!!"


"Get that thing away from me!!!" Ryoma screeched. Eiji had grabbed onto him, not letting him go, but Ryoma was putting up quite a fight, so Momo had to come and help Eiji hold Ryoma down. Oishi sat on the couch, not knowing what to do. Should he go and help Echizen free? Or should he just mind his own business??

Fuji had somehow managed to put the little girl's dress on Ryoma. It was pink with frilly little white laces on the bottom and a bow on the back. It was PINK!!! Pink was the color that Ryoma had sworn NEVER EVER to wear....Not to mention that the skirt ended only above his knees....Ryoma also refused to look down, for Fuji had pulled socks on his feet with the same disgusting little laces on it. He also had put little girl's shoes on him, the ones that were buckled with a little PINK flower....At this instant, Ryoma had really looked like a girl....(A/N: How adorable, haha!!! lmao)

Fuji was trying to put some lip gloss on Ryoma. "Stay still, Echizen," and Fuji tried once again. "Hold him tighter, Eiji!!"

"Nya, I'm trying...." Ryoma scowled and twisted his head away from the horrifying lip gloss. He didn't know what happened, but Fuji had somehow spread the lip gloss on him...That disgusting slimy spread of lip gloss was now on his lips.....

Not wasting another moment, Fuji reached into his sister's make-up kit and took out the mascara. "You're going to have to stay very still, Echizen..." warned Fuji.

"You WILL NOT put that on me!!! That'll blind me!!!"

"Only if you continue wriggling around. It's not like I use this stuff, or else I'd be finished with you right now," said Fuji.

Ryoma cursed Fuji...and Eiji...and Momo....he had considered on Oishi, but cursed him anyways, for he had been too weak to stop any of them..."And I thought he had earned the title of Seigaku's Mama...." Ryoma thought rudely.

"Finished," said Fuji. Eiji and Momo finally let go. Ryoma hated himself.....he wished if someone would kill him so that way he'd be out of this disgrace....

"Don't even think of taking the dress off or any of your costume, Echizen. I've still got those blackmail pictures," said Fuji. Ryoma scowled. If only Fuji hadn't had those blackmail pictures.....


"What's taking them so long?" wondered Taka. Just when all of them were about to give up on waiting, the other regulars came out.

"We're finished!! And look who's here!!" Momo and Eiji pushed Ryoma forward.


The other regulars were shocked at what had happened to Ryoma. Taka was gaping. Inui dropped his pencil. Kaidoh was just as shocked at Taka. Tezuka had no expression and pretended not to notice, but seriously, the fact that Echizen was now dressed as a girl....

"What're you all looking at?" snapped Ryoma.

"Nya, that's not nice," said Eiji.

Click Flash

Ryoma groaned. Once again, he'd forgotten about Fuji. Fuji had a camera in his hands. "There, another picture," said Fuji.

Ryoma's temper boiled. Ok, this has just gone WAY too far....First, the stupid old man had taken pictures of him, and so did Fuji, but now Fuji had dressed him up and NOW HE TOOK A PICTURE!?

"Gimme!!" and Ryoma chased after Fuji.

All of the other regulars sweatdropped. Okay, the whole Halloween party was just as big of a shock as the Drama lesson....

Author's notes: Whew!! Sorry, I guess I got carried away with this fanfiction XD This would be the official ending of this story, hehe. Fuji's evil....ne, but I think Ryoma dressed up as a girl isn't too bad....I think it's kinda cute, haha