Passion of Oneself: Stolen Soul

Episode 30

"The Big Battle, Part III"

(Stolen Soul Series Finale!)

Rated: PG

Notes: This episode and future episodes will appear to be much darker! This is the last episode of Series II! This will have some flashbacks to previous episodes! This story will be seen through the eyes of Constance (Princess Conformity)! Enjoy!

By: (The Crystal Knight)

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November 02, 1999

November 02,1999 will be the day that I thought would never happen!
However, it did. It all happened earlier this year when this villain named the Soul Master, needed her soul for some reason, but we didn't know why. But, my sister has had her share of troubles. I was one of them!


"Princess Conformity!"

Princess Conformity announced. She was a fairly pretty girl. She had lavender colored hair in Odango's with pony tails from each one. Her dress was white with red accents. Even the bow in the back of her dress was also red. Her eyes were blue. She stood 5'2" tall.
She looked very mean and angry. Then she spoke up.

"I will destroy this world! Blood Moon Power! Make Up!"

She spoke up and then said the words for her transformation.
A red crystal came out of nowhere and transformed her. When it was over, there stood the same girl, but a little different.
Her sailor outfit was mostly red. Her skirt and boots were red.
Her sailor top was also red. Her choker was red, but it had a heart with a yellow crescent moon under it. The heart was red. The bands on her gloves by her hands were also red. And at the end of the gloves were also in red. She had a very long staff like Sailor Pluto's. Her staff had the colors of red, yellow, and gray on it. her wings were also gray. Her earrings were stars on her ears with yellow crescent moons coming down. The star earrings were also red. Overall, she looked very mean.

"Who are you?"

Super Sailor Earth asked.

"Who am I? Let's see... I am your worst nightmare!"

Super Sailor Blood Moon told Super Sailor Earth and she fired her staff at the Sailor Senshi.

"Why are you doing this?"

Super Sailor Mercury asked.


Super Sailor Blood Moon asked and then she continued.

"Because, I am evil! I am Sailor Blood Moon!"

She announced.

"Stop! Can't we work this out?"

Super Sailor Venus asked.

"Work it out? You got to be kidding! Take this!"

She replied and then fired her staff again!

"We can work this out!"

Super Sailor Mercury told her.

"Bah! Work it out! Later losers!"

She told them and Super Sailor Blood Moon vanished from their sight.

End Flashback

And that's how I came into the modern world. It took a hero to turn me around to the good side!


"Sister, you are out of your mind!"

Super Sailor Blood Moon replied.

"So be it!"

Cosmos Sailor Moon stated.

"Take this!"

Super Sailor Blood Moon fired her staff at Cosmos Sailor Moon.
Cosmos Sailor Moon fell to the ground.

"See, I will destroy you!"

Super Sailor Blood Moon stated.

"I don't think so! Cosmos Wave Encircle!"

Cosmos Sailor Moon got up from the ground and used her staff. Super Sailor Blood Moon fell to the ground.

"I don't get it why you continue to be this way?"

Cosmos Sailor Moon stated.

"Because, I am evil! That's why."

Super Sailor Blood Moon answered.

"You weren't mean to be evil!"

Cosmos Sailor Moon stated.

"Then die! GO TO HELL!"

Super Sailor Blood Moon yelled as she was going to strike, but she couldn't do it. Cosmos Sailor Moon looked surprised. She thought she was safe, but Super Sailor Blood Moon blasted her anyway.
Cosmos Sailor Moon fell back to the ground.


Cosmos Sailor Moon stated.

"This is the end! DIE!"

Super Sailor Blood Moon stated as she about to make another attack.
Then Cosmos Sailor Moon used her weapon and knocked Super Sailor Blood Moon's weapons out of her hands and Super Sailor Blood Moon fell to the ground. Cosmos Sailor Moon retransformed back into Princess Serenity. Super Sailor Blood Moon was also retransformed.
Then Princess Conformity got up and grabbed her evil sword and planned on striking her sister. Her sister spoke.

"Conformity, if you are going to kill me then do it! KILL! I won't stand it to see my loved one go on a rampage and hurt her own sister! So if it appeases your anger, then KILL ME!"

Princess Serenity yelled. Princess Conformity was stunned. She collapsed to the ground and her tears fell on the evil sword making it vanish forever. Her tears fell on her crystal the Red Crystal.
Her tears purified it.

"I am sorry, I never meant the evil caused to you. I had been under a tremendous spell! Forgive me!"

Princess Conformity begged.

"Of course! Please be happy and stand up with me sister!"

Princess Serenity smiled as she helped Princess Conformity up on her feet.

"Minna, be friend her and forgive her, okay?"

Princess Serenity asked.


Everyone agreed. Then Lord Fluorite and Lady Sphalerite appeared.

"Let's turn our powers on them!"

Princess Serenity stated.


Princess Conformity replied.

"Red Moon Power!"

"Cosmos Moon Power!"

"Make Up!"

The two daughters of Queen Serenity cried together and transformed.

End Flashback

And that's how I became good. What? How did I meet Prince Nicolas?
Well, it happened this way...


They came to the end of the line and saw Nicolas Fisk.
A prince from Norway, a tall man with blond hair with a slight build.
He had blue eyes and he stood 5'11" tall.

"So Nicolas Fisk. What country are you from and what do you do?"

Conformity asked.

"I am a sportsman. My name is Nicolas Fisk. I am a prince of Norway.
I am the second in line. My brother Johan is first in line for the throne. I have been trained to participate in social events, crises,
government, and how to treat a princess with respect."

Nicolas Fisk replied.

"I like what you have said."

Princess Conformity spoke in a pleased tone.

"Oh good."

Nicolas replied.

"So do you know why I selected you Prince Nicolas?"

Conformity asked.

"No, why?"

He replied.

"See, I don't have a betrothed. I need one. Not only that, but a boyfriend too. I hope you will be pleased with me."

Conformity told him.

"Oh, I am!"

Nicolas replied.

"Good. I should tell you about my past."

Conformity told him. Then she explained her past to him. He understood perfectly about what had happened and how she felt.

"Well, all that matters now is that all is well and that you're happy. Right?"

Nicolas asked.

"Yes. I like you! Come on! You can meet our friends back on Earth!"

End Flashback

Now, how did I become Sailor Moon? I'll tell you! It happened this way...


"Well look we have here! Princess Conformity herself."

Sailor Blood Moon spoke.

"I will defeat you!"

Princess Conformity stated.

"Let's see what you got!"

Sailor Blood Moon stated.

"I will! Red Moon Power, Make Up!"

Princess Conformity agreed and transformed into Sailor Red Moon.

"Well, you look familiar. Ah know, it's just like my costume! It's red! It's still stained with the blood of those innocents that you have killed back then!"

Sailor Blood Moon stated.

"I will make everything right again!"

Sailor Red Moon stated.

"Really? HA! Don't make me laugh! Here! Feel some of my powers!"

Sailor Blood Moon told her counter part and sent a wave of energy at Sailor Red Moon. Sailor Red Moon fell to the ground. Sailor Red Moon struggled to get back on her feet. Finally she was up and started running towards Sailor Blood Moon.


Sailor Red Moon as she started using her staff like a sword. Sailor Blood did the same in blocking and then attacking again. Sailor Red Moon would block it again. Finally, Sailor Blood Moon knocked Sailor Red Moon to the ground.

"I won't be defeated by you! I will make a vow today. I will defeat you once and for all!"

Sailor Red Moon stated. Usagi wanted to help her sister, but Mamoru and Prince Nicolas stopped her.

"No, Usagi! It's best that your sister fight her own battle. This is a personal battle to rid of the worst evil. Just pray that she'll be successful."

Prince Nicolas. Usagi looked defeated, but replied,


Usagi replied. Sailor Red Moon used every ounce of energy to try to get up and muster every last ounce of strength. She spoke.

"Princess Mia, please forgive of my evil ways that I did back then!
Please give me the redemption and strength that I need to beat Sailor Blood Moon!"

Sailor Red Moon spoke as she yelled.


Sailor Red Moon yelled as a white light overtook her and she was enclosed with white light. Her costume turned totally white. Her staff turned into a thin long sword which was also white. It obviously was made of silver. Everyone was stunned. Then Sailor Red Moon spoke once again,

"See Sailor Blood Moon, it is not possible for Sailor Red Moon to defeat you, but it possible for Sailor White Moon to do so!
YES! I am now Sailor White Moon! I have received redemption!
So, evil be gone! Silver Sword Power Up!"

Sailor White Moon told Sailor Blood Moon. Then Sailor White Moon continued again,

"Silver Sword Eliminate!"

Sailor White Moon cried as she hurled the sword at Sailor Blood Moon. Sailor Blood Moon cried the most awful cry. Her costume disappeared as well as her flesh. All was left was the skeleton.
The skeleton turned to dust. Everyone cheered. Kids ran up to Sailor White Moon.

"You look so pretty!"

A kid cheered.


Sailor White Moon thanked the kid. Usagi went to her sister.

"Sis, congrats on your victory!"

Usagi congratulated her.

"Thanks! It's a new beginning for me. Now I have been redeemed.
I am now Sailor White Moon and can use the second most powerful sword in the universe!"

Sailor White Moon replied.

End Flashback

Now you know pretty much what had happened to me and how I got here today. I was made unofficial leader after the capture of my sister's soul was taken captive. How did the Soul Crystals get in the hands of the Sailor Senshi? I'll tell you what happened. The Soul Master had brainwashed my sister and caused my sister to kill each of the Soul Senshi, except Sailor Hope!
My sister finally broke free with the help of the Great Viking.
Now we are in the greatest battle of our lives...

Now Sailor Hope was willing to sacrifice herself for the greater good, so the Senshi could defeat the Soul Master.

"Go ahead and take my life."

Sailor Hope told the Soul Master.

"Very well."

The Soul Master agreed. Super Sailor Mercury got in front of Sailor Hope.

"If you protect me, you won't be able to defeat the Soul Master."

I heard Sailor Hope tell Mercury. Sailor Mercury stepped aside.

"Go head. Kill me!"

Sailor Hope told her. The Soul Master came up to Sailor Hope and stabbed her with his staff. Sailor Hope made a scream.


Sailor Hope screamed as she fell into Super Sailor Mercury's arms. Sailor Hope's transformation broke!

"Thank you Ami-Chan! Thank you for trying to protect me! But you need my crystal to defeat him."

Sailor Hope whispered to Super Sailor Mercury.

"Thank you for believing in me!"

Super Sailor Mercury told Sailor Hope.

"I am glad I met you! You're as gentle as water. Goodbye..."

Sailor Hope told her. Sailor Hope died and turned into blue particles of light! One lone blue light particle came down and crystallized in Super Sailor Mercury's hands!

"Take my Hope Crystal! It's yours! You have earned it!"

The voice over of Sailor Hope told her.


Sailor Mercury thanked Sailor Hope as she stood up.


Silver Millennium Sailor Moon spoke. Then she retransformed and collapsed to the ground.


Everyone called out to her as Usagi fell. She was caught by Super Sailor Mars!

"Usagi... what's happening?"

Super Sailor Mars asked.

"With Sailor Hope sacrificed her life, I cannot remain alive anymore. I am almost gone..."

Usagi told them. She stopped to take a deep breath.

"You can't die! We need you!"

Super Sailor Venus begged her.

"I am truly sorry for have burdened you all! Go! There's no time for tears! The Soul Master must be defeated, before the Earth is doomed! Conformity, I give you the role of leadership of my team! Lead them to victory! Minna, work as a team and stay unified or all is lost if you don't if you don't defeat the Soul Master..."

Usagi spoke some more. Then she stopped to take another breath.
Then she spoke again.

"Mamo-san, I am sorry I can't be with you anymore... don't kill yourself for my behalf... remain living and help the Earth on my behalf! Minna, I love you! I have one last request..."

Usagi told them.

"What is your last request?"

Super Sailor Mars asked.

"Tell... my... my family... I love... them..."

Usagi told them. Then she closed her eyes and quietly passed away.
Mercury checked for Usagi's pulse. She got none.

"I am sorry, Usagi is dead."

Super Sailor Mercury told them. Super Sailor Mars embraced Usagi's dead body and wept.

"No... this can't be true, it can't!"

Super Sailor Mars spoke in a sorrowful tone. The Emissary appeared!

"Minna! Usagi will always be in your hearts! You must remember that Usagi's very own soul was damaged by the Soul Master and with the Soul Senshi gone, Usagi could not have remained alive! Now, this is no time for tears or sorrows! Rise and be proud that you're Sailor Senshi!"

The Emissary told them and vanished. The Spirit of Sailor Life appeared.

"Minna, those crystals we entrusted you with, has the power to defeat the Soul Master. Now you must release their power with a good memory of your deceased princess!"

Sailor Life told them and vanished.

"Watch me sister! I'll make you proud!"

I told my deceased sister as I stood up.

"We will be victorious!"

Super Sailor Mars told the dead body of her friend. She gently laid Usagi's head on the ground as she stood up. I went first in thinking of a good memory of my sister!


"Sister, I am glad that you beat Sailor Blood Moon!"

Usagi spoke to her sister.


Constance replied.

End Flashback

"Onesan! Life Crystal Power Up!"

Sailor White Moon thought and then powered up her life crystal!


Super Sailor Venus speaks as she thinks back.


"You're Sailor V-Chan, right?"

Usagi asked.

"Yep! In the flesh!"

Minako replied.


Usagi spoke with dreamy eyes!

End Flashback

"Usagi! Light Crystal! Power Up!"

Super Sailor Venus thought and she power up her crystal!


Super Sailor Jupiter spoke in a sad tone as she remembered something.


"WOW! I love the food that you made!"

Usagi spoke with dreamy eyes.

"You're not afraid of me?"

Makoto asked.

"HUH! Why should I be?"

Usagi answered a question with a question.

End Flashback


Super Sailor Jupiter yelled.

"Usagi... I miss you..."

Super Sailor Mars called out as she thought back...


"Usagi, you granted my birthday wish!"

Rei replied in a weak voice.

"I didn't understand what you said until a moment ago."

Cosmos Sailor Moon answered.

"Thank you Usagi! Now to you Pyromaniac! No one possesses my own body and gets away with it! Mars Crystal Power! Make Up!"

End Flashback

"Usagi-Chan! Thank you! PURITY CRYSTAL! POWER UP!"

Super Sailor Mars powered up her crystal!


Tuxedo Kamen spoke as he thought back.


"Tuxedo Kamen-sama, you rescued me again!"

Sailor Moon spoke up as he rescued her.

"I am always at your service."

He replied.

End Flashback


Tuxedo Kamen called out. His crystal powered up.


Super Sailor Mercury thought back...


Ami was on the beach and reading a textbook. Usagi took the book away and spoke.

"There's a time for study and a time for play. This isn't the time for you to be studying!"

Usagi told her.

"You're right! Let's play!"

Ami replied.

End Flashback

"Usagi... I'm sorry... HOPE CRYSTAL! POWER UP!"

Super Sailor Mercury powered up her crystal.

"For Usagi!"

I spoke.


The Inner Senshi called out as the power was being released.
The spirits of the Soul Senshi appeared as the powers were sent as a huge beam and attacked the Soul Master head on! The Soul Master turned into dust! The dust blew away! Then the powers of the Soul Senshi destroyed the spaceship of the Soul Master! Then the powers of the Soul Senshi vanished.
Then the sky returned to normal. Then the Sailor Senshi retransformed back into their civilian forms. Constance transformed into princess Conformity! Princess Conformity went over to her dead sister and picked her up in her arms and carried her. The townspeople watched them. A little girl spoke to her mother.

"Is Sailor Moon dead?"

The girl asked.

"I am afraid so sweetheart."

The mother replied as she lost one of her own!

Princess Conformity and the Sailor Senshi made their long trek to the Hikawa Shrine. Luna and Artemis met them.

"Tell me that Usagi is just asleep."

Luna spoke in a desperate tone.

"I am sorry Luna, Usagi is no longer alive."

Princess Conformity replied in a sad tone. The Sailor Senshi went inside. Princess Conformity laid her dead sister on the couch while Rei went to call Usagi's parents. Rei dialed the number for Usagi's house.
The phone rang.


Ikuko answered.

"This is Rei Hino, Usagi's friend! I need you to come to the Hikawa Shrine immediately!"

Rei urged them.

"Okay. We are on our way."

Ikuko answered as she hung up the phone. Moments later the Tsukino's arrived there and went in where Usagi was laying.
The Outer Senshi blocked Usagi's dead body!

"What's going on?"

Ikuko asked.

"I'm am truly sorry..."

Rei spoke in a sad voice.

"Why are you so sad?"

Ikuko asked. The Outer Senshi moved out of the way where the Tsukino family could see Usagi's body. Ikuko noticed that Usagi's body no longer moved and that she was not breathing.

"What's going on?"

Kenji asked. Princess Conformity spoke.

"My sister and your daughter... Usagi has died!"

Princess Conformity spoke in a sad tone.

"I see... I knew it would come."

Ikuko spoke in a soft despairing tone.

Rei put her hand on Ikuko's shoulder.

"She needs to buried. You can call the funeral home to have them pick up the body. Mamoru and I can pick out something nice for Usagi to wear."

Rei spoke to her.


Ikuko responded quietly.

Days later...

The funeral came and went. Usagi was in a white dress which Mamoru and the others pooled their money so that Usagi could be buried with something beautiful on her. Her ponytails were laid over the front part of her body and her brooch were in her hands, which were laid across her body. Her body looked like she was just asleep. Each of the Senshi placed a single red rose in Usagi's coffin. Mamoru put a whole dozen roses in there! After the funeral, the Senshi were sitting at the Hikawa Shrine when a white flash occurred!

"What's going on?"

Constance asked. The spirit of Usagi appeared.

"Hello everyone, I wanted to say goodbye properly."

The spirit of Usagi spoke as set her feet on the ground.


They cried.

"Thank you for everything! Because you defeated the Soul Master, my spirit was free again! And the Soul Senshi is also with me!"

Usagi spoke as the Soul Senshi appeared. Usagi spoke again.

"The Soul Senshi had to die so you could defeat the Soul Master and so my spirit could find its way to heaven!"

Usagi answered.

"She'll always be with us... We'll look after her."

Sailor Life told them.

"The love that you share between you... embraces you!"

Usagi spoke to them. Angels in the sky appeared along with a long stairway that led to heaven!

"Usagi, they are waiting for you."

Ami told her.

"We'll take care of her. Princess it's time to go."

Sailor Life told her.


Usagi's spirit told them and turned around and started walking up the stairway with the Soul Senshi leading her towards heaven. Then the stairway and then angels vanished! Usagi's spirit and the spirits of the Soul Senshi were also gone.
Constance stood up.

"Thank you Onechan!"

Constance thanked her.

Two years later...

I visit my sister's grave often. I remember the good times I had with her and I'll never forget how she believed in me.
Who am I? I am Constance Tsukino. I am also Sailor White Moon and Princess Conformity! I have a special gift... the ability to save the world... or is it my curse? Anyway.
the struggle and conflict that my sister endured I cannot forget. This was my story on how I lost my sister to the Soul Master and how her soul was freed to dwell in heaven!


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