Dino Crisis II: Jump into the Prehistoric, by L. Loire.

Note: This novel is a novelization of the second Dino Crisis game, released by Capcom. I do not own Dylan, Regina, David, or any of the aforementioned characters, events, and places. All of those are property of Capcom. This novel is being written for the National Novel Writing Month contest, also known as NaNoWriMo. Hope you enjoy it, and send me a review!

Prologue: One Year Later

One year has passed since the "Third Energy" incident. Dr. Kirk's research on "Third Energy" has been taken over by a government agency, and massive research has begun at a base somewhere in the Midwestern United States. However, in their pursuit of immediate results, they have failed to take the necessary precautions, and once again, an accident has occurred. This time, the entire research base, military institution, and a small town close by, have disappeared. In their place now lies a jungle from another time...

A huge lake, surrounded by lush green mountains, showed no activity. The waters were still, an easy tranquility evident throughout the area. Ambient sounds through the region mostly consisted of insects, and the occasional cry of a reptile, maybe the dull thud of a creature larger, but in this rainforest, thick jungle, the dull hum of possibly thousands of tiny winged creatures, many of which are extinct now. Flying low over the water, a pterodactyl was in search of fish swimming near the surface. Its eyes scanned through the clear water, and in one quick motion, snatched a wriggling fish out of the water, and soared high into the sunny sky. Suddenly, something was causing a disturbance in the center of the lake, as the water began to spawn concentric circles, generating very rapidly. Seconds later, the water began to bubble, and a brilliant flash of light originated a few feet above the water's surface, growing spherical in size. Cracks of electricity could be heard, with accompanying sparks jumping out from the expanding sphere. The noise grew terrific, and just when it looked like something was going to emerge violently from the water, the sphere opened wide, and a large object flew out of it, a ship of some kind. From its appearance, it appeared to be a hovercraft suspended in air, only briefly, before creating a huge splash as gravity brought it down. Seemingly unfazed by its rather unconventional entrance, the hovercraft proceeded rapidly down the lake, its destination not known yet. Onboard the craft, soldiers and personnel were moving to and fro, carrying items, weapons, provisions, whatever. One soldier stepped out onto the deck, his blond hair, cut with a mushroom style on top, while buzzed around the sides, blew in the wind. From the back of his flak jacket, the word T.R.A.T. was clearly visible.

May 10th, 2010.

We're about to step through a gate to another time. Or maybe it's another world. I'm being sent in with other members of T.R.A.T. (Tactical Reconnaissance and Acquisition Team).

The T.R.A.T. soldier leaned on the railing, his dark blue eyes scanning the surface. Looking ahead, its destination was a dock, located a couple thousand feet ahead of them. As the craft began to reduce speed, another member of T.R.A.T. appeared on the dock, this one well built, donning a cowboy hat, laughing as he walked toward him and patted him on the back. A female stepped out on the dock, her short red hair draping down along her face, her features showing seriousness as she walked toward him.

Our mission: to rescue 1300 survivors and collect data on the "Third Energy" project.

It looked like an army compound...well, it was. Soldiers and other assorted personnel walked throughout, and someone was banging metal somewhere. A soldier was busy organizing the weapons cache. Someone else was looking at a topographic map Indistinct chatter could be heard all throughout.

"Hey Sarge, where do you want this?"

"...a strange transmission coming from the GPS. There's something wrong..."

"Take a look at this map..."

Out at the edge of the compound, a lone soldier was examining his surroundings; after all, he was curious about this strange new place he was now stationed in. It's not every day one gets active duty...65 million years in the past. Deep inside the thick growth, he heard rustling, and instinctively, he raised his gun in the apparent direction of the sound. More rustling, and his heart began to quicken. Without warning, the tall ferns began to move, parting just enough to see the creature for a split second—before the jaws clamped around his body, the sharp teeth piercing clean through. He let out a loud wail that echoed throughout the compound, catching the attention of everyone, and quickly bringing a tense silence all throughout. The two T.R.A.T. soldiers and the female solider from S.O.R.T. (Secret Operational Raid Team) quickly turned their heads in the direction of the scream, only to find themselves staring at a dark green Velociraptor, holding the bloodied and mangled corpse of the soldier by one stained leg. Seconds later, the edge of the forest seemed to come alive as a loud rustling and moving of tall flora only signaled more danger. The compound looked on with shock and horror as suddenly, a mass of raptors broke out onto the compound, running at full stride toward the bewildered group.

A front line quickly developed and opened fire immediately, machine gun fire flying into the oncoming legion of reptilian speed, at first glance twenty or thirty. Everyone was screaming and firing now, as bodies of dinosaur and human began to litter the ground, the bullets ripping chunks of skin off and spraying blood all over the dark earth. Very quickly, the compound was heavily outnumbered as a massive swarm of them ran at them from all sides, numbering into the fifties or more, and they kept coming hard and fast, crashing into soldiers, ripping them into pieces, toppling them over and gouging their faces out. Screams of pain soon filled the compound, fast drowning out the heavy gunfire the remaining soldiers were administering. The blond-haired T.R.A.T. soldier turned around just in time, his shotgun firing, to see a soldier being jumped on from behind from a dinosaur, its massive teeth ripping into his back. He let out a wail of pain as blood quickly began to pool beneath him. Some feet away, a soldier saw a dinosaur leaping into the air in front of him, its jaws open, the soldier too scared to move letting out a scream, which was silenced when the jaws came down on its head, his skull giving off a sickening crunch as bone and brain melded together. The female, looking frantically around, noticed that the compound was lost, the onslaught of reptilian creatures decimating the entire camp, leaving just a few soldiers who stood a small chance of surviving.

Feels all the same...all too familiar...

She began to slowly retreat, firing her machine gun into the dwindling horde of dinosaurs. She'd only managed a couple of steps, until she ran into the blond-haired T.R.A.T. soldier. Now standing back-to-back, they began moving together as one, him firing his shotgun into the mass, her with her machine gun. When all seemed hopeless, suddenly the ground below shook violently, the soldier letting out a grunt of surprise. In unison, all the raptors lifted their heads to the sound, and on the next thud, all of them let out a screeching cry, turned hard about, and ran away as fast as they came. With the immediate threat over, but leaving the entire compound destroyed and maimed, something new was about to unfold. Another dull thud, louder this time, and closer, shook the compound. The female soldier's eyes grew wide, as if she'd known what was about to come.

Looking ahead, the tall trees began to bob and sway, the leaves rustling loudly, and yet another thud shook the ground, very close. Whatever it was, it was huge. Suddenly the trees parted enough for the two to catch a glimpse—

--and the T-Rex's head broke through the canopy, letting out a roar as a tree began to fall in their direction. She ran out of the way, the T.R.A.T. soldier diving out just before the tree fell on him. Instantly, she opened fire on the massive beast, but the creature seemed unfazed by these two, still walking toward them. The next thud sent him to the ground, and instantly he rose, and the two began to back away, firing. It seemed no use—the creature would be on top of them in seconds, and it seemed certain that the two had met its match.

"Eat this!" someone screamed. She turned her head in the direction of sound, and saw the soldier in the cowboy hat, a rocket launcher on his shoulder. He pressed the trigger, and smoke flew from the back of the rocket, flying out of the launcher, heading straight for the dinosaur. Her eyes remained fixed on the projectile as it flew through the air. Seconds seemed to pass in slow motion, seeming like an eternity before the explosive flew straight into the T-Rex's head, sending it reeling backwards a few steps, the missile exploding on impact as chunks of charred skin and blood rained down to the ground below.

"Yes," the T.R.A.T. soldier whispered quietly.

"Yeah!!!" the cowboy yelled happily. As the smoke cleared, she quickly glanced at the damage done by the rocket—a massive, gaping hole where its right eye was had been blown away, and in its place, an awful amount of blood running down its head.

That's not gonna do it...

Quickly regaining its stance, the creature lunged forward and let out a loud, angry roar to them. Wasting no time, the two of them turned and ran as fast as their legs would carry them. In an instant, the wounded, yet furious T-Rex began to chase after them, its long, powerful legs moving quickly. It lowered its head, and smashed it into a truck filled with barrels, sending them flying into the air with a great crash. She looked behind, and saw it gaining on them—it would catch up to them in only a matter of seconds. The two ran through the dense jungle, going as fast as possible, until the way up ahead cleared—and they had stopped short, for they were now standing at the precipice. Down was a steep hill, which would take them into unfamiliar territory. He looked behind; saw the creature only a few hundred feet away. They would have no choice but to jump. The massive dinosaur broke into the clearing, lowered its head, opened its mouth, and began to sweep downward, and just before it could sink its teeth in for the kill, the two jumped into the unknown.

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