Eternal Love

Setsuko looked over from her vanity and saw Robin enter her room.

"Robin-kun . . . is there something you need?" Robin was silent as she sat down on Setsuko's bed. Setsuko stood and moved to Robin's side.

"Setsuko . . . . . you will be leaving us." Setsuko smiled gently at her younger cousin. "Tomorrow, you will become Hatake Setsuko." Robin stared down at the ground. "I . . . . I don't want to lose you so soon." Setsuko gave off a small laugh.

"Sweet little Robin, I won't be leaving. I'll just be living in a different house." Setsuko pulled Robin closer to her with one arm as if she was only hugging her partly. "Why are you so worried? It isn't like you." Robin bit down on her lip before replying.

"I . . . you and I . . . . we are similar." Setsuko smiled and nodded.

"Hai. We both were responsible for our mothers' death, started to kill at a young age, most of our talents lie in fighting . . . and we both fell in young with men who wear masks . . . yours wears an emotionless mask and mine wears a physical mask. We are very similar." Robin nodded before looking up at Setsuko.

"Will . . . will my fairy tale ending come?" Setsuko laughed once more, surprised.

"Robin, this isn't a fairy tale ending. Yes, I'm marrying the man I love with all my heart . . . but it doesn't stop now. We won't ride off into the sunset. This is life. We have to work at it and it won't end up perfect. But we have to take what we're given and move on. All we can do is strive to make the best out of what we've got." Robin leaned into Setsuko's small embrace and sighed.

"But what if Akatsuki takes him?" Setsuko smiled as she looked at the girl nicknamed the Emotionless Executioner.

"Then get him back. That's all you can do." Robin nodded and stood up.

"Arigatou, Setsuko-chan." Setsuko smiled. "Setsuko-chan . . . is it true that Naruto is giving you away?"

"Hai. My father is dead. He died in my arms. And Naruto is the closest thing I have to a brother." Robin smiled and left.

"Katon!" Rung in Naruto's ears as he was sent flying up into the air. With ease Naruto flipped in the air and managed to land on his feet.

"Pretty good, Hinata-chan!" Naruto smiled at his girlfriend.

"Arigatou, Naruto-kun." A slight blush adorned her cheeks as she accepted the complement.

"Oi, dobe!" Naruto glared at Sasuke as the Uchiha eyed him. "Is it true that you're a jounin?" Naruto smirked, feeling his pride go through the roof.

"Hai, Sasuke! Now I've got seniority over you!" Sakura gave off a small giggle.

"Who would have thought that the dead last would get jounin before the top students!"

"He is Uzumaki." The four looked back to see Robin walking up to them. "It has always been this way. Only one Uzumaki has been known to ever give up." Naruto blinked in confusion as the others' eyes softened.

"Who?" Sakura smacked him upside the head.

"Baka!" She hissed quietly towards her former teammate.

"No, it's alright." Robin smiled sadly at Naruto. "The only Uzumaki known to give up is my mother."

". . . oh." Naruto closed his eyes. "Sorry."

"I came to terms with it a long time ago." Robin sigh. "But that's not the point. The Uzumaki are known for never backing down. It is only natural for Naruto to fulfill the requirements for being jounin. Loyalty, refusal to give up, putting Konoha first. Those are things the Uzumaki live by, shinobi or not." Robin smiled whenNaruto slung his arm around Robin's shoulders.

"Hai! Tenshi-chan and Yoko-chan say that all the time!"

Setsuko ran her finger over the cold metal of the Shinigami. She took a moment, reflecting back to all the blood that it had taken to change its form so drastically. With a sigh she put it into a box that held her clothes.

"Need help?" Setsuko looked up to see Tenshi leaning on the door frame.

"No, I'm mostly done." Tenshi nodded and entered the room.

"So . . . I guess you're taking Kakashi's name?" Setsuko smiled at her cousin and nodded.

"Hai." Tenshi sighed and smiled.

"So then Naruto is going to be Head of the Uzumaki." Setsuko tapped up the box she had just finished packing and looked back at Tenshi.

"Does there have to be a Head? Other family's are just one family. None of us are truly siblings so does it matter?" Tenshi looked at Setsuko, startled. "Kakashi once told me that Naruto said he was going to change the Hyuuga when he became Hokage. He'll change the Uzumaki too. After all, if we lived in the past then we could never live, could we?" Tenshi smiled brightly at the Bloodless Ninja.

"Arigatou, Setsuko-chan!"

Naruto shifted from one foot to the other. In a few minutes, the woman he considered a sister would be coming out of the dressing room. In a few minutes he would be giving his sister to his former sensei. He bit down on his lip and blushed when he saw Hinata sitting with her family. She looked very beautiful in the soft lavender kimono with lilacs on it. A tap on his shoulder caused him to look back and see Setsuko. Her strapless white gown clung to her as it trailed behind her. Her hair was up in curls and a silver tiara held the veil that covered her face. Her long gloves had s simple rose deisgn sewn into the top and she held a bouquet of beautiful flowers.

"Naruto . . . . thank you for giving me away." Naruto smiled at the older Uzumaki.

". . . . arigatou, Setsuko-neechan." He looped his arms with hers as the music began to play and started to walk.