"Honey Im home" Roman called walking in to the house and putting his car keys on the table by the door. He couldnt be happier than he was right in that moment, CJ had said yes to marrying him, she had moved back in, Olivia was back in Tampa and agreeing to let Ty live in Miami and see her every other weekend. It was perfect, life couldnt be sweeter.

In here CJ called from the kitchen. Roman found her stirring pasta that was on the stove.

Roman slinked his arms around her waist and leant down to kiss her neck "I missed you fiance"

"I missed you more husband to be" CJ smiled turning around and putting her around his neck. Roman picked her up and placed her on the counter top next to the stove and began kissing down her neck.

CJ laughed "I gotta finish dinner"

"It can wait"

"Ty will be home in like half hour"

"I dont care" Roman kissed her collar bone and back up her neck and claimed her lips. CJ was happy, she had got her man, she was so in love.

Author Note:

Hi All

This is the beginning of the sequel Im writing for this story. Although this snippet suggest CJ and Roman are together, believe me there is a HUGE twist that may make that impossible!

Thing is I have some ideas and have for a while but I need some help! Would anyone be interested in helping me write some bits/chapters?

Message me if interested and I will share my ideas and what I have written so far.