Scene: Gerudo Fortress

Ganson and Ventra are in a room together, with Ganondorf and Link spying on them.

Ventra: So you're the leader of the Gerudos?

Ganson: Yes, I am, Princess Ventra.

Ventra: Well then, this is perfect.

The two kiss, but don't stop

Director: CUT! Get a room, you two!

Ganson: We are in a room.

Director: I'm not paid enough for this…

Scene: Gerudo Valley Bridge

Link catches Ganondorf's arm, but his hand slips and he drops Ganondorf. A loud thud is heard after Ganondorf falls about six feet.

Ganondorf: Ow!

Link: Sorry!

Director: CUT! Link, get a grip! Literally!

Ganondorf: Thank Din for computer generated effects!

Scene: Desert Oasis

Link and Ganondorf had just defeated the giant Octorok. Link collapses onto his knees and cries out in pain. Ganondorf goes over to him.

Ganondorf: What the heck is your problem?

Link: My….lines! I forgot them!

Ganondorf laughs.

Director: CUT!

Scene: Second Desert Oasis

Link is up in the air, bound by vines. Ganondorf starts fighting the other tentacles.

Director: Cut!

Ganondorf: What's your problem now? Did I not parry enough or something!

Director: Phone call. It's for you.

Ganondorf: Oh.

Ganondorf walks off the set to take the phone call. Link is still in the vines.

Link: Uh, hello? Yeah, I'm kind of still up here? Can someone get me down? Somebody? Anybody…? sigh I'm hungry.

Director: Why couldn't the guy call during the scene Link's gagged in?

Scene: Castaro Forest

Take one:

Zelda slaps Link

Link: You hit like a girl.

Zelda shoves him down and starts stomping on him.

Zelda: Do I hit like a girl now?

Link: cough no..!

Director: CUT!

Take two:

Zelda slaps Link

Link: What did I do?

Zelda: Ganondorf's our greatest emeny…enemeny…ENEMY! Ugh!

Director: Cut!

Link: Do I have to get slapped again?

Director: Yes.

Link: Aw, man!

Scene: Castaro Castle

Take one

Majora: Link…I am your father.

Link starts laughing really hard.

Director: Cut!

Take two:

Majora: Link…I am your father.

Link laughs again.

Link: I'm sorry, I can't help it!

Director: CUT!

Take three:

Majora: Link…will you stop laughing?

Link is still laughing really hard

Majora: I can't work like this!

Majora storms off to his trailer

Link: Woo…I need a break.

Scene: Still Castaro Castle

Ganondorf is hugging a crying Link, trying to calm him down. Link then starts laughing.

Ganondorf: Link, you idiot! You're supposed to be crying, not laughing!

Director: CUT!

Link: Sorry! That last scene's still getting to me!

Scene: Castle Roof

Take one:

Ganondorf: Relax, Old Man. I'm going back right about…now!

Ganondorf then punched Link, but then Link collapsed. Ganson and the king forget to catch him.

Director: CUT!

Take two:

Ganondorf punches Link, but Link lets out a gasp and falls over onto his side.

Link: Too…low…!

Director: CUT! That's it, I quit!