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The rain didn't stop when I got home. When I got in the front door I heard the phone ring. I walked into the lounge, and looked around for my dad. Also checking to see if he was in the kitchen. He must have been upstairs asleep.

I picked up the phone and whispered, "hello?" I knew the ringing had been louder than my voice but just in case dad heard me, I didn't want him screaming at me that I woke him because he heard me "yelling" on the phone.

"Johnny?" It was a soft tone. I was confused for a few seconds, but then I realized it was my mothers voice.

"Oh, hi," I smiled.

"Have you made your decision?"

"Yep…" I wasn't sure if she had heard me. But when I said it, I felt my heart twist into a horrible knot. A pain swelled up in my stomach and grew till I felt like I would explode in a heaping sobbing mass of pain, anger and sadness. Was I being over dramatic? Possibly… but my heart is breaking damn it!

"What?" She asked.

I sighed and rubbed my eyes, "umm… yeah… yeah, I'm comin'."

There was a moment of silence and then I heard a giddy sound, "great! Um… Tonight?"

"Tonight?" I said shocked, "why so soon?"

"Why wait?"

Good point… nothing was holding me back here anymore. Except friends of course, but hopefully we will still be able to keep in contact. But overall my mum was more important to me, as selfish as that sounds. All my life I've wanted her to treat me like a real son, and now she will. I've waited for this for 16 years of my life… why wait any longer?

"Oh, okay. Well, I'll probably be able to make it at the train station in a few hours…?"

"See you soon then."

"Bye," I said, and was about to hang up the phone, when I heard a low voice grumble from the staircase, "who are you talking to?"

I turned around and saw my dad staring at me. My face paled, and I began to stutter, "eer… n-no one d-dad..."

"Don't fuckin' lie to me! It's your mother isn't it!"

"N-no dad…"

He stomped over towards me, snatching the phone off me and yelling, "why the fuck did you leave me! Hello! Hello!"

I stepped back cautiously, my hands wringing together since I was nervous, and my eyes were wide with fear.

He then ripped the phone off the wall, angrily. He then smashed it on the ground, yelling his rage. "Fuckin' bitch!" He howled.

I gulped, taking larger and quicker steps, towards the front door. I wanted to run but like always I was frozen to the spot. My feet felt as if I had big cement blocks as shoes.

He turned to me, his face red, and if he were a cartoon, his ears would be steaming.

"Where is she!" He yelled.


"Tell me!" He yelled. He was storming towards me, and it was adding just nicely to this immense pressure I felt already by simply being in his presence.

I just stared at him blankly. I knew where she was, but my brain wouldn't register any thoughts to me. It was like I was so scared my body had now completely shut down.

He grabbed my by the shoulders and shook me roughly, "tell me!"

"No!" I finally screamed.

He pushed me hard, and I fell to the ground. He began kicking me, and I whimpered, trying to crawl away. "Tell me where the fuck she is!" He kept yelling, before kicking me again.

My side hurt and each time he kicked me I thought I would bring up the breakfast I ate that morning. I said nothing though. Just let him do it.


I had packed my things on was on my way leaving. Dad had gone out drinking, I guess he needed a rest after kicking the tar out of me. I didn't know what damage he had done to my sides. Possibly just bruising. But I was too pumped up with the feeling of seeing my mum and being a family, you know?

Before I left my room I went through my draws and made sure I got a nice picture of me and the gang all together. It was pretty worn out, and was taken a few years back, but I cherished it.

When I left the house I didn't look back. What good memories did I have here? I had my mum apologizing and I had me and Ponyboy fooling around on the lounge floor that time he helped me with homework. Sixteen years and they were the only things I could come up with? Good riddance to this house and all the horrible memories it held. Besides, I can build better ones with my mum in our new home.


"Johnny! Johnny! Johnny, will you stop!"

I turned around. Oh, it's only Jade. That girl who lives only a few doors down from me.

"Where are you going? What's in that bag?"

"I'm leaving, going to the train station."

"You are!" Her eyes went wide and she gave me a sad look, "but… but, you can't! What about us?" It was scary how much that sentence reminded me of Ponyboy.

"Huh? There never was a us?"

"I know," she said, looking at the ground and twirling her hair around her finger, "but there could have been." She looked back up at me, "and what if it became really serious? What if we fell so madly in love that you couldn't bare to spend a day without me. And everyday you'll sit by yourself, and cry at night, thinking, 'oh, why did I let that opportunity slip and push her away? If only I made room for her in my life above all else?' What then Johnny?"

She has a very high opinion of herself. "If I do regret leaving you, I'll come back, alright?" I knew, I would never regret leaving her. Hell, I don't even think about her. But telling her that will hopefully make her feel better. I'd hate to make a girl feel bad.

She smiled, "really?"

"Yep," I nodded.

Maybe I was only making this situation worse? Raising her hopes with a possible future between us, and making her wait for the day I would come back, though I never would. And I broke her heart and she lived alone, sitting on her porch for the rest of her life, waiting for the day I came back, and the only company she had was cats. Millions and millions of cats. And she would become the crazy old cat lady.

What's the chances of that happening though? Maybe I'm the one who thinks too highly of himself? Oh well…

A old beat up car drove by towards us slowly, and pulled up next to us. I recognized the driver immediately and grinned, forgetting what he knew.

"Hey, Dal!" I grinned, running up the car, leaving Jade.

He undid the window and stared at me, blinking like a fish out of water.

"Get in," was all he said, in what looked to be disbelief he had said it himself, and did the window back up.

I got in on the passengers side and Dally drove off.


We drove to a fast food place and just sat in the parking lot. I wished we'd get out and buy a burger or somethin' I was starvin'.

"How are you?" He asked. This took me by surprise. When has Dally ever asked me…or anyone in that fact, that question? I noticed he had damp beads of sweat on his forehead. He was nervous. Incredibly nervous, and I had no idea why… till it clicked.

"Dally, about the other night…"

"No!" He said angrily, "we said we would never speak of it again! Johnny, it didn't happen!"

"But it did, Dal. Please talk to me about it, I know it's bothering you."

"It's not bothering me, who told you it was bothering me!" His eye began to twitch.

"Do you hate me?" I asked sadly.

"No, because you did nothing wrong."

"But I…"

"You… did… nothing… wrong."

"Does this mean you accept what I did?"

"No, it just means you did nothing wrong because you didn't do anything."

"Dally, living in denial isn't going to make it go away!" I was getting frustrated. Much like that day in the principals office.

"Nothing happened!" He yelled at me now.

"I had sex with Ponyboy!"

"No you didn't!" He yelled, and then pounded his fists on the steering wheel, "you're not gay, Johnny! You're not a fuckin' homo!"

"I am!"

He then grabbed my collar roughly, and stared at me, his eye still twitching. I winced. It looked like he was going to hit me. I bet he was going to too, till his eyes softened from that hard exterior and he let go of me. "I hate fags."

"I know." I said sadly.

He closed his eyes, and groaned, cussing a few times. I looked down at my lap, "I'm leaving... tonight."

"Why?" He said, sounding bored.

"Mum wants me to live with her. She left. I'm going to the train station in an hour or so."

"Ponyboy going with you?"

"What would make you think that?"

He shrugged.

"No, he's not." I felt my eyes burn, and that familiar twist of my heart come back. "Whatever we had is over now."

"Good," he said bitterly, "it was disgusting and creepin' me out, the thought of you two… you know. Gross, Johnny, what the hell were you thinking!" He opened his eyes and was yelling at me again.

"I know!" My voice squeaked. "I know, okay? I know how wrong it was! But I wouldn't take back what I did, Dal! I wish he would come with me, but he just can't. Life sucks, but that's the way it is."

"The further you are the better," he said, laying his head back, in bored mood again.

"I'm sorry, Dally."

"That doesn't make up for what you guys did. Just because your like a kid brother to me, doesn't mean I'm gonna go all soft on you. If I see you and Ponyboy doing whatever ONLY girls and boys should be doing together, I will have to kick the shit out of you both. Understand?"

I gulped and nodded.


I didn't dare ask Dally for a lift to the train station. I thought I would really be pushing my luck with him, considering he was kind enough not to beat the tar out of me right then and there.

I was going to catch a bus over, but on the way over I noticed how close Ponyboy's house was. And I actually did think about Jade. Not so much her, but what she had said. About all that regrettin' stuff. What if I did go, and regretted leavin' Ponyboy, before we could get really serious? And I would never know how much we could have become?

I walked up the driveway and saw the car was missing. Which meant Darry, and even possibly Sodapop were both at work.

I walked inside his house and breathed in the scent. I'd want to remember the way his house smelt before I left, and hopefully I'll always remember.

I sat my bag on the ground and went over to his room. The door was closed. I knocked on it, "Ponyboy?"

I heard nothing, and knocked again. Still nothing, so I tried opening the door, but it was locked. "Ponyboy!" I yelled, banging harder.

I placed my ear against the door and listened. I heard soft little crys coming from inside. It broke my heart to hear.

"Pony… are you crying?"

"Leave me alone!" I heard him yell.

"Please, open the door," I tried to say, still in a quiet, soothing tone.

"I never wanna see you again!" He yelled, and I heard him crying louder.

I sighed and rested my forehead against the door, my hand gripping at the wood. "Please, just open the door."

"Didn't you hear me! Leave!"

"I am going now Ponyboy. I'm going to the train station."

I heard only silence for a while, and then louder sobs.

"Ponyboy, please come with me," I begged.

"I can't!" He cried.


"What about my brother's, Johnny! It's just crazy!"

"People do crazy things when they're in love…" I hoped those words would get to him. I thought maybe they had when I heard nothing but silence again. I gripped the door, my fingernails trying to dig into the wood.

"I can't…" He said now softer.

"Please!" I hadn't noticed, but I was now crying. "Please!" I begged again, now yelling. "Please, come with me, Ponyboy! Oh god, I need you! Please, Pony, please!"

I kicked the door when I heard nothing, getting frustrated. "Open the door then! Let me see you! I want to at least see your face for one last time."

"Just go, Johnny…" He said quietly.

"No!" I cried, banging on the door with my fists., "please!" I cried, feeling my heartache with pain, and also my sides… probably from the beating I got earlier.

After several more begs and pleas, I heard nothing more from him. He wasn't going to come with me. I wanted to understand. He was making the same decision I was after all. Family over us. But I couldn't. I was angry and upset, and just wanted a hug, or something. I wanted to leave with us on good terms, or with him in my arms. But I knew I wouldn't get either.


I paid for my ticket and was now sitting on some bench, waiting for the train to arrive. This was it. I was leaving. The weather was predictable like always, it began to rain. I think I actually sat there crying. People walked by, and stared at me. At one point an old lady sat beside me and kindly asked me what was wrong. It felt good that she didn't feel intimidated by me, considering I'm a greaser. But then again who would feel threatened of a weeping greaser?

She left after I wouldn't give her a real answer. I just kept shrugging and telling her nothing. I couldn't tell her why I was really crying. But I also just couldn't lie right now. I was hurting, outside and in, but it was Ponyboy I was crying over.

I watched couples go by, holding hands and giggling, and having fun in the rain together. They held hands, hugged and kissed, not bothered by getting all wet. I watched them with envy. They looked so happy, while I felt so miserable. And then there were the families. The mothers and fathers with their kids. Tugging their kids along the platform, telling them to hurry up, because the kids keep jumping in puddles. I felt even worse seeing the families. I wasn't sure why. I bet they've all had precious family moments together. I would have thought seeing a family would make me smile and remind me that could be me and my mum. Having corny moments together that would mean something special to us. But instead the only thing I could think of was Ponyboy. Only Ponyboy.

Then there was the singles. Just standing there with their bags, staring in the distance for that train to arrive, looking over at the time every 5 minutes. Some ranged to early 20's, to late 50's. I would hate to be in my 50's, and be standing at a train station alone. With no one there to say goodbye to me. But maybe they weren't alone. Maybe they were taking the train to see their wives back at home, or meet up finally with their long lost love, that they left behind when they were 16…

The rain was coming down harder, and I think I could see the train arriving now. My clothes were drenched, much like Pony's clothes at the bus stop. I didn't care though. Every now and then I would search with my eyes through all the passengers, hoping one of them was Ponyboy. Like maybe hopefully he changed his mind. At one point I saw a little red head, but it turned out to be some soc guy. That was a real disappointment. That was the deepest fall my heart had to ever make. I took a deep sigh, when the train did come to a steaming halt at the platform. He wasn't coming. He really wasn't going to.

I stood up and searched with my eyes again through the crowd frantically. I knew I was stalling with some small hope. The other passengers can get on before me anyway. Crowds pushed past me and I had to cringe at people crying, saying goodbyes to their loved one getting on the train.

The crowd on the platform was getting less and less. I had stalled for 10 minutes or so, till I was the only one left to get on.

"Sir," a man on the train who was taking tickets, yelled out to me. I turned around. "Are you getting on this train?"

"Yes," I nodded.

"Get on then, we really must be going."

"Just a minute… please," I asked, staring at him with begging eyes. He gave me a disapproving look, checked the time, and then sighed, "I'll put your bag onto the train. When I come back, you better be on, or I'm giving the orders to leave."

I nodded, "thankyou."

He got off the train, grabbed my bag and went back on.

When I turned around, I saw someone out in the distance. My eyes widened. The boy ran up to me, till he became more in focus. It was Ponyboy! He came!

I ran towards him, grinning like a fucking maniac. We skidded to stop and then we just stared at each other. My eyes ran over his wet body, devouring each aspect of him. He was here!

"Hey," Ponyboy grinned at me, "hope I didn't keep you waitin' too long."

"Naw, it was fine," I said, shaking my head, feeling breathless.

I then blinked back to reality and hugged him tightly. My hands gripped at his back, making sure this was real, and I wasn't having some fantasy. He chuckled lightly.

I then pulled back, still holding onto his arms and I grinned, "why are you here! What about…"

He then shrugged, smiling, "people do crazy things when they're in love…"

I grinned.

"Sir?" The man yelled out to me again, "are you getting on now?"

I turned back to him and grinned, "yeah!" I grabbed Ponyboy's hand, and his smile grew. "Off we go then?" I asked. He nodded.

We got onto the train and I put his bag with me. We then sat down, and I was still so giddy with him turning up. "How'd you get here?" I asked.

"I was in my room, crying, when I realized… I really couldn't live without you, Johnny. I knew everyday I would be in my room crying. So I just started packing my bags, grabbed what money I had, and just made a run for the train station. I knew I was gonna make it, but I saw Dally on the way and he gave me a lift here."

"Dally!" I said, confused.

He nodded. I smiled.

While no one was looking, Ponyboy placed his hand on my cheek, and kissed me quickly and briefly. I wanted more, to feel his lips again, but I knew this was too much of a crowded place.

He smiled at me, and sunk into his chair.

"So…" I said, taking a deep breath in, "do your brothers know?"



"I left a note… but lets worry about that later. I know it's selfish, but lets just enjoy this, 'kay?" He took my hand.

I kissed it, and smiled, "yep."

He looked out the window, and commented, "I can't believe it's raining again. How much has it rained this past month?"

I shrugged, "I dunno," I then looked at him and smiled, "I like getting caught in the rain."


IT'S FINISHED! Hopefully that was a happy ending. But obviously there's so much unfinished answers, like how will Darry and Sodapop react? Or even how the social workers will react when they find out Ponyboy's just taken off. Or how Johnny goes living with his mum. So obviously there has to be a sequel. So stay tuned for that I guess, If you liked this story.

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