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Chapter one: Memories

Hong Kong, China


A woman blinked rapidly as she fought tears down again for the hundredth time. 'Damn' she swore silently and kept looking at gate numbers. Her emerald eyes illuminated with unshed tears and her honey brown hair swung furiously as she hurried along trying to find the right gate.

"Flight 228 is now boarding to Tokyo, Japan at Gate 16" The announcer announced a couple of times and Sakura sped up.

"Sakura!" a girl with blue eyes rushed forth through the crowd.

She ignored that as she searched frantically for her gate. She stopped, her gate in front of her, a line already lining to board the plane.

"Sakura!" The voice appeared again and this time she turned.

"Don't go please..."

Sakura stared at her friend.

"Tomoyo...I have to, I promised myself I wouldn't stand by and watch myself suffer again..."

Tomoyo brushed her Black hair back and held Sakura's hand tightly


"There is no But" Sakura insisted and breathed a sigh "Tomoyo, I'll still call you and talk as often as I can...There's no need for me to be here now...Besides I got little ones to worry about too!"

Sakura cradled her stomach lovingly and patted it lightly.

"Okay... But...If you need anything...I'll drag Eriol and we'll be there less than a day"

Sakura smiled softly at her childhood friend since forever and touched her shoulder lightly.

"Tomoyo... it's time I stood on my own now okay?'

"But if you need anything, Promise you'll call"

"I promise" Sakura smiled a sad smile and let go of her friend hand and shoulder.

"I have to go now," Sakura stated and reluctantly Tomoyo let go her hand as well.

"Thank you for everything Tomoyo"

She smiled sadly at the innocent face of this strong girl. "Nothing much though"

"It's a lot to me to have you standing here before me," Sakura whispered hugging her friend

"Goodbye Sakura" Tomoyo said softly

"Goodbye" Sakura said softly back and headed into the now empty gate.

Tomoyo stared at her back watching her walk away from everything and she clenched her hand making indents where her nail pressed into her palm.

"Be Safe Sakura" she whispered and watched Sakura entering without a backward glance at her past.

"Mrs. L..."

"Miss Kinomoto" Sakura stated to the attendant "No, No refreshments now!"

The attendant smiled softly and said, "Actually I wanted to tell you to fasten your seatbelt we're taking off now"

Sakura blushed lightly and apologized

"Not to worry, with two kids of my own I know mood swings when I see one"

Sakura stared at the nice attendant as she walked away to help others. Sighing she stared out the window and a lone tear dripped out. She let it drift its way down her cheek and drop carelessly on the windowsill.

'It could've been different if I'd had said something way before any of this mess' Sakura thought sadly. Leaning back with a sigh she thought back to how it all began... how her downfall had occurred... but to get there she had to reminisce the really beginning...

Hong Kong

"Darling I know you miss Japan but I need to be here to provide for all of you" Fujitaka stated

"I know" Nadeshiko said softly looking at the Cherry blossoms that they recently passed.

"At least I'll be closer to Yelan now right?"

Fujitaka nodded and smiled.

Nadeshiko looked at her little girl laying her head on her lap.

"Sakura..." Nadeshiko whispered

Fujitaka smiled as well and put a hand over his wife's.

"She'll grow here wonderfully as well you know..."

"I know" Nadeshiko" said "but... I don't want her to forget who she is"

"She will always be Japanese darling" Fujitaka chuckled.

"Not just that" Nadeshiko said brushing her two year old daughter's hair back to reveal a content smile perking happily on her small lips.

Nadeshiko smiled.

"We're here!" Touya shouted. Seven-year-old Touya was energetic and very moody but today, he was happy.

Sakura blinked as the plane started to take off and slowly she closed her eyes again remembering her father's smile and his usual hairstyle, Her mother's wavy brown hair and soft eyes that smiled so beautifully, her modeling mother...

Slowly Sakura sighed a little more distress away and tried to remember more...

'The first time I met him I was five...'

'That! Seems so long ago...Mother was at a business meeting with big corporations for Dad that day. Ten-year-old Touya was at soccer practice and Five-year-old Sakura was allowed to come with her mother since her father was handling a disorder at the Factory in Osaka, Japan.


Nadeshiko turned to be see Yelan. A slender tall woman with long black hair, held back by a ponytail in the usual style. Her Chinese dress prim and proper, and the same fan she liked to use in one hand.

"Yelan" Nadeshiko greeted. "What are you doing here?"

"Oh, Just to take care of some business for my husband...you?"

"The Same, Fujitaka is in Japan"


"Who is this?" Nadeshiko smiled at a child behind his mother in a proper position.

"Mrs. Kinomoto" the little boy said softly and bowed stiffly at Her making his messy brown hair to tumble from perfect back to messy, He blew a breath making a piece of hair land on his amber eyes.

Nadeshiko laughed merrily "Syaoron...my.my. What a perfect Chinese master already"

Yelan smiled and fixed Syaoron's hair. "Most of the time" she stated

Nadeshiko nodded

"Oh yes, I haven't introduced Sakura to you yet Syaoron"

"Oh yes, Little Sakura" Yelan smiled

"Hello Mrs.' Li" Sakura bowed gracefully. "Did I do it right?" Sakura questioned to Yelan who smiled softly and laughed hesitatingly as to not disturb the others who were leaving.

As the mothers chatted happily Sakura approached the boy.

"Are you a toy soldier?"

"No, I'm a master" Syaoron said with a scowl. "At least dad said I was"

Sakura giggled, "My Dad says I'm a princess"

Both caught on to each other now...

They were inseparable since they only lived next door. For the longest time, it seemed to Be Sakura and Syaoron for sure till sophomore year of High School.

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