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Aka Koi

Kakashi watched his former students wander off. All had finally achieved chuunin. Yet, they still thought of his as their sensei, even though they were no longer under his command. Kakashi began to wonder briefly about the changes that had occurred.

Sasuke was the only one who didn't change his clothes after becoming chuunin. He only wore the dark green vest over his usual clothes. His cold nature was still there. However, for those he deemed fit, there was a softer side. Not by much though. He still harbored a great anger towards his brother, but by being forced to spend time recovering from his cursed mark with Uzumaki Yoko by the Hokage, it seemed like that had gone down. Yoko seemed cold and harsh whenever he let himself drift too close to the darkness. She and Tsunade had thought it best for him to do a great deal of spiritual healing. Because of that, he was able to slowly move on with his life. He started to spend more time with Sakura.

Sakura had seemed to change a great deal. Gone were the red dresses and relying on others. She wore dark red pants that were alittle longer than her knees. She wore a soft white button up tank top that exposed her mid drift. Black wrist bands and her shinobi sandals finished off the outfit. She had opted not to wear her chuunin vest. Her forehead protect was still used to hold back her hair, which was an inch or two longer than her chin. Her body had become sleek and slightly muscular. Setsuko had excelled in genjutsu, she often spent time with Tenshi when she had problems with that. She and Ino had ended their foolish rivalry, as Ino had decided to hook up with a lazy genius.

Then there was the precious fox child. For the most part, the fox was gone. Oh, it wasn't completely absorbed, but a great deal had been. Another year or so and it would be gone. He could call on the power without asking now. His appearance hadn't been changed too much. He had grown a several inches but nothing else. Except his eyes. It seemed that his eyes would change to the hellish red with black slits whenever he wished. Almost like the Uchiha famous eyes. He couldn't copy anything, granted. Yet genjutsu didn't work as it should have. He could see in the dark and his eyes would catch things he normally would miss. It seemed as though every sense of his was enhanced at those times. When he gained this ability, he had to tell his two teammates and his friends. The fear in his eyes was enough for Tenshi, Tsunade, Jiraiya, Kakashi, and the dragged along sand triplets, Robin, Yoko, and Iruka to spy on him while he told them. The reactions wasn't as great as they hoped for, nor was it as bad as they feared. Ino and Sakura were stunned speechless, a difficult task. Choji was left in shock and wasn't eating, yet another seemingly impossible task. The complete shock on Neji's face along with Sasuke, Lee, and Shikamaru was enough to cause Naruto to back up in fear. When no one spoke for several minutes Naruto took off, leaving them standing there. They spies were ready to give chase and calm him down. However, surprising his friends more than the truth of Kyuubi, along with the spies, Hinata took off after him. She, though unnoticed, was the only one that didn't seem overwhelmed. The spies followed silently and found a fox boy trying not to cry as Hinata hugged him, crying herself, saying that Naruto was Naruto. She even told him that no matter what was trapped inside him, her feelings would never change. All that was different now was that she knew a secret of his. The others shortly showed up. Sasuke told him that fox or no fox, he was stuck with a dobe as a teammate and he was used to it. Sakura just smiled and told him that would explain his pranks, but it didn't excuse them. She would keep on smacking him and scolding him for the pranks and his loud behavior. Neji just told him that, demon or no demon, foxes can't beat the Hyuuga and Naruto beat him after all. Ino just told him that he better not start sprouting tails or else she'd never be able to look at him with a straight face. Choji munched on his food and told him that foxes liked to steal food so Naruto better not even think about taking his. Shikamaru merely sighed with a how troublesome and said that Naruto was born before hand and so he couldn't be Kyuubi. Shino was quiet before saying don't step on my bugs and I don't care. Kiba grumbled that foxes didn't bother him in the least. Lee started to sprout off into sayings of being able to withstand such a fearsome creature and that his was a great person and friend. Tenten just shook her head and agreed with her teammates, saying that she finally understood the reason why Yoko sewed 'fox' into his clothes. It was shortly after that the branch the spies were piled on gave way. Sand ended up 'accidentally' smacking Robin and the rest of the day was spent holding Robin back from killing Gaara. Naruto had exchanged the bright orange jacket for the dark green vest. Yoko sewed in kanji 'fox' on the back. Dark orange baggy pants found their way into his style, along the vest over his ninja chain net t-shirt. He wasn't as loud as before and had been taught a great deal about his family. Also, he and Hinata seemed to have hooked up. With of course a few shoves, literally, from Tenshi.

Kakashi blinked in surprise as he found himself in front of the Uzumaki Estate. With a look of longing he let himself in. Though his house had been rebuilt and he was finally able to move out, the Uzumaki had told him that he could stay there any time. Yoko and Tenshi told him that they were the oldest and had already decided that he was family. He could let himself in any time he wanted. Kakashi was careful not to make any noise as he went to her room. She had been gone for awhile. Even so, Kakashi felt better whenever he went in there. To him, it would always smell like her. Kakashi looked at the clean room. It seemed like there was an unspoken law that said dust wasn't aloud to gather.

"She's dead, you know." Robin leaned against the doorway. The tank top she wore wasn't as baggy as it used to be. Tape and bandages could be seen peeking out of the top of her shirt. She had, much to her displeasure and the pleasure of most of the male population, grown quite a figure. However, she had resorted to tapping her chest, claiming that it would be easier to fight without having . . . certain body parts to worry extra about. She had let her bangs grow out to her cheek and swept them to the side. Now, she only had one braid and it wasn't as long as before. It was alittle shorter than mid thigh. Robin stepped into the room as she looked around. "She's been dead for almost two years." Her name was a sacred thing in the Uzumaki house. No one really spoke it.

". . . I know." Kakashi picked up a faded picture of the woman and her team. The team picture that Naruto and Robin took of her. ". . . she was beautiful." Robin nodded.

"Hai. She had a shine to her that seemed like it would only be effective on her." Kakashi smiled as he put down the frame.

"Yes. She was so beautiful in every way." He let his eyes scan around the room once more. "But there was this certain beauty to her. She seemed to have shined the most on the battlefield. Those were her moments. That beauty seemed to radiate through the darkness of a battle and give new hope and energy." Robin brushed some dust off a table top near the door.

"I know. Even with the same amount of battles I've seen her in, she seemed to quite lovely in the mist of battle." Before anymore words could be exchanged the ground shook. Robin stumbled forward and was barely able to regain her footing. She looked up at Kakashi and they both shared a look of confusion before a blinding light filled the air.

Janghoon stared at the grave with dry tears. He had to make it himself. Over two years ago. Janghoon shook his head to free his thoughts. It did no good to think of the past. He remembered the words Setsuko had spoken to him before she left. She told him that once he was done . . . he had to return to Konoha. Something was happening there and she couldn't tell him.

"Setsuko-sensei . . . I'm finally done." He let his words travel on the wind, to wherever she might be.