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One more thing: This has no connection with Episode 59: Forward to the Past (I've not seen it yet) I gave this title to have a "BTTF feel"

3:30pm Sunday, November 21st 2004 - Clover's Mansion

It was raining outside, Sam, Clover, and Alex were in the living room, watching Back to the Future on DVD, the part where Marty plays Johnny B Goode.

We're down in Louisiana, down in New Orleans, Way back up in the woods among the evergreens There stood an old cabin made of earth and wood There lived a country boy name of Johnny B Goode. He never ever learned to read or write so well, He could play a guitar just like he's ringing' a bell. Go, go, go Johnny go, go; go Johnny go, go, go; go Johnny go, go; Go Johnny go, go, go; Johnny B Goode..

"Micheal J. Fox is such a hootie when he plays the guitar" Said Clover with her eyes wide

"Earth to Clover" Sam alerted Clover "He's like 40 over right now, don't you remember that this movie was made in 1985?"

"Who cares if he's 40 over, maybe they're other guys that look like him!"

Sam and Alex sigh as Clover watched on, then suddenly the couch rolls forward, they fell down in one of WOOHP'S tunnels before landing on the couch (Or whatever you call it)

"Hello spies" Jerry greeted.

"This better be important Jerr" Clover said angrily "I was just watching my Idol playing the guitar!"

"OK" Jerry ignore Clover and pressed the button on his remote, the screen behind him showed a picture of a blurred silver car "Hill Valley Police has be receiving complains of hearing sonic booms everyday usually after this booms, its accompanied by a silver car, we managed to reduce the blurring" He presses the remote again and the picture on the screen sharpens to reveal the back of a BTTF DeLorean.

"How long has this been going on?" Sam asked

"1985 until now." Jerry answered

"Could it be, aliens?" Alex said

"No Alex, it's a back of a DeLorean DMC - 12 automobile, we manage to trace the owner of the car" He presses the remote again and a profile of Doc appears "His name is Doctor Emmett L. Brown, inventor and scientist. He's also said to be a real nutcase and gets a little crazy."

"And you want us to find out why he's behind this?" Clover guessed

"Correct, now for the gadgets. You'll have Jet pack backpacks, laser lipsticks, suction cup gloves, shoes and expandable bungee cable belts. You 3 will be posing as journalists. Interview him and ask him about his strange automobile. Good Luck spies." Said Jerry and presses the remote, the girls fell through a trap door.

4:00 pm - Hill Valley, California, Doc's house

They got off the black Chevy Silverado SUV, in their journalist outfit. They walk over to the front door and Sam rang the bell

"I'll get it" said a voice behind the door. The door opens, Marty McFly, still looks and wearing his usual from part 1 asks "Can I help you?"

"Oh my gosh! It's a Micheal J. Fox look-a-liker!" Clover said in excitement

"Yes, we're journalists from Popular Science for Kids and I was wondering is Doctor Brown in? We would like to interview him."

"Um...Yeah, come in and make yourselves at home"

They sat down at the living room while Marty calls for Doc. A minute later he comes out wearing radiation suit.

"Can I help you girls?" Doc asked

"Yes, we're journalists from Popular Science for Kids and we were wondering if we could ask you about your latest inventions" Sam said

"Sure, right this way" He leads them to the garage.

Clover goes toward Marty "Hi my name is Clover, whats yours?"

In the garage, Doc shows them his inventions.

"And this is my sleep-induced alpha-rhythm generator, it makes people fall asleep instantly" Doc explained

Alex spotted a sliver car behind her "Hey whats that?"

"Nothing, nothing, just a DeLorean automobile" Doc said worriedly

"Why are there strange parts on it?" Sam asked

"I'm afraid you girls will have to leave, it's time to test the Plutonium and I don't want you to get radiated" Doc drags Sam, Alex as well as Clover who is talking to Marty

"Hey! I'm not finished!" Clover said as Doc closed the door "That was rude"

"Well girls it looks like we've got some spying to do"

They got out of the SUV wearing their spy uniforms and sneaked into Doc's garage and inspected the DeLorean.

"Strange" Sam said "There's strange parts inside too"

"It must be some kind of invention" Alex guessed

"Let me sent Jerry some pictures, maybe he can help us" Sam said and she took out her compowder

"Hello spies, how's the mission going?" Jerry asked

"We've got some strange parts inside the car, can you figure them out for us? I'll sent you some pictures"

"Hmm.. Very strange. It seems that the DeLorean automobile is a..... "

"Someones coming. Quick, hide behind the seat" Alex alerted

The Sam and Alex hid behind the seats while Clover hides behind some boxes. Doc enters the garage. Suddenly, the garage door explodes, people in a black van came out and stromed the car. One of them covers the DeLorean with a giant net and drags it away. Marty comes in "Hey Doc, you doing experiments or something.....what the hell? Hey you stop!"

Clover comes out from her hiding spot "Sam! Alex! Marty, you got a car or something"

"Um...it's right in front of you" Marty throws her the keys

They got in Marty's red with silverstone metallic on the lower part Chevrolet Monte Carlo Supercharged SS and Clover chased the van, as they got closer, a bright light appears infront of them.

What is that bright light? And who would want the Time Machine? Stay tuned for the next part. Please R&R!

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