"Chii Annihilates"

Shinbo walked into his apartment sat on his bed stretched and yawned

Then there was a knock on the door

"Who's there?" said Shinbo but there wasn't an answer so he got up walked up to the door and opened it.

Standing in front of him was Hideki's Personcon Chii and she was holding a shotgun,

Shinbo rubbed the sleep out of his eyes to see if he was seeing things.

"To be or not be annihilated," said Chii filling Shinto full of lead.

-24 hrs earlier-

"Lets rent a Movie" said Hideki

"One of these" said Chii holding up one of Hideki's Dirty movies

"NO not one of those" said Hideki in a panicking and hiding the movie like someone would pop out of nowhere like Shinbo or his land lady Miss Hibiya.

"Come with me to the video store Chii" said Hideki.

When they got the video it was busy most of the comedies where gone he would have likes to teach Chii about humor but he had to settle for a good old fashion action flicks instead.

After watching several hour of movies Hideki felt tired so he went to bed.

Chii just stared at the cover of the movie it had a girl holding what Hideki called a gun.

Chii head a voice in her head

Are you the one for me and only for me said the voice.

Chii looked down at Hideki and then stood up walked to the kitchen and picked up a butchers knife went to the front door and walked out

Chii walked down the hall way and went to Hibiya apartment and knocked on the door

No one answer so Chii opened the front door and went in there lay Hibiya sleeping

So Chii walked up to beside Hibiya bed and stood there not even making a noise.

For several hour went by until Hibiya woke suddenly.

"Oh its you miss Chii you startled me is there something wrong" said Hibiya

Chii pulls out the knife and hands it to Hibiya and says here knife Hideki barrowed.

Hibiya takes the knife walked over to kitchen putting the knife in the sink and turn around and Chii wasn't there.

This is odd I didn't hear Chii move thought Miss Hibiya.

Suddenly a sound came from behind he she turned to see Chii holding bow and arrow.

Chii fires the arrow into Miss Hibiya gut knocking her flat on her back.

"Why are you doing this Chii" asked Miss Hibiya. Struggling towards the doors

Chii fire two more arrow into Miss Hibiya's legs.

Chii then pulled a hand grenade out of her pocket and pulled out the pin and dropped it on her as she out the door.

Chii turned and watched as the room exploded and Miss Hibiya flaming head rolled into the hallway.

To be Continued

Who will be next?