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Hermione stood at the steps that led to Harry's floor. She nervously lifted her leg, planting one foot on the first step. Gingerly, she pushed off the ground, and climbed the step.


Mentally, Hermione was quite proud of herself for even doing this at all. Mandy had thought she was an idiot for not rushing right into things and just kissing the hell out of Harry. But, Mandy was also a proven moron who rushed into things. Clearly, she had never been at a war with Fate and a victim of horrendous luck. As the rest of this year had proven, there was someone out to get Hermione Granger, and she was positive that if she didn't take these last few steps going into a possible relationship with Harry very slowly, something utterly disastrous would-

"Well, have you had sex yet?"

"Merlin's trousers!" Hermione exclaimed, spinning around and tripping down the single step she'd climbed. There behind her stood Mandy, smiling calmly as she looked her over, scrutinizing. "What are you doing here, Mandy, are you crazy? Would you like to be the cause of my untimely death, because I really don't think that you'd make it in Azkaban- designer robes don't fare well in an environment of insanity. You nearly gave me a heart attack!"

Mandy blinked. "You're wearing the same robes as before. Haven't you had sex yet?"

"What is this obsession of yours with whether or not I've had sex with Harry? GO AWAY, OR IT'S NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN!"

"Excuse me for caring! I just want to make sure that one of my dearest, truest friends has found love and happiness before she is old and gray and wrinkled," Mandy sniffed, folding her arms across her chest. "And anyway, I don't know what you're talking about. I could totally handle Azkaban. The dementors have never seen fashion like this."

Hermione rolled her eyes, and leaning against the staircase, told Mandy she could go wait in her apartment. It was the only way she could guarantee that Mandy would be out of her hair and out of her way. Taking a quick breath, Hermione re-climbed her first step and set to work on the second. It was much easier this time around, and before she knew it she was on the fifth step to the next floor. Obviously she could have just popped upstairs, the same way Harry had done so before, but this way was much better for her in the long run. It allowed time to prepare herself mentally and emotionally for the possibility of rejection or any further disrupt-

"Hey Hermione, there you are! We were just wondering if you could-"

Hermione cringed completely, her body hunching at the familiar voice. She turned around, spinning on the heel of her shoe and accidentally slipping down one step back to the fourth. Below stood two wizards, both looking up at her and smiling obliviously. Clearly, they had no idea she was attempting to do something that even Godric Gryffindor probably couldn't muster the courage to do. Because if they had knowingly interrupted her, she'd have avada kedavra'ed the crap out of them both. But as they both seemed to have no idea that she was on her way to confess her feelings to Harry, she spared them. Also, she really didn't want to go to jail.

"Ron. Seamus. Not. Now."

"Oh are you busy then? Because it would really help the both of us out if you could settle an argument we got into at the pub, and-"

"Not. Now."

Seamus seemed to get that something was up, and he started to turn around, but as to be expected, Ron didn't get it right away. "We want to know the difference between-"

Hermione let out a shriek, and held up her wand. Before Seamus could yank Ron out of the way, three jets of light sped toward him, and instantly, he was covered in purple dots, his nose was now a bird's beak, and the left arm of his robe had been set on fire. He screamed and shot a jet of water out of his own wand, before turning and running away, being followed quickly by Seamus. Finally, she was alone again.

She was already nervous, and these interruptions were making her feel slightly sick about it. Was this a sign that maybe she shouldn't be doing this? Or was it just her old enemy Fate, picking on her and playing games? Either way, Hermione pushed on, stepping up onto the twelfth stair. Her stomach was doing nervous flip flops, and already she could feel her face heating up from embarrassment or anxiousness or some combination of it all. If this really worked out, then she and Harry would finally be a real couple. And maybe one day, if everything worked out nicely, she could end up standing in front of a church with him, wearing a wedding dress, and looking into those green eyes to tell him just how much she-

"Hermione Jane Granger, just where do you think you're going?"

Oh. No.

This was worse than the last two interruptions. Oh, Fate was a tricky player.

"Mum, what are you doing here?" She tried to keep the absolute fury out of her voice, because really, her mother hadn't done anything wrong (yet). She didn't even know about the whole kissing at the picnic incident, no one but Mandy had been told, and she was pretty sure Harry wasn't going to go mouthing off to Helen about it, so clearly this was just an accidental incident of misfortunate timing.

"That friend of yours says you're going to go and tell Harry that you love him."

Or, maybe that could have happened and now she knew everything.

"Well I just came here to say that you are an ungrateful child and I think you're horrible for not coming to me before you decided to do this! How dare you not include me on these important matters of your life! It is just a wonder that I don't disown you and simply use all the money your father and I saved for your wedding to move to a bigger house or somewhere exotic like New Zealand. I'm sure children in New Zealand talk to their mothers."

Hermione looked at her mother. She wasn't sure what to say to that, because really, there was only so much a person could take. Perhaps this was something like what had caused Justin to go over the edge earlier. Maybe he had a mother like Helen Granger. Hermione made a mental note that she should go and find out whatever happened to Justin, and maybe they could talk about how much it absolutely sucked to know that the womb from which you sprung happened to belong to a crazy (eccentric) person.

But for now, she did the only thing she could think of. She petrified her mother and left her frozen at the bottom of the stairway.

Motivated by this last interruption, Hermione finally climbed the entirety of the staircase, taking the last steps two at a time. She was half full of nervousness, half full of adrenaline, but mostly there was white hot anger in her veins. Because this was already difficult enough without the entire troupe of idiots that normally plagued her life deciding to barge in all at once. Merlin, if she didn't just get this over with now, the next thing you know Loony Lovegood would be back with her stupid card about stupid mental health therapists telling her she's going to be institutionalized or something similarly ridiculous.

Hermione was just fine, thank you, and as soon as she and Harry were officially a couple, perhaps she could go back to being a normal, stable witch like she was supposed to be.

She walked up to his door and determinedly knocked three times, hard, so that he could hear the sound of her knuckles hitting the wood from wherever he was inside. She was still running on the high from her anger, but when the door opened, all thought seemed to vanish as her heart leapt to her throat. There he was, looking just as amazing as ever. Harry's black hair was damp and combed neatly. He'd changed into a fresh set of navy robes that fit him well, hanging neatly on his broad shoulders. She felt rather inadequate standing in front of him.

"Hey," he said casually, the left side of his mouth turning upwards.

It was then that Hermione realized that she should have probably thought a little more about what she was going to say.


This was so stupid. This was so unfair! She couldn't have come all this way for nothing, right? Hermione frantically searched her brain for an appropriate response, something that would convey exactly what she wanted to tell him, something to lay it all on the line, something to- oh hell.

Instead of a carefully thought out speech, as she should have done, Hermione just decided to go for it. What else could she have done, really, with him standing there looking so good? She pushed the door the rest of the way open and sidled right up to him, standing on her toes to reach his height. She grabbed his face and turned it toward her own, and watched as his eyes started to close in expectance. But at the last moment she changed her mind, and finally knew exactly what to say.

"Listen up. You aren't going to interrupt me, because I've had just about enough of that tonight. We are going to go out. We are going to go out as a couple because I love you and you love me and if we don't I'm pretty sure I'm just about ready to be admitted permanently to St. Mungos, and our going out is the only solution to my mental health problems."

Harry's eyes had gone wide. Hermione let go of his face and started to step away, but he grabbed her wrists and held her where she was.

"Okay then."

She didn't get a chance to respond, because she found her mouth otherwise occupied. The kiss was slow and intimate, and as their lips moved against each other, Hermione felt herself grin, because it felt like they were made for this.

"Oh, Hermione!"

Unfortunately, that wasn't Harry.

Hermione pulled away from Harry regretfully, turning to blink in confusion. They were still in the doorway to his apartment, never having fully entered his living room. And they were visible from the top of the steps, where a group of four people stood, gawking. Ron, Seamus, Mandy, and Helen Granger were all watching with rapt interest as she and Harry had sealed their relationship with a kiss. How disturbing.

"Mum!" Hermione exclaimed, as the crazy person to birth her ran forward and pushed Harry out of the way. Helen wrapped her in an uncomfortably tight hug, dampening Hermione's robes with tears.

"I don't want to disown you! I love you! I support you and everything you do completely, and I'm so glad you're finally happy and when you get married you're going to wear my dress!"

She looked over her mother's shoulder at Harry, hoping this wasn't going to scare him off completely. But he stood there as Ron slapped him on the shoulder in congratulations, and simply smiled.


Take that, bitch.

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