Hey Happy Halloween everyone! (If it isn't Oct. 31 when you read this, then just "Hey!") I'm not too sure how good this is. I just really wanted to get something up and I really liked the idea behind this. Don't think I did the idea justice but hey, I'm open to suggestions. I'm hoping to work more on this but it might take a while. (I'm very busy with school right now.) mutters damn school...


Chapter One

It was another Halloween Party at Middleton High and everyone was there. The decorations were awesome, the music was fantastic, the lighting was perfect and the costumes were outstanding. You couldn't make out who was who even if you walked in with someone. That could also be due to the fact that it was extremely crowded, but hey, nobody was complaining about that. Being over crowded made it easier for the teens to get together without the chaperons getting in the way. Shego was especially grateful for the crowds when she walked in completely ignoring the man asking for her ticket. She wasn't really quite sure what she was going as. She was wearing tight black jeans, black shirt, black cape, black gloves and a black mask that covered the upper half of her face. Not wanting to pretend to be Zorro she decided she was a vampire. It just sounded better.

Kim, who was standing on the other side of the gym, had gone as a female Robin Hood. Well, at least that's what she had tried to go as. Ron had wanted her to go as a left shoe. He would have gone as the right shoe and they would have tied their shoelaces together. Kim cringed at the thought of going with Ron. Thank god he had decided to go trick-or-treating. With him out of the way, maybe she could try to find Josh... She spent about half an hour looking for him, tapping about half of the student body on the shoulder and asking, "Hello, Josh?". Finally giving up on her search for her dream boy she leaned against a wall and let her eyes roam the dance floor and the rest of the party. She suddenly felt her eyes being pulled towards the opposite wall where she met piercing black/dark green eyes burrowing into her. Kim blinked and she was just staring at a blank wall. What the...? Shaking her head she went to go get punch.

"Hey there, Kim."

"What-?" Kim was facing those deep green eyes again. She seemed to get lost in them in a matter of seconds, swirling deeper and deeper into the black depths while being surrounded in a forest of violent green. But where had she seen them before? "Who are you? And how do you know my name?"

"You really can't tell who I am?" Now those beautiful eyes were mocking her. Kim needed to look away but could only glance down at the smoothness of the lips as they curled into a soft smirk.

"No..." Why was it getting harder to breathe? "I think I'm going to go get some air..." She hesitantly turned around and went outside. She could see her breath come out as a cloud of smoke only to disappear into nothingness. It was relaxing, just to sit still and breathe. Not many people can do that without having to talk, or read, or look around. Nobody really seemed to look at the air you breathe, to taste it and swirl it in your mouth. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes; admiring the quiet as she remembered the strange girl's raven hair... could it be...? No, that's stupid. Why would she be here? She has to be playing with my feelings; she must be able to look right through me.

"You've been holding your breath for a while. You ok?" The hand she placed on Kim's shoulder was quickly pushed away as Kim backed up a bit against the gym wall.

"Why are you here, Shego?" And why wasn't there anyone else around? Was she the only person to step out for some air? Apparently she was. Shego walked closer to Kim.

"I just wanted to see you." She lifted a gloved hand to Kim's face and stroked her cheek sending chills down Kim's spine. Quickly she lowered her hand and her eyes lost the mystified gleam they had been holding. "Plus, it just seemed like it would be fun to come down here. I've never really been to a high school Halloween party."

"Uh huh, I'm sure." Kim backed away, still not sure what exactly was going on here. Once she was sure there was a solid wall behind her back she brought up what had been on her mind. "So are we going to fight now or after the costume contest?"

"Gee, Kim" She slowly kept walking towards Kim, her eyes never breaking contact. "I really wasn't planning on fighting you at all." She was a foot away from Kim who was bracing herself for a punch, a kick, a slap, anything violent.

"Really, then what were you planning?" It was going to happen anytime now. She was going to break something, she just had this feeling.

"This." Before she knew it, Kim was gently lifted by the choler and pushed into the wall as her lips were devoured by Shego's. Kim shut her eyes and gave a small moan, allowing Shogo to snake her tongue into her mouth. Shego massaged Kim's hips and inched her hands under the baggy pirate shirt. Kim wrapped her arms around Shego's neck and ran her fingers through the silky mane enjoying everything Shego was doing to her.

"Shego... wait... mmm... "Kim tried to say between kisses. She raised her neck as Shego nipped and sucked at her pulse leaving little marks as proof that she was there. Looking up at the moon, feeling Shego's hands slipping further up her shirt, Kim spoke.

"I love you." Everything stopped. Kim watched the breath of air she had used to say those words lift into the sky and disappear into the night. She could feel Shego's heart beating faster. Slowly, oh so slowly, Shego met Kim's eyes and stood there, Kim in her arms and the Monster Mash playing in the background. She let go of Kim and turned around.

"I have to go." Before Kim could say anything at all she had gone, leaving Kim to do nothing but slump against the wall, head in hands, to slowly wonder what the hell she had just said.