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Chapter one: New Things

After the disbanding of the Crusaders and the Knights of Prontera a time of darkness came upon Midgard. It wasn't nearly half as bad as the predicted Fimbulwinter (to those who do not know what that is it's a time in Norse mythology when four winters will come straight in a row) but it was worse than seeing the king in his undergarments. Seriously no one wants to see that. Many skraelings had been striking small towns and rebels had been looting cities. It is in these dark times that our story takes place.

Stare looked around the room. Nothing special. No signs of thieves breaking in and the walls and roof were still standing. Good.

Rebels had started to become more common these days. Thieves and rogues as well. It was a chaotic time. The citizens of the major cities Prontera, Payon, Geffen and Alberta had nothing to fear because the guilds based in those cities (except the thieves' guilds) were protecting them. However, the smaller towns like Stare's town were left unprotected. The Kings and Jarls (Norse village chiefs) paid them no attention.

Stare got up and began to dress. He only had the basic stuff for a swordsman in training: a sword, a leather jacket and a novice's uniform. He went into the main room of the house. There was a note on the door. It read: "I'll be back late tonight". Stare read the note and then left for the swordsman boot camp.

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