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Epilogue: Another Jump into the Prehistoric

Five years later…

Five long years has passed since the incident, and doubts are starting to weigh on my mind. It has been five years ago today since I jumped through the Timegate, leaving Dylan and Paula in the Habitat Support Facility. Dylan Morton had requested me to take the Third Energy disk recovered in a missile silo nearby and learn it, study it, and build another Timegate, then pick them up and return them here. After the incident, and subsequent self-destruction of the buildings, including the one where Dylan and Paula last were seen, some high ranking officials of our United States government wanted a commission to be created, the purpose being to study the effects and events of the entire incident—what went wrong, what happened, all of the intricate details and minutia that the higher-ups in the Third Energy Project didn't want to be made known. These high-ranking officials that wanted this commission created were acting independently of the rest of the government, many of them questioning the government's decision with taking up the Third Energy project on moral grounds—not religious, per se, but on moral, common ethical grounds.

The entire mission, which started out as a simple search and rescue mission—the rescuing of a thousand survivors, and also the recovery of the Third Energy data, was nothing but—in fact, almost quite the opposite.

The entire mission, all told, left many hundreds dead, perhaps thousands, including a military compound, an entire city with soldiers, researchers, other personnel, and civilians living in the city proper. Also, due to an encounter with an Allosaurus located on the river between the Third Energy Missile Silo and the Habitat Support Facility, T.R.A.T. member David Fork suffered his untimely death. Overall, the mission, other than the successful retrieval of the data disk containing all of the information, including the history of, experiments, and biographies of all involved, was a total failure. The only known survivor to this point, officially, anyway, is I. Then again, we haven't built another Timegate since I came back to 2010, so we don't know.

When the Third Energy Incident Commission was created just a couple weeks after the incident, the government involved in the Third Energy Project quickly closed the book on it. By this time, the press had gotten a whiff of something fishy, and wanted to track it down, and get as much juicy information as possible. Of course, as we all know about our government, we all know that the majority of our politicians are lying, conniving, sneaky heartless bastards that care nothing for the lives of the general public, or its pawns that work for them. Naturally, our government denied everything and anything about the Third Energy Project, and subsequent things relating. It was this denial, this lie to the public that spawned the creation of the Third Energy Incident Commission, made up of a couple hundred people. At its head are four individuals: myself, Gail; the head of our S.O.R.T. group in the Ibis Island incident, Rick; the soldier/techie/computer hack of our S.O.R.T. group in the Ibis Island incident, and finally, Dr. Edward Kirk, creator of the Third Energy.

Our mission, in addition to researching and discovering details about the incident five years ago, is to build yet another Timegate and jump back, or forward, rather, into the "Paradise" Cretaceous period which was created for the dinosaurs and the human race and nab any survivors, if any. Our government, after they collected Dr. Kirk's research on the Third Energy, took it to the extreme. While originally designed to be a weapon, yes—Dr. Kirk never intended it to be taken to the extremes that our wonderful, fucked-up government took it to, which ultimately caused a rip in space and time, causing what would be the downfall of the human race.

Finally, four years later, we managed to build a suitable Timegate enabling us to go back and learn what we needed to. We did learn from documents found in the Habitat Support Facility that as a result of the government's screw up in 2009, just a few months after acquiring Dr. Kirk's work, they did experimentation which concluded that as a result of the rip in the continuum, the human race would be subsequently wiped out. Well, if that was the case, then I wouldn't be sitting here at this computer writing this, now would I? Obviously, the experiment following their perennial fuck-up proved inaccurate—I mean, I'm still here, anyway. With experiments and research done from a team headed by Edward Kirk, it was the conclusion that while yes, they did cause a rip in the fabric of space and time, it was localized to that 'world.' This lends credence to the newly-developing "String Theory," which involves particles of matter traversing dimensions, realms. What had happened was simply this: our government, as per usual, had no idea what the hell they were doing. They had no idea of how potentially dangerous the Third Energy was. After all, they did what most young, silly children do when they get a chemistry set—forget to read the warnings. They're printed on the pages for a reason—when they nabbed all the research from Ibis Island and Kirk, they never bothered to take all of the necessary precautions, and as a result, the surrounding military installation, Edward City, got essentially thrown into another realm, another Earth. There was no "Space-time skew," in our current realm, our lifetime, as the Noah's Ark Plan document describes. In that realm, yes. In that other realm, parallel universe of Earth, yes, there was a rip in the fabric of space and time in 2009 AD, plunging them back into the Cretaceous period of dinosaurs. Our government did not tell us this in any briefing whatsoever.

But our government knew. They had known from the start. Somewhere in their top secret files, they knew what had happened. They also knew that they now had the ability to jump universes and dimensions. Of course, our government tried its best to cover up their own blunder—they were doing what they do best: lie, cheat, conceal, and deceive. Our government sent troops and other military personnel merely to serve as a peacekeeping force. They had all believed what our government had told them—that they were going back into the past, to help protect the researchers and civilians doing important research in the name of science and technology. Apparently, this only proves one thing—that we, as a people, and as a volunteer army, are nothing but expendable pawns.

In the alternate universe, the researchers had realized the error of our government and had no choice but to find a way to get back to their own time. To get back to 2009, they had worked long and hard. In addition, they had a constant threat to contend with—the dinosaurs themselves. Somewhere along the line, the aim changed. It was no longer a mission to save the human race and get back to 2009, but became a mission to save the dinosaurs from extinction and save the human race as well. I don't know why they decided this, but their ultimate goal was to have humans and dinosaurs coexist with each other. So work began on that project, and in the year 2055 AD, their realm, the plan finally became successful. In that realm, there was another Dylan Morton who was the head of the W.A.P.P—the Working Association for Prehistoric Peace, a council who ran the work to enact the Noah's Ark plan. It was divided into two parts—first, get the dinosaurs and the humans to a time in Earth's future in which environmental conditions would be equal, or near equal to the Cretaceous. This was determined to be three million years later, when all the continents once again become one, called New Pangaea. Second, after the dinosaurs were safely transported to that time, then the humans would return to the current time—which would be then, our 2055 AD.

In the alternate universe, our 2055 AD is still Cretaceous period in theirs. So, they jumped ahead three million years and successfully transported the dinosaurs, and the human race. However, they would never make the return trip. Our government knew, obviously, that should all those people make it back, they could not all be silenced—they would definitely go public with their information. So, they sent in some people who acted along with the people, but were actually saboteurs. When they had to return, the governmental saboteurs destroyed the activator for the Timegate, and made it appear an accident. They were trapped. And with their only means of returning now destroyed, they would never return. Luckily, on their many trips to the future, they brought many building materials and provisions with them—this would be a lengthy venture. So, they built research facilities, military instillations, and the Habitat Support Facility. The Habitat Support Facility was designed to capture dinosaurs, and with the technological life-support chambers built for them, the dinosaurs were supposed to have instilled in them the means to coexist peacefully with the humans. However, that never came to fruition, and so the human race was becoming extinct. So, children were created, and it would be decided that the children, rather than the dinosaurs, would remain in suspended animation in the life-support tubes, programmed to be opened when they came of age, estimated to be eighteen. Since the information programmed in the machines contained only the needed information to be able to coexist peacefully with the dinosaur creatures, something was lost—their ability to speak. While they could carry on the functions of most humans, they couldn't speak, since there would be no humans to teach them. These children would reproduce, and so on, and so forth, saving the human race.

They would be quite unlucky—one of the children grew angry, and was rebellious—she saw us as a threat to her, a threat to the dinosaurs. Naturally, this could be attributed to their programming, their instinct. However, this female figure had manually activated a self-destruct mechanism, a fail-safe the government installed to further wipe all traces of anything. They did have the know-how to make another Timegate, and they did. Our government grew wary again, and in addition to programming the children with the knowledge of peaceful coexistence with the dinosaurs, they added the knowledge of how to trip the self-destruct. This girl manually activated it, and as Dylan Morton, his daughter Paula, and myself prepared to leave through the Timegate, something exploded, causing a computer to fall on his daughter. Because he didn't want to leave his daughter behind, he told me to go by myself, build a gate, then return here to pick us up…and now, five years later, I get to do it. Why wasn't it sooner, when we first managed to recreate the Timegate? Simple—we had only done experiments with one person going through and back. Then, after it was successful, we tried with more people, and now, we've discovered, we can take large groups and sent them through time without damage.

I hope they're still alive. I hope you're still there, Dylan.

She clicked "submit" on the computer screen, and the entry uploaded to her own computer journal, which was connected to the rest of the T.E.I.C. She had wanted to type up this entry today—in just a few short minutes, she and a group of scientists would go back to the spot of the Timegate in the Habitat Support Facility in the alternate realm. They would all get inside a large, wheeled vehicle, almost like an RV, which contained a Timegate, and teleport themselves to where the former Timegate was—this was where she had last seen Dylan and Paula five years ago. Inside her locker, there was a uniform, but not the same, gray, sleek S.O.R.T. uniform—this uniform was made of entirely black material, which tightly hugged the skin, allowing for ease of movement in jungle territory. Personally, she had thought that the uniform was designed solely for males to get erections by looking at the firm outline of a woman's chest, the delicate curves of a woman's buttocks. Regardless, she changed out of her normal uniform, and changed into the black one. Also inside her locker was a shotgun, almost the same one Dylan had—it used clips containing shotgun shells which loaded quickly.

She took the gun and slung it around her body, then made her way through the halls of the T.E.I.C. facility, and she met up with Rick outside in a wide section of tarmac. Rick would be on this expedition as well, and he greeted Regina.

"Are we ready?" he asked.

"Ready as we're going to be. Everyone else inside?" she replied.

"Yep. Let's go," Rick answered, then climbed inside the wide vehicle. It was tall enough to stand in, and the walkway was wide enough for two people. Computers and seats lined the walls, and the small, but ample Timegate was in the back.

"Timegate all ready?" she asked loudly.

"Yes, ma'am!" one male researcher replied.

"Ready to jump?" Rick asked.

"Yes, sir!" another answered.

"Let's go then!" Regina ordered. Suddenly, the vehicle came to life, a loud hum rising in pitch signaled commencement. A bright ball of light covered the vehicle, and for a brief instant, the vehicle shook as it began to jump time and space. Jagged lightning crackled in the air, and in a total of about thirty seconds, tops, the blinding white light cleared, and the vehicle started to shut down.

"We're here," a scientist observed.

Regina was the first to get off.

Oh, I get the feeling of déjà vu.

Here she was, back in the same spot she left five years ago. Her face was covered in bright sunlight, the former facility rubble. Ivy and tall grass could be seen growing, covering the walkway. Bits of computer part and rusted metal support beams were scattered around her. What was once a major facility was now becoming jungle. In the distance, high in the air, she could hear the sounds of Pterodactyls. She took slow steps forward, taking the entire sight in. It only seemed like yesterday where they were outrunning a giant Giganotosaurus, dodging a T-Rex, narrowly avoiding death everywhere. She could see where the tall computers used to be, lined against now cracked concrete and metal walls, the former industrial grayness of it all now rust. Two computers were on top of each other.

"Rick, come here for a sec, help me lift these things."

He came over and pushed one side of a computer while Regina pulled. It was lighter than she remembered—probably because much of the metal had rusted out. Her heart was pounding now—out of fear, excitement, she didn't know. When that one was lifted, she and Rick set to work on the other one, and when they moved it out of the way, Regina let out a horrified gasp.

There, lying on the ground, were two skeletons, their bones crushed. From the way the bones were arranged, it appeared that someone was huddled over the other, maybe to protect.

Oh, no…it can't be…

Clinging to their bones were tattered remains of clothing, chunks of it still firmly attached and intact. She recognized the black pieces of clothing—the rider jacket that those helmeted people wore—

..the ones that Paula wore…

And with a sudden knot in her stomach, and a lump in her throat, she took off a chunk of uniform from the other skeletal figure. On it, the writing was faded, but readable.


A sob escaped her throat, and she could feel a salty tear running down her face, falling off and hitting the earth below. She could feel the rough hand of Rick on her shoulder, a comforting arm, but there was no comfort here anymore. This was, without a doubt, Dylan Morton.

And once again, the government kills off yet another of its pawns…

She began to cry silently, not just for Dylan, but as the sudden implications thundered in her mind, turning her emotions into not just sadness, but of anger, of rage.

This means that all those children in those life-support chambers…they're all gone too. Everything was destroyed…everything. The government did what it does best.

Another cold realization flashed in her mind, something she couldn't admit but now had to—the proof was right in front of her face.

The dinosaurs never went extinct.

The human race no longer exists. In this world, we are gone, faded into history.

Nothing can bring them back. It's all over for them.

One more tear fell to the ground.


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