Sequel to The Vision Clears

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The same night as the last one took off at…

Holtz was not satisfied. He thought killing Connor would bring a sense of Clarity to him, or at least one of justice, yet it did not. He felt nothing taking the vampire's child. Not joy, not sadness, and not peace… so he decided to bring the vampire to ruins…

"Get ready men, we have a new mission." he said, a cold dead determination in his voice, and his eyes gleamed over with some inner emotion.


Meanwhile at the hotel…

Cordelia was crying softly, walking down the stairs, when the front doors banged open! Her head whipped up at that direction. "Holtz!" she screamed, getting everyone's attention. Fred, Gunn, Loren and Wes sprang into action, each armed to the teeth.

But they were surrounded. "No way we're gonna bring down this bunch!" Gunn said, regretfully. "Not with out any help, at least" Wesley looked in Angel's direction. The vampire was surveying the scene from the stair balcony.

"Ha, Angelus, how are you this night?" asked Holtz. "Better off then you'll be once I kill you" Angel said, awakening from his stupor.

Holtz disregarded this, and began his attack on the gang. Angel leapt down from his perch and before Holtz could turn his head, it was clean off his body.

The lobby stood still as they looked to see Angel, with Holtz's head in his hands. "Get the freak out of my home." he growled at the people, but Justine would not stand for that.

"Y-you , killed him! You bastard!" she lead the attack, a sword raised. She wished to avenge her Holtz.

Hours later, the six stood, bloody and battered, yet alive. "It's over" Loren said, saying more with his tone than his words. "Yes, it truly is…" Angel sighed, and cried.

He didn't care if his friends saw, they would understand. Cordelia sat next to him on the sofa, and they both cried. Soon everyone was crying. It was cleansing, in a depressing sort of way. Like when someone runs over your cat, but them you get yourself so worked up, and you pass out from your tears…

The End….. So, how was it?