Author's Notes- My first Joan of Arcadia fanfic, enjoy. I don't own any of them, except for this story, send comments to Anything in italics is a dream or memory.

Summary: What if there was a reason that God showed up in the Cute Boy God form to Joan?

Charleston, North Carolina

October 31, 1861

The Braddock Mansion

The party was in full swing when Kris Spencer approached the home of his secret Joan Braddock. Their love affair was kept a secret because Joan's father didn't approve of him and because Kris was a member of the Union Army.

Kris was wearing a tux with a ruffled shirt and a silver half mask, his curly brown hair framing it. Kris quickly adjusted the mask to hide his face, knocked on the door and was admitted to the party with the invitation Joan had given him. Kris walked into the ballroom and looked for Joan, spotting her dress in the sea of people dancing.

Joan's hair was pulled atop her head, hanging down in ringlets and her costume was a dress made of black and silver velvet with white lace trimming the square-cut bodice and cuffs of her sleeves. Her mask was that of a cat, silver with black accents, held in place with black silk ribbons There were a few strands of pearls lacing through her hair and around her throat was a heart shaped pendent of amesyst, a symbol of Kris's love for her.

The dance soon ended and Joan came over to him.

"Hello Miss Braddock. Would you grace a mere mortal with the honor of a dance?" Kris asked, holding out his hand.

Joan smiled at this. "But of course sir." She replied, taking his hand.

Kris pulled her onto the center of the dance floor, one hand holding hers, the other wrapped gently at her waist. The two danced, their heads bent towards each other talking softly.

"I wasn't sure you'd make it."

"Nothing would stop me from seeing you, Joan, you know that."

"Still, I worry about you. Especially with the war happening."

Kris smiled. "I'll be fine, then we can be together like we planed." His eyes lingered on the pendent; it also doubled as Joan's engagement ring. He saw a look cross Joan's face and asked what was wrong.

"My father wants me to marry Adam Rove. I told him I was already engaged to another and when he found it was you, he because furious."

Kris sighed softly. "Did he say anything else?"

"He's forcing me to marry Adam and to never see you again. We're to be married after Adam gets back from the war."

Kris tightened his grip and Joan's waist, eyes flashing slightly.


"I'm fine love, just thinking."

The two kept dancing and Kris pulled Joan close whispering, "Do you love me Joan?" before kissing her.

The kiss felt like molten lava and Joan nipped lightly at his lips when he was ripped away.

'You How did you get in/' Joan's father demanded, turning Kris to face him.

"Papa, stop!" Joan cried out, trying to pull Kris away.

"Stay out of this Joan." Jonathan Braddock replied and began pulling Kris away from her. "I want you out Spencer and stay away from my daughter."

Joan followed, "Kris, Kris wait!"

Kris pulled against Jonathan calling back to her. "Joan! Wait for me, I'll come back. I promise!" he shouted as they pulled him out of the ballroom and down the hall.

Joan Girardi bolted up in bed, breathing hard, hands shaking, with the man's cries still ringing in her head. "What was that?" she whispered. Joan looked at the clock next to her bed, 6am. Joan flopped back down in bed, staring up at the ceiling, confusion in her eyes. After a while Joan got up and got ready for school.

"Joan!" she heard on the way.

Turning around she saw God in his Cute Boy form and flinched in surprise. He saw this and asked if she was okay.

"I'm… fine." She said, staring at him. "Looks just like him." She thought "What did you want?"

"Nothing, just wanted to walk with you to school."

"That's a first; normally you want me to do something."

"What, is it against the rules to escort my favorite instrument to school?"

"You should know, you made them, and I'm your only instrument." Joan replied.

God smirked at that and the two continued in silence.

Later in class Joan was sitting in her seat, half dozing, half paying attention to her teacher prattle on about something when the guy's face flashed through her mind along with the words "Do you love me Joan?" that echoed and rebounded in her mind. Joan gave a dreamy smile and yipped slightly when the bell rang. "Who is he?" she wondered.