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Johnny's Pov

I watched the clouds come over. They were dark and thick and heading this way in a sort of cloud fury. It was probably gonna be one stormy night in Tulsa.

I was sitting out on the porch waiting for Ponyboy. We were going to the movies. We were seeing another one of Paul Newman's movies. I could tell Ponyboy idolized him the way he was always wishing to look like him.

The clouds picked up speed as they rolled across the sky and thunder even began. I saw a few flashes gathering in the clouds and then a light rain started.

I hadn't noticed Ponyboy standing on the sidewalk.

"Hey, Johnny," he said, putting the hood up over his head on his white jacket. Wasn't that Soda's jacket? But I haven't seen Sodapop wear in so long. Maybe he gave it to Pony as a hand-me-down? It looked much better on Ponyboy anyway.

"Hey, Pony," I stood up and walked over to him.

Lucky the rain was only very light right now so we could probably make it the movies without getting that wet.


"That was the coolest movie!" Ponyboy grinned excitedly.

We were walking out of the movie house, but outside it was basically as dark as it was in there. And it was raining heavily.

I wonder what the time was? It must have been at least 8:00pm. Ponyboy better get home since Darry will be home from work soon. And it was a school night. Dang, I wish my parents cared about my schoolwork...or me.

"We better hurry home before it gets any worse," Ponyboy took my hand and walked out from under the shelter, pulling me along.

It was quite shocking that he had taken my hand like that. I wasn't complainin' though. He had nice soft hands that were warm. I wondered if he intentionally took hold of my hand.

But what if someone saw us? Or worse a soc. They would probably beat us up thinking we were gay. God, everyone was fucking homophobic!

Well I didn't care I was holding Ponyboy's hand! I liked it and I will keep it this way! Besides, I've got my 6-inch switchblade.

I walked a little faster to catch up with him so it didn't appear as if he were dragging me along.

The rain was really coming down even more heavy. I understood now by the term 'coming down in buckets'.

The lot was up ahead and we cut through like we normally would.

I heard the piercing boom of thunder and then a quick flash came down towards us.

Well it looked like that, but it had hit a tree near by.

Snapped the thick tree in half!

Ponyboy jumped back and sort of did a choked scream.

His hand was shaking and when I looked at him he was shaking really badly.

It spooked me too, but after the socs beating me up, and my dad always beatin' me up, it took a lot to scare me. Well I was always scared of getting' beaten up again, but other things like lighting didn't scare me.

The tree sizzled where it was hit and made tiny popping noises.

Ponyboy looked really terrified. "Johnny...I've never told you this but I'm really scared of lighting, and that could have hit us if we were any closer!"

Wasn't that close. Maybe 15 to 20 metres away.

I gripped Ponyboy's hand tighter to reassure him, "you'll be safe as long as I'm here."

He shivered, "I just wanna go home."

"Come on then." Now I was the one pulling him along.

It was really dangerous being here during a storm, so I began running. Didn't matter if I got hit, I mean, who would care? But Ponyboy was with me and that gave me more of a sudden urge of bravery to protect him. Aw he was so cute, he was scared of lightning at 14.

We ran back to his place.

We entered his house and called out to his brothers but nobody was home yet.

I took off my jacket since it was dripping wet.

I looked over at Pony. He was as drenched as I was. His hair was flat and sticking down to his forehead. A weird lustful feeling came over me, staring at him dripping wet like that.

"Take off your clothes if they're wet. My cousin caught pneumonia from wet clothes...or was it from playing in the snow without enough clothes on? Either way," he shrugged.

I watched him first take off his jacket and then peel his wet blue t-shirt off. Before he took his t-shirt off though, he made eye contact with me so he definitely knew I was staring at him.

"Are you gonna take your clothes off?" He asked, sounding very strange.

I was about to take my t-shirt off, but then he unzipped the fly to his jeans. OMG OMG OMG OMG! HE WAS TAKING OFF HIS PANTS! Calm down Johnny, you sound like a gitty schoolgirl.

I couldn't calm down what was going on down in my pants though so I turned around. I couldn't let Ponyboy see what was happening to me.

I threw my t-shirt onto his pile of clothes.

Should I take off my pants too? They were wet. But then wouldn't that make me more excited? Or Ponyboy would see it? I have a conundrum...

The sound of thunder hit again and the windows vibrated. Then not soon after a flash of lightning struck.

Ponyboy squeaked fearfully.

I looked over my shoulder at him and he was sitting on the couch, with his knees curled up to his chest and he was hugging them tightly.

He looked at me so scared and terrified. I guess times like these Sodapop would be there to comfort him.

I took off my jeans and then walked over to him.

I sat beside him and put my arm around him. He got as close as he could to me and layed his head on my shoulder.

"You wont go will you? At least not till the storms over?" He nuzzled his head into the crook of my neck.

He reminded me of a frightened little child when he acted like this. It was adorable!

I played with his hair with my free hand, "I won't leave you."

"Thankyou," he said.

He then looked up at me and kissed my cheek.

I felt a warm blush begin on my cheeks.

I looked at him confused. He smiled shyly.

I took a deep breath, cupped his cheek with my hand and kissed his lips.

It was just a peck, that lasted a while, but when I opened my eyes to see his reaction, his smile had grown.

I knew this was wrong, but I had to have him. He was just acting so innocent and cute. I wanted to bring out his bad side.

I put my hands on his knees and pressed them down, so he stretched them out. Then I layed him down on the couch and kissed him again.

He rested his head on the armchair and wrapped his arms around my shoulder.

I licked his lips for entry and he parted them. We kissed intimately like that for what seemed like ages.

One of my hands caressed his cheek while my other one rested on the waistband of his boxers.

I kissed the corner of his lips, then his cheek and then said softly in his ear, "you sure you wanna do this?"

He drew circles with his fingers on my back and nodded smiling.

God, he was so handsome it was unbearable. He was gonna become more of a looker than Sodapop is. He's probably gonna cause traffic to stop pretty soon.

"No regrets," I said, then made my way down to his neck and sucked gently...intentionally trying to leave my mark. He's mine now girls.

He moaned, and dug his nails a little into my back. Man, he was driving me crazy.

He was excited as I was since I could feel it rubbing against my leg.

"Mmm...Johnny." He moaned again, closing his eyes smiling.

I slid my hand down his chest and down into his boxers. I took hold of his main source of pleasure and stroked my hand up and down slowly.

He arched his back a little and tilted his head back into the armrest.

I kissed his chin then his lips and kept teasing him in the slow manner.

My fingers were just lightly brushing against him back and forth.

He dug his nails harder into my back, which was a little painful, "oh god, go faster Johnny!"

Then the door knob rattled, "Ponyboy, the door's locked, let me in!" It was Darry and he was banging on the door. With his strength he could probably knock it down if he banged any harder.

I got off Ponyboy quickly. Ponyboy looked at me pleadingly, breathing heavily.

"I better go," I cupped his chin with my fingers and kissed his lips lightly.

"I'll see you tomorrow at school?" He asked raising his eyebrows.

I nodded. I would have to see him tomorrow. Most likely as soon as I have a good nights sleep, I'll snap back to reality and realize how wrong it was.

I got up and began to put on my clothes hurriedly, although they were wet, which was making it even more difficult. Would have been smart to place our clothes in front of a heater or something?

"Coming Darry, I'm just getting out of the shower," Ponyboy yelled to the door.

"Bye," I said smiling.

"Bye," he said also smiling and stood up.

I went over to the door and unlocked it to let Darry in.

He almost walked straight into me. He was surprised to see me, "oh, hey Johnnycake. Are you staying or leaving?"

"Leaving," I said quietly and left.

At least the storm had settled a litte.


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