Strawberry Eggs: A new batch By Talonhunter

Chapter 1

Hibiki looked out over the river as the train crossed back to the past. "I can't believe I am actualy going thru with this" Hibiki thought. "But this is all I really ever wanted to do." The fact remained, to become a kioshi, Hibiki needed to and was returning to Seitow Sannaomiya Private School. Returning was to say the least, a miracle. And the fact that the principal herself had made the invitation thru Ruru was something Hibiki never would have expected, let alone the reasons for the invite." I guess that things do change." But Ba-chan wouldn't reveal everything.

"You won't believe who came to the residence today." Ruru said to Hibiki on the phone last week."You are probably right there, Ba-chan and you will probably tell me in your own time, as always." Hibiki said back to her. " Too true," she said," but this is rather important, so I will cut right to the chase. Chieko Sannaomiya came here to have me contact you, as I was your acting lutenant, and invited you back to Seitow Sannomiya. There are a few details that need to be discussed but you need to return here by next week, that is unless you have found someting better to do with your time for employment." She knew very well that he had not found anything as rewarding to himself personally as the time he spent at Seitow Sannaomiya

The fact that his current contract was up this week meant he would need to start looking for other employment again as the work he had been doing for almost a year was completed and the market for Kyoshi's was rather limited. He jumped at the chance to return to Sietow Sannaomiya. "I will be there next week at arround 2:30 pm." and that being said, set his future in motion once more as a Kyoshi...

Chapter 2

"What do you mean, SHE'S comming back?" yelled Reiko Mukogawa. The sound could be heard thru the heavy oak doors on the principals office. "Just what I said, " Principal Chieko Sannaomiya said to her Vice Pricipal. " I have invited Hibiki Amawa back to our school."

" How can you bring back that...that...MAN, after what he did to our plans to make this a all girs school?" Reiko was furrious. Not only had Hibiki Amawa falsely gained employment at Seitow Sannaomiya as a famale Kyoshi, But when it became known that Hibiki was a cross-dressed pervert, the whole of the student body, their parrents, and most the teachers rallyed behind him. "If that...MAN... returns to this school, I will resign. " Reiko said.

" I said nothing about HIM returning" Cheiko spoke very calmly to the Vice Principal. "I said SHE had been invited back to our school. I have had several long talks with both the Chairman and Ruru Sanjoh..."

but before the principal could finish, Reiko cut her of with a yell. "THAT old spinster??? She has been a thorn in this schools side for over ..."

" Yes, Ms Sanjoh was a key person in deciding to invite Ms. Amawa back to our school. She has maintained contact with Amawa-sensei for the last year."

" But why???" the vice Principal intoned."And what do you mean by she is comming back?"

"Just what I said, " the principal said quietly," as per a agreement with the chairman, we need a physical education Kyoshi. And as per our charter, We may only hire feminine people to continue our highest tradition and teach our future leaders. Hibiki Amawa fills that roll."

"But she's...he's a MAN" Reiko said in a state of confussion.

" And that was what appeals to the Chaiman." the Principal said.

There was more confusion from the Vice Principal." So how does Hibiki Amawa not break the rules of our hiring only Female Kyoshi?"

"Quite simple really. "The principal replied, " As a female Kyoshi, Hibiki Amawa fulfills our requirment for both a Physical Education Kyoshi, and by him agreeing to the terms of employment it fulfills the wishes of the Chaiman to have a MALE on staff. Also as was pointed out to me by Sanjoh-chan, our charter says we must hire feminine kyoshi. There was never anything said about the staff members only being women."

"But, ...but..." the vice Pricipal started to say.

"As part of Hibiki Amawa's terms of employment, SHE will be required to maintain a feminine comportment, just as all of our female staff members are requred to do."

"But what does that have to do with him...her...Amawa-sensei's return to our employment?" Reiko asked.

"It means, my friend, that for her to remain in our employ, SHE must maintain her feminine side at all times. No crossing back and forth between male and female. SHE will need to maintain this for a period of 2 years. If after 2 years she has done all her contract states, then he will be allowed to teach here as a Kyoshi for as long as he wishes and as he wishes be it feminine or masculine." Cheiko smiled at her last statement.

It was then the Vice principal caught on." So if HE refuses to abide by this contract, ..."

"Then his carer as a Kyoshi is over." the Principal finished the statement. 'I hope he canprove me wrong about men not being carring enough to be proper Kyoshi's' Cheiko thought.

'And I will be able to finally get even with that ...PERVERT' the vice principal thought as a evil smile formed on her face...

Listening outside the office door was one of Hibiki Amawa's students, Akira Fukae. So they were going to let sensei return to teach again. Akira had mixed feelings about that. Sure he wanted his old teacher back, Hibiki-sensei made this school much more tolerable, and since the departure of the sensei, things were not the same.

As it was, the vice principal was teaching physical education and she didn't like males in the class. But it also meant his biggest rival would be back. It was with mixed fellings Akira went on to his final class for the day, not knowing if he should tell the others yet or not...