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Fuji's Blackmailing Chapter 10

"Do we really have to do this?" asked Oishi, worriedly.

"Relax, nothing's going to happen," said Fuji, "Besides, everyone will get a part in this play,"

"Nya, Fuji, what do you mean by 'everyone'?" asked Eiji, bouncing around.

"The entire tennis team, of course,"


"Fuji-sempai, we never agreed on this…" protested Momoshiro.

"Yes, we did,"


"I asked you all about the play, and everyone agreed. Remember?"


Fuji grinned. Well, technically, the Seigaku tennis team really didn't agree. He just kind of brought up the idea and dragged everyone into this. No one wasn't complaining, except for Echizen, that was.

"There, finished," Fuji shuffled the written lots. Each lot had the name of the character that the lucky drawer would get. There were nine parts to play, including Little Red Riding Hood…

"On the count of three, everyone pulls the lots," said Fuji. He held the lots out in his hand. Everyone took hold of one.

"One…two…three!" Lots were drawn and unfolded.

"WHAT?" screamed Momo.

"Fssh…" hissed Kaidoh.

"Hmm…iiData…" said Inui.

"…" Tezuka said nothing.

"Erm…" Oishi stared at his piece of paper.

"Nya?" The energetic redhead looked at his paper confusingly.

"Well, mine's not that bad…"commented Taka quietly.

"Mada mada dane," said Ryoma. He obviously had nothing to say, since his part was already decided by the evil smiling sadist.

"So, what parts did you guys get?" Fuji grinned. He simply had to hear this.

"I got the part of a tree…" said Taka. Ryoma looked at Taka, eyes pleading. Please, he'd do anything to get the role of a tree! All you have to do is to just stand there, nothing else! Unfortunately, Taka didn't see Ryoma's pleading eyes.

"That's nice," said Fuji, "Oishi, what did you get?"

"…uhh…" Oishi really didn't want to say it out.

"Nya, Oishi, what'd you get?" Eiji peeked over Oishi's shoulder and saw the piece of paper, "Hoi hoi! Oishi, you got the part of being Grandma!"

Everyone held in their snickers. Well, that role certainly suited Oishi…him being the Mother of Seigaku, of course.

"Eiji, that wasn't nice,"

"But it's funny, nya!"

"Eiji, if you're so happy, what part did you get?"

"Me? Oh…um…"Eiji looked at his sheet of paper, "The puppy!"

"Puppy?" Everyone was confused. There was a dog in the play?

"Saa, did you all forget the story already? When Little Red Riding Hood and her Grandma get eaten by the Big Bad Wolf, a hunter comes to save them. The hunter has a dog," explained Fuji.

Ryoma rolled his eyes. Eiji got lucky, that's all. The role of a dog was easy to play. Just bark and run around on all fours and pretend that your senses are really sharp.

"Ne, Momo, what did you get?" asked Fuji.

"The hunter! Eiji-sempai, I'll be acting as your owner in this play!" said Momo.

"Nya, I'm still your upperclass freshman, Momo," said Eiji.

Ryoma smirked. The thought of Eiji-sempai as a dog and Momo being the owner was an amusing image.

"Tezuka, what did you get?" asked Fuji, his grin even more mischievous than before.

"…the well…" Tezuka gritted his teeth. What the hell was Fuji thinking when he wrote down the lots? It was not funny!

"The well?" once again, everyone was confused. Since when was the well a part in the play?

Fuji grinned. Really, he hadn't planned on writing out the well as part of the cast, but since he wanted the whole tennis team into the play, he had to think of other parts besides the main ones. That was when he came up with the well and the tree. The hunter and the dog also came in later when he realized that he needed more parts.

Another smirk formed on Ryoma's face. Bucho got the part of a well, eh? Now wouldn't that be funny…"Somebody go ahead and toss a coin into bucho and see if their wish comes true," he thought, amusingly.

"Saa…that leaves Inui and Kaidoh," said Fuji, "Inui, what did you get?"

"There was a 95 chance that I would pick something that was rather plain…but then again, the last 5 I was rather sure that I would get something that was embarrassing…If I had chosen the lot towards the right, I would have gotten an even more embarrassing part, so I decided to pick the one to the left," Inui paused. He opened his mouth to say even more…

"Shut up and get on with the direct answer, Inui!" everyone barked.

"...the tree," said Inui.

"Alright, that leaves Kaidoh. Kaidoh, what part did you pick?" asked Fuji.

"Isn't it obvious? The last and major part would be the Big Bad Wolf!" said Momo, "Oi, mamushi, you got the villain part! You're going to wear a wolf suit! Ha!"

"Shut up, baka peach! (lame insult, we all know, but that's what Kaidoh says to Momo…)" Kaidoh snarled. It was true. He had gotten the Big Bad Wolf. If only he had picked the one to his left…he would have gotten the tree..but noo, he just HAD to pick the one to his right…

"Nya, Fuji, we all have parts. But what was yours, nya?" asked Eiji.

"Me? Oh, I got the narrator," said Fuji, his grin even wider. Ryoma scowled.

"Okay, we'll rehearse…my sister has the costumes all fit and ready, so just come here at the school at 7," said Fuji.

Echizen Residence…6:30 PM

Ryoma scowled. He was in a nasty mood. Why? Reason number one, his baka oyaji.

"Boy, you are just simply hilarious!" laughed Nanjiroh, "Why didn't you tell us that your school was holding a play? We wouldn't laugh!"

As if he wasn't right now…

Basically, he had gone home, eaten dinner, and was ready to get out of the house to go to the school before Fuji had any chance to do anything else. It was just at that time that his baka oyaji just HAD to come along and ask him where he was going. Ryoma didn't answer, hoping to just sneak off without any fuss, but his father had managed to catch him and grabbed his backpack. Before Ryoma knew what was happening, Nanjiroh had dug into the backpack and took out the bag which was where the horrid Little Red Riding Hood costume was.

"Ryoma, I never knew that you would look so cute in a girl's outfit!" squealed Nanako.

Reason number two why he was so pissed off. Nanako had entered the living room when she heard Nanjiroh and Ryoma bickering. She looked at the costume, and screamed with delight. She had made Ryoma put the costume on, and she had even put the disgusting ribbons on his hair.

Click! Flash!

Reason number three why he was just so darn mad! Nanjiroh had his camera out, and was taking pictures!

"Enough!" Ryoma tackled his father and started fighting for the camera. Why was his family so weird? And why was he constantly surrounded by idiots?

"Hell no, brat! I've got blackmail pictures to take!" said Nanjiroh. Ryoma felt his temper boil even hotter. How many blackmail pictures did his father have to take? There was the one during the drama teacher's play. Not to mention, Fuji also had blackmail pictures too! Damn, damn, damn!

Seigaku Auditorium…6:45

The audience was already seated. Many were murmuring on how surprising this whole school play was. No one had ever thought of the fact that the boys' tennis team was going to put on a play for everyone to see. Wouldn't that have been major embarrassment for them? Scratch that-it'd be an embarrassment for ANYONE.

A particular redhead kept on peeping through the curtains.

"Nya, so many people…" he said, "Nya, Fuji, do I have to put on this collar? It's heavy…"

Fuji glanced over at his best friend, "I suppose you don't have to. It is kind of heavy…we wouldn't want you to suffocate, would we, Eiji?"

"Mou, Fuji, you're so mean, nya!" Eiji was already in his costume, for he didn't mind the role of playing as a dog. He loved puppies and kittens! (A/N: awww…that's cute…)

Fuji, on the other head, was plainly dressed in a t-shirt and jeans. Narrators didn't have to be too fancy, right?

Eiji bounced over to the dressing room. "Nya, Oishi, are you done?"

"Eiji…leave me alone…"came a voice. Oishi sounded stressed…well, maybe embarrassed would be the better word for it.

"Nya? Something wrong?" asked Eiji. He didn't want his doubles partner hurt or anything.

"No, really, nothing's wrong…" replied Oishi.

"Nya, you don't sound right anyhow,"

"I'm fine. Maybe it's better if I just didn't do the play tonight,"

"Nya? You can't do that! Why?"

"It's because of…personal…reasons,"

"Nya, are you sick?"

"No, no! I'm fine!"

Eiji couldn't stand it anymore. What was wrong with Oishi? "Oishi, I'm coming in, nya," Without much thinking, Eiji opened the door.

"Eiji!" Too late. Eiji already entered.


Fuji felt laughter erupting up his throat. He held it in. It did take a lot of self-control, though. On the other hand, Eiji was doubling in laughter.

"Eiji, it's not funny!"

"Nyahaha, I can't help it! "laughed Eiji, "You're dressed as the grandma, nya!"

At first thought, most people would feel sorry for the fuku-buchou of Seigaku's tennis team, since he was in a huge dress and a wig was on his head. However, on second thought, anyone would be laughing their heads off. The sight was VERY amusing…(A/N: sorry, Oishi…)

Ryoma was about to turn around the corner of the hallway when he heard an all too familiar voice that was laughing. He scowled, then turned around the corner.

He stopped. What the hell had happened to Oishi?

Ryoma rubbed his eyes. Maybe it was a mistake? He looked again.

Well, Fuji seemed pretty normal. Nothing had gone wrong with him. Eiji? Well, despite being dressed in a dog's suit, he was fine, too. Ryoma's eyes traveled to the other person in the room. Why was a grandma here in the dressing room?

Then it hit Ryoma.

"Oishi-sempai," he said, "Why are you wearing that?" Ryoma made his last word sound like as if it was something loathsome.

"The play…" was the weak reply.

Ryoma blinked. Of course. He had forgotten. The mother of Seigaku was playing the old grandma in the play. Wait. If Oishi was playing the grandma…then that meant that since he was playing Little Red Riding Hood…oh hell no…Ryoma shook his head. He shouldn't be thinking too much…

"Ano, Fuji?" Taka came in, dressed all in brown "I'm he-Oishi, what happened?"

Oishi resisted the urge to scream.

Fuji cut in, saving the fuku-buchou from explaining, "Oh, just the costume for the play. Taka, go ahead and just put this," Fuji held up this big blob of green paper, "on your head and hold these two," Fuji held up two sticks with fake leaves, "in your hands,"

"Okay," Taka shrugged everything off. Playing the role of a tree wasn't hard. All you do is just stand there.

"As for you, Ryoma," came Fuji's sadistic voice. Ryoma gulped, "Do you think you can go in the dressing room and put on that costume without any struggle?"

"I'm not a baby," snapped Ryoma.

"It's not that that I'm worried about. The thing that's the biggest issue is you putting on that costume," Fuji's smile became wider.

"…" What could Ryoma do? Fuji had blackmail pictures, enough to send him into complete insaneness. He had to put on the freaking costume, but he simply couldn't even think of putting on a DRESS!

"Just as I thought. You can't, since the costume's a dress," said Fuji, "Oh well. The sooner we do this, the sooner we'll get over it,"

"What?" Before Ryoma had time to react, Fuji pulled him into the dressing room with Eiji. He shrieked in terror.

6:50 PM

"God, they are taking forever," said Momo. He was in his hunter's costume. By this time, all of the other cast members were there.

"I feel sorry for Echizen, though," said Taka, "Dressed up as a girl and all that,"

"Fsshh…" Kaidoh himself wasn't in too good of a mood. He was in a wolf's costume, and the fur itched!

Tezuka said nothing. He still couldn't believe that he got the part of becoming the well. He was going to have to deal with holding Kaidoh by his feet…not a pretty picture.

"99 that you're pissed off, buchou," said Inui. Tezuka glared at him.

"Finally, nya! We're done!" Eiji called. He opened the door. Out came Ryoma and Fuji behind him. Fuji had a sadistic smile plastered onto his face.


Obviously, everyone was shocked. Fuji had dolled Ryoma up, just like the time in the Halloween party. Ryoma scowled. He was wearing a hideous costume and the disgusting stuff that girls call make-up.

Fuji cleared his throat for attention, "Ahem. Now that we're all here, we can start the play,"

With nothing to say, everyone headed towards the auditorium…

On-stage performance…

The play started off with Fuji, introducing Little Red Riding Hood, who was walking with a basket in his hand.

"On a wonderful sunny day, Little Red Riding Hood was told to bring some cakes and dishes for her grandmother, who lived across the hill. Her mother told her to be careful and never talk to strangers. With that, Little Red Riding Hood left and went on her way," said Fuji.

Ryoma walked across the stage as slowly as he could. He hated the gasps that he heard from the crowd, obviously from his "fan-club". Delighted whispers saying, "Oh my god! Ryoma-sama is so cute!" made him even more pissed off.

"Little Red Riding Hood was well on her way when all of a sudden, a big bad wolf comes in her way,"

Kaidoh walked out. Snickers from the crowd could be heard.

"Fsshhh…Little Red Riding Hood, where are you going?" said Kaidoh, pretending as best as he could.

"I'm on my way to my grandmother's house to give her the goddamn cakes and dishes," said Ryoma through gritted teeth, with a flat tone. Who cares if he just swore?

The tennis team's jaws dropped. Bad Ryoma! Shame on him for swearing in public!

Hiding his shock, Kaidoh continued, "Fsshh…Why don't you follow me? I'll bring you to your grandma's house,"

"No thanks. My mother said not to follow strangers," and with that Ryoma stomped off (A/N: STOMP STOMP STOMP!).

The scene changed. Kaidoh entered the cabin. There was Oishi, on the rocking chair.

"Who are you?" acted Oishi, feeling stupid.

"Fssh..I am the big bad wolf and I'm here to eat you," said Kaidoh, blushing. He was going to apologize to his sempai later…

"The Big Bad Wolf, due to all of his wickedness, eats Little Red Riding Hood's grandma. He takes Grandma's clothes and disguises himself as Little Red Riding Hood's grandma. What's going to happen?" narrated Fuji.

The scene changed again. Ryoma entered the cabin.

"Grandma, I brought you goddamn fucking cakes and dishes," snapped Ryoma.

Kaidoh twitched. Why was his kohai so unrespectable!

"Fssh…good, just put them on the table," he said.

"Oh, Grandma," said Ryoma through gritted teeth, "Why are your eyes so big?"

"Fssshhh…all the better to see you with,"

"Why are your ears so big?"

"Fssshhh…all the better to hear you with,"

"Why are your teeth so big?"

"Fssshhh…all the better to eat you with,"

"Oh dear! It seems the Big Bad Wolf had just eaten Little Red Riding Hood! What's going to happen next?" said Fuji.

The scene changed. There was Taka and Inui, standing as still as they could, for they were trees.

Momo came out, "Say, I hear a cry for help," he said, flatly, "Do you hear it, too, Ei—I mean, doggy?"

"Ruff, nya," Everyone snickered. Eiji's habit of saying "nya" in his sentences was becoming a bad one.

"Let's see where it is," Momo sweatdropped, "Remind me not to do any more school plays," he thought.

The scene changed again. There was Tezuka as the well. His fans squealed with delight.

"Oh, look, there's the Big Bad Wolf," said Momo. Really, there was a fake wolf on the ground, with Ryoma and Oishi in it.

Ryoma scowled. Why was he stuck in a freaking wolf suit? That was Kaidoh's role! Not his!

"Ruff, ruff, nya!" Eiji crawled on all fours towards the wolf suit. Momo followed.

"I hear the cry for help from this wolf," Momo kicked Ryoma, trying to get him to say "Help, help!". Instead, he got a huge yell of "Ow!"

"The hunter cuts the wolf's stomach open and frees Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother," said Fuji, "They have a plan,"

Out came Ryoma and Oishi. Oishi was clearly embarrassed, dressed in a dress and all. Now he knew how Ryoma felt…

"Are you okay?" asked Momo. Eiji barked in response, with a nya at the end, too.

"Yeah, we're fine..very fine…" Ryoma glared at Momo for kicking him.

"What shall we do with the wolf?" asked Momo.

"I know, let's sew his stomach together and fill it up with rocks," said Oishi.

"The hunter, the dog, and Little Red Riding Hood hurry to get rocks to fill up the Big Bad Wolf's stomach," said Fuji.

Kaidoh had already replaced the fake wolf suit on the ground, and so he was lying there. Ryoma came back first with a rock. Instead of gently putting it in the extra pouch in the costume, Ryoma threw it.

"Uumph!" grunted Kaidoh. What the hell?

Everyone sweatdropped. Bad Ryoma! Naughty!

In the end, the pouch was filled and Oishi pretended to sew the stomach together.

"Hurry, everyone! Let's get out of here before he wakes up!" said Momo. Everyone followed him.

Kaidoh gets up, but not after a huge effort. That sack of rocks was HEAVY! Why couldn't they have just used paper?

"Fsssh…I feel thirsty. I want some water," said Kaidoh. He walked over to where the well was…or rather, where Buchou was…by the time he walked over there, he was panting in sweat. Inui and Taka were trying hard not to laugh.

Grunting, Kaidoh leaned over the well's edge. The plan was for Kaidoh to fall in, head first, and have Tezuka hold Kaidoh's feet to prevent Kaidoh from any head concussion. Well, it worked. Sort of. Kaidoh did go in, and Tezuka did get Kaidoh by the feet, but his head hit the ground anyway, for the entire weight was too much for Tezuka to bear.

"And with that, the hunter, the dog, the grandmother, and Little Red Riding Hood lived happily ever after!" ended Fuji, with a bow. Applause roared from the crowd.

"I'll show you a happy ending, Fuji!" thought Ryoma fiercely.


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