Week Six

Wednesday / Thursday

Gil Grissom sat at his desk working on long over due paperwork. Brass appeared in the doorway. "We ever ask Conrad why?"

Grissom looked up, and took off his glasses. After a moments thought, he shook his head. "We didn't want to risk the case by talking to him before the arrest, and his PD wouldn't let us talk to him after. Why?"

"Because he's dead."

Gil stared at him, stunned.

"Got into a fight over in county lock up over some meatloaf." Brass nodded at Gil's raised eyebrows. "Yeah, meatloaf. The other prisoner stabbed him with a shank."

"Well." Grissom said, at a loss for words.

"Yeah," Brass nodded as he turned to leave. "Well."

Monte lay curled up on the floor near the TV that was showing a sitcom rerun that neither Rai nor Nick was paying attention to. They each sat on the floor cross-legged, a Scrabble board between them.

"What the hell is that?" Rai asked staring at the eight-letter word Nick had just lain down.

"That, my darlin' is a chemical that brings out..."

"Never mind." She cut him off, and smiled, rolling her eyes. Nick laughed.

As she moved her tiles around, she brought up a subject that'd been on her mind. "I, ah, I'm not sure I can live there again." She said, referring to her apartment.

Nick's head bobbed, and he thought about it. "Well, you could... always live here."

"Yeah?" she asked looking up at him from her tiles.

"Yeah." He smiled and tilted his head toward Monte. "After all, there are three of us."


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