Author: Molossus

Rating: PG overall

Archive: Anywhere, just let me know so that I can do the Snoopy dance.

Summary: A small tale wherein we explore the circumstances and events surrounding the disappearance of Miss Kitty Fantastico. Spike/Dawn friendship.

Disclaimer: Joss Whedon and ME own the universe that Spike adorns. I just worship there.

Note: I want to thank my beta Jenny for helping me work the snarls out of the twisted braid I have woven here. My muse wouldn't know what to do without her. Any mistakes are mine, she probably told me to take them out and I was too stubborn to do it.



The widely held belief is that Miss Kitty Fantastico is dead. Not surprising since even her most nearest and dearest believe it to be so and have widely lamented the fact. In truth, she now lives a life of ease despite her humiliation at bearing the current name of Stripe. Her desperation to leave the vicinity of the Hellmouth, despite her affection for those worthies Miss Willow Rosenberg and Miss Tara MacClay, can better be understood if one has knowledge of the players and the setting in which her drama played out.

Miss Rosenberg and Miss MacClay had little to do with the climax of Miss Kitty's adventure, being more involved in its beginning. Maintaining co-custody after rescuing the infant Miss Kitty from the clutches of the Humane society, they provided ample bosoms to be pressed to, and kisses and the other necessities that make life especially worth living. Unfortunately, as relationships often do, the fabric of theirs began to fray. As they grew further and further apart Miss Kitty fell through the weave, not abandoned but frequently overlooked and neglected.

More and more often in these lonely and desolate days she began finding a companion in one Miss Dawn Summers, a key actor in this play. Miss Dawn was at that time of life when she was beginning to unfold like a flower but as is often the case with youth, her development was irregular. While at one moment she was grace and perception, at the very next she was the personification of clumsy and dim-witted. To be colloquial, young Dawn was a spaz with two left feet. Nonetheless she held dear to her budding breast a burning desire to be held capable of adult responsibilities for which she was in no way competent. This yearning held the seed of Miss Kitty's disaster, and the seed was watered by the unwitting disregard she was given by the adults that surrounded her.

As the day of Miss Kitty's downfall approached, events were set in motion by one Mr. Spike of Restfield cemetery. The main protagonist in our tale, Mr. Spike was, in many ways like Miss Dawn, also victim to a period of growth, not physical but mental and moral. His evolution was an unexpected occurrence that often left him stumbling and reaching to grasp at dreams that melted away at his merest touch. This, if not the most important, is the most amazing element of our tale, for Mr. Spike was a vampire - a breed not given to growth in matters other than bloodshed and mayhem. Unlike Miss Dawn who was yet growing into her competence, Mr. Spike was abandoning his field of proficiency and attempting to learn new skills. Like Miss Dawn, he was held in disregard and was given no assistance, no teaching, no commendations by which he could measure his progress. Uncertain and often misled, Spike would begin his course with the most noble of intentions. Once committed to action however he lacked the concepts that would allow him to surmount obstacles in a way consistent with the morality he now wished to pursue. Trapped in such a situation, he would fall back into the competencies that had served him well during his evil past - cheating, lying, theft and where possible, violence - hoping that the ends would justify the means. Alas, seldom is such the case, and thus was Mr. Spike the unwitting means by which Miss Kitty Fantastico was given a new life.

Before we further remove the concealing curtain, we must warn that while Miss Kitty flourishes amongst the love of new companions, a cat did indeed die this day. Although young and fluffy and to all outward appearances, healthy this unfortunate creature was the possessor of an enlarged and feeble heart. Her departure from this veil was inevitable and although it was perhaps hastened by the events of the day, it was in no way caused by it. The poor kitten was unremarkable except that in appearance she bore a resemblance to our very own Miss Kitty Fantastico.

If our readers have not been discouraged by this sad digression from the throughline of our story then we shall proceed to the middle of the tale.