My first attempt to write a Cats-fic... I hope it all ends well. Please Read & Review, and feel free to correct me If I make mistakes, I'm not english-speaker.

Disclaimer: I don't own Cats. I wish I did. I would have the Jellicle Junkyard in my room.

Well, here it goes... That's how all began...

It had been wonderful. The best night in her life. She had seen her favourite musical acompannied by her two best friends.

"Cats", of course, she thought was the best musical ever. It was all so marvelous, the make-up, the music, the choreographies, the characters...

But that night, she brought something rather special from the Junkyard. A thread of wool from Old Deuteronomy's suit. It may seem something stupid, but it meant a lot for her.

So as not to forget anything that happened that night, she thought of sleeping with the thread of wool under her pillow, and try to have a dream related with "Cats", as she had had the previous nights.

Anneliesse lived alone, in an attic in a center street of London. Her only companion was her pet, Bruno, a black guinea pig. Her group of friends thought of her as a fine girl, although they couldn't help but noticing her obsession with "Cats". Well, her obsession and also the obsession of a good friend of her, Chelsea, that along with Anneliesse formed the couple of girls who most loved the musical you could have met. The only one who seemed to understand them was their friend Jake. He also loved musicals very much and was the third person who went with them to the show that night.

And that way she slept, with the moonlight softly going through her room's window, listening to the Cats cd, the piece of wool under the pillow, and thinking: "I would give anything if I could be one of them".

But that night she didn't sleep as well as she would have liked to. Anneliese didn't have a dream of Cats, in fact, she didn't dream of anything. All were weird visions: some sort of cats' eyes followed her throughout the whole night. She also heard voices whispering in front of her, behind her, on her left, on her right... And she had some rare feelings: The girl felt cold, while it was a hot summer night, and suddenly it changed into hot air, running heavily through her room, then it changed again to cold... She couldn't stop twirling and moving in her bed, nervous, scared... Anneliese could see in her dream that she returned to the theatre where she had been the night before, and she ran across the stage and between the seats, that were completely empty...

And then, she suddenly woke up. The sun was shinging brightly, and the light entered through the window, lighting the room.

She rubbed her eyes and she felt something quite weird... Her skin was no longer smooth and light, it was... Rough and white...

Astonished, she looked carefully at her hands and arms, covered in a soft fur, white, orange and black.

"What the hell is this?"

She ran towards the bathroom to see her reflection in the mirror.

She nearly fainted.

In the mirror, giving her back a scared and amazed gaze, there was... A Jellicle!

Fit, tall and white body, all covered with soft fur and orange and black stripes, and paws where once were hands and feet. Soft pointed ears beneath orange and black hair, thin whiskers and black nose.

"Oh my..."

She walked closer to the mirror, to see her face, now with beautiful feline marks.

"No, this can't be true..."

She stepped backwards, and entered her room. She looked her guinea pig's cage and thought of a delicious breakfast...

"Now stop thinking that!" She said to herself.

She jumped to her bed and put the blind down... Until she was in commpletely darkness. But in spite of the lack of light, she still could see the bedside table, the wardrobe, the door...

"I can't believe this is happening to me!"

She sit on her bed, and then felt it... She had sit on something!


She stood up as if she had received an electricity charge, and she noticed... Looked at her back...

"No, please..."

She had a tail, smooth and long, at the bottom of her back.

"Great. Now what am I suppossed to do?"

She went down her bed and put down all the blinds of her flat, she didn't want any glass-cleaner to see her that way. She also closed her room's door to protect her guinea pig from her and from the hunger she felt.

"Well, Anneliesse..." She said to herself, "This can't be more than a silly nightmare..."

But now, saying her name didn't make her feel relaxed... In fact, she didn't recognise it as her name: Now only one name was in her mind to define herself: Rumpelteazer...

"What am I going to do now? Who can I call? They'll think I'm a beast... But no... I'm not.." She said "This can't be real, it just can't"

She walked towards the kitchen, and took the milk from the fridge. She put the milk in a blue bowl and drank it all. After that, the jellicle went to the living room, completely dark as the rest of the house... She sat on the couch with a pillow and she started thinking...