I want to finish this ASAP so here's the rest of the story

They jumped out of the Monte Carlo. It reaches the edge of the cliff and falls into the cold dark water.

"There goes my birthday present" Marty cried

"Look out Marty!" Clover shouted and pushes Marty away.

"You saved my life!" Marty said and Clover looks at Marty dreamily "You okay?"

Clover snaps out of it "Yeah"

The other DeLorean follows the Monte Carlo into the water. Using the expandable cable bungee belt, Clover and Alex clip it on a tree and pull the DeLorean out if the water. Marty opens the door and pulls Doc out of the car. Meanwhile, Sam manages to hold on and open the door of the DeLorean time machine.

"You're too late Samantha" Said the bad guy

"What are you talking about?" Sam asked

"When this baby hits 88 miles per hour, you're gonna see some serious shit" Said the bad guy and points to the speedometer

"88 Miles per hour?" Sam realizes

The speedometer reads 85 MPH. Sam grabs the wheel and tried to step on the brakes. The DeLorean began to let off blue flashes and sparks. Meanwhile. Doc wakes up.

"Marty, Alexandra? What the hell happened?" Doc asked weakly

"Man Doc, we taught you're dead!" Said Marty and helped his friend up

Back at the DeLorean. Heading towards the ocean at 87 MPH, Sam still struggles to get the car onto the island, she spots the leaver with the words "HOVER MODE" and pulls it down. The DeLorean's wheels fold down and lands on the ground. The bad guy comes out Clover and Alex chased him while Sam drives the DeLorean infront of the bad guy to block him, Clover and Alex jumped on him. Suddenly a WOOHP helicopter lands in front of them. Old Jerry comes out of it with some agents and arrest the guy. Sam gets out of the car.

"Jerry?" Sam said in disbelieve

"Good work spies, we'll take it from here"

"I taught you shut down WOOHP?" Clover asked

"While you were gone, I quickly restarted it" Jerry explained

"What exactly is going on here?" Alex asked

"We taught you 3 were missing. But 41 years later you came back. I found Clover and she told me that you've been traveling through time. When a person travels through time, his future self will disappears unless he returns to the same time he left" Jerry explained

"Well, it looks like we're going forward" Said Doc

"Forward to where?" Sam, Alex, Clover and Marty asked

"Forward to the past!" Doc answered

"Viya con dios!" Jerry said and gets in the helicopter

8:55pm Sunday, November 21st 2004 - Hill Valley California

It was raining, Jerry and some WOOHP agents are searching for Sam, Clover and Alex

"Do you still have sight of them?" Jerry asked one of his men

"No sign of them Mr. Lewis" Said the agent

"Okay, thank you" He walks back to his 1997 Black Chevrolet Chevy Caprice a tear rolled down from his cheek. Suddenly 3 sonic booms sounded, Jerry and the agents look behind to see the DeLorean Time Machine stop in time. The rain stops immediately. The right Gull-wing door opens. Sam, Alex and Clover got out.

"Oh my god!" Jerry said in excitement and runs towards them. The spies too run towards Jerry and they did a group hug. "Girls you're safe! What happened to you?"

"Well Jerr, we just did a little time travelling. Did you just cry?" Clover asked

"Um.." He rubs the tear away "Congratulations spies, we'll take it from here"

The girls look behind them to see Doc is being handcuffed and lead to a Hill Valley Police car. "Hey Jerry, what are you doing?" Sam asked

"Well you girls finally caught him?"

"No Jerr, he's innocent, the bad guy is....a little hard to explain" Clover said

"He invented a time machine, while traveling through time, booms sounded during the arrival and departure. He did not hurt anyone" Sam explained

Jerry looks at Doc "Well... men, let him go, we'll interview him later"

"Oh and Jerr, he's Marty McFly. He helped us with the case" Clover introduced

"Nice to meet you Marty, I'm Jerry Lewis founder of WOOHP." Jerry said as he shook Marty's hand

"Hey Jerry, how making him a WOOHP agent, he's really good" Sam said

"Please Jerry, please" Alex begged

"And he's really kinda cute" Clover added

"Well, I have to ask him. Do you wanna be a WOOHP agent Marty?" Jerry asked

"No thanks Mr. Lewis. I've had enough action for one day, or 19 years" Marty rejected

"That's OK Marty, we're not forcing you"

"Oh thanks" Marty said and looked at his watch "Oh man! I'm gonna be late for my performance!"

"Let us handle that" Clover said

9:15pm - New York City, Central Park

They arrived at a concert, Marty's band was performing.

"And now presenting Marty McFly & The Pinheads!" said the presenter as the curtains opened, but Marty was nowhere to be seen, only his band was there "Where is Marty?"

A WOOHP helicopter flies on top of the stage and lets down a rope, Marty climbs down from it. The crowd cheers.

"Um...I'd like to thank you for waiting, but I wouldn't be here without Clover, Alex and Sam, they're the ones who got me here. This song I'm about to perform is an oldie, hope you guys like it"

They begin to play the first part of "Doubleback" by ZZTop. Marty of course is the singer and the lead guitarist. Clover melts as Marty begins to sing.

I got shot through a space not long ago, I thought I knew the place so well. It wasn't the same, now it goes to show, Sometime you never can tell.

I'm lookin' high and low, don't know where to go, I got to double back, my friend. The only way to find, what I left behind I got to double back again, double back again.

You know I'm movin on in this fine machine, Rollin' on through the night. Seein' things like I've never seen And it's taking me outta sight.

Lookin' high and low, don't know where to go, I got to double back, my friend. The only way to find, what I left behind I got to double back again, double back again.


It's got me up and down, I been lost and found, Down in a deep dark hole. Looks like my luck has changed, I been rearranged And I'm coming out on a roll.

Lookin' high and low, don't know where to go, I got to double back, my friend. The only way to find, what I left behind I got to double back again, double back again.


Marty's band leaves and the presenter comes out "Ok that's our final performance for tonight, and now let's announce the winners of the battle of the bands performance, in 3rd place...."

"Wow Clover, he's good" Sam stated

"He's even better than Micheal J. Fox!" Clover added

"...In 1st place, Marty McFly & The Pinheads!"

Marty and his band came out from the backstage and received the trophy and a giant cheque.

5:40pm Monday, November 22nd 2004 - Beverly Hills Mall

Sam, Clover and Alex were walking and passes by a poster which says "Win a DeLorean Automobile". It reminded them of yesterday's mission.

"Marty pulled you out yesterday. What happened Clover" Sam asked

"He found out that I had a crush on him and told me that he's married. But he really liked me a lot". Clover explained

"It looks like thats the only Micheal J. Fox look-a-liker around" Alex said

"No way, like I say maybe they're other..." Someone bumps into Clover.

"Oh miss, I'm so sorry" The guy said and helped picked the bags

"Thats...." Clover looks up and sees that the guy looks like Micheal J. Fox "Okay"

The guy stares back "My name is Mike, whats yours?"


"There she goes again" Alex commented

"C'mon Alex, lets go" Sam said


Well all done.