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The Grudge: Inuyasha's Story

BEEP,BEEP!! Inuyasha Shikon's golden eyes shot open. He reached over slowly, turned off his alarm and got out of bed. 'God, why did it have to be today?' He was supposed to go on a tour of a part of Tokyo, a school field trip. Why he had to go? He had no clue. He opened his dresser and pulled out a pair of blue cargo pants, and a shirt saying, " Yeah...Whatever". When he finished getting dressed (with a few stumbles here and there) he picked up his backpack and went downstairs for breakfast. His mom was cooking breakfast on the stove and his father and brother were sitting at the table. He set his backpack down near the door and helped his mom with the pancakes. When all the pancakes were all eaten,(by what looked like they havn't eaten in days) Inuyasha and Sesshomaru said goodbye to their parents and headed to school. Inuyasha is in the 9th grade, while Sessomaru is in the 12th grade. So when they got to school, they headed their seperate ways.

When Inuyasha arrived, he met his friends, Kagome, Sango, and Miroku, and sat down. That was when Miroku started to speak "This field trip will be the most boringest, the most stupidest, the dumbest..." "Okay Miroku, we get it!" Inuyasha almost yelled out. The teacher walked into the classroom and took role. The students all looked at him like they were expecting him to talk soon. After he took role, he did. "Okay class, here is the information you need. We will get on the bus in about 10 minutes, and it will take us about 15 minutes to get there. There we will split up. You all know your groups and where you need to stay at. We will meet back at the bus stop at 2:00" After 10 minutes passed, they were all on the bus, talking, reading, or listening to music. "So where are we going?" Kagome asked. "Wherever" came Inuyasha's reply.

They were all a group. Inuyasha was the unoffical leader, Kagome, was his best friend, Miroku, the pervert, and Sango, the pervert's target. Kagome and Inuyasha knew each other since they were in diapers. In Jr High, Inuyasha was like the school's jock, and Kagome was the one everyone got along with. Sango was the new girl, and Kagome showed her around the school. They became quick friends. One day, Inuyasha saw some guys beating up Miroku and stuck up for him. After helping him with his cuts and brusies, Inuyasha and Miroku became friends. So thats how the group came to be. Now back to the story.

They spent the 15 minute bus ride talking about school, life, siblings, and the trip. When they finally reached their destination, which seemed like forever, they all got out. The teacher tried to get their attention and finally did after yelling. "This is the meeting spot. Be here at 2:00. Now get lost"

Everyone went their seperate ways, with Inuyasha's group heading straight. They passed different shops and resturants. When they passed all of the goods, they found a odd house. It seemed like something was drawing them to it. "Do you guys feel that?" Miroku asked. "Yeah, and i want to see whats up. Come on." Inuyasha said, leading them through the gate, which was suprisingly unlocked and went to the front door. "Inuyasha, are you sure?" Kagome asked, nervously. Inuyasha looked at her with a ' not really' look and opened the door. That was unlocked to. They steped into the house, shaking, and stood there. The house looked like someone just moved out. Suddenly the door closed behind them. Miroku rushed to open it, but "It's locked" he shouted. They stood there with a scared look on their face.

They all went upstairs in a tight group, fearing the worst. No one wanted to open a door, but they would have to soon. Finally Inuyasha put a clawed hand to the doorknob and opened it. They entered the room, and looked at the bed. There was a little boy, his back was facing them. Kagome tried to get his attention. "Hey there. Do you know how we can get out of here? The door is stuck and we can't get out. And we...were..." Kagome stopped speaking for the little boy turned around and they saw his face. It was pale and his eyes were really dark. Just then he opened his mouth, but he didn't speak. Instead a cats meow came out. He walked closer. Thats when they ran, out the door, down the stairs. Inuyasha tried to open the door with all his demon strength. But it wouldn't work. "Dammit" We are stuck here in this house with a boy who speaks cat, and the fuckin door won't open..." But he had to close his mouth. What they saw next they would never forget. A woman. Crawling down the stairs. Crawling. They heard a noise coming from her. Not a breathing noise, but like a croaking noise. They started to run again, and ran to a window. Luckily, when Inuyasha punched it, it opened a hole. They looked and found the woman coming towards them. They quickly crawled out and ran out the gate.

"What the hell was that about" Miroku yelled. "I have know idea. I was i supposed to know that some assholes already occupied a house." Inuyasha stared at the ground, which started to form words in the dirt, You cannot escape the grudge" Inuyasha pointed to it and everyone gasped. They found out it was 2:00 and ran to the bus stop. While on the bus, Kagome looked out the window and saw the face of the woman they saw at the house. She screamed and held on to Inuyasha. He tried to calm her, but she sat their petrified. Inuyasha's ears drooped. 'What have i done?' he thought. On the bus ride home, they saw several more bad signals. They knew one way or another, they had to stop this curse, or they will all die.

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