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The Grudge: Inuyasha's Story
Chapter 4: Freak Out

There she was in the doorway. A jawless, girl in a nurse suit, covered in blood. All Inuyasha and Miroku did was stare in disgust.

"That is one of the oddest things i've ever seen in my life," Miroku stated.

"No kidding," said Inuyasha. He stood up and pushed her out of the doorway. "There you...Oh my god. You have to be shiting me."

There were about 10 more outside. "Fine, let's do it the hard way." So he used his claws and ripped them all. He walked back, but just as he was in Miroku's doorway, he heard a noise.

"There's something behond me, isn't there?"

"You could say that. Their still coming together," Miroku said, shaking.

Inuyasha turned around and saw a hand moving toward a lifeless body. It was creeping closer and finally attached itself to it. Pretty soon, all the zombies he beat up were back standing up.

"There is no way i can beat these things," he said to himself. "But i can distract them."

So he pulled the fire alarm and the water sprinklers above turned on. All the zombies fell to the ground and laid there. Inuyasha picked up Miroku and ran out of the building before the zombies woke up.

Kagome and Sango heard the alarm and went to go inside, but right before they could, they saw Inuyasha running out with Miroku on his back.

"Let's get out of here," he said. They ran all the way down the street and stopped when they reached the end.

"So what happened in there?" Kagome asked.

"Well," Inuyasha said, taking a big breath, getting ready for the huge story he was going to tell, "I was talking to Miroku when a nurse walked in...without a jaw, So I go and punch the lady and there are about 10 more out there. So i beat them up and then they come back together. Then I pulled the fire alarm and ran outside with Miroku."

They walked back to Inuyasha's house and laid down. They all laid down on the lving room floor, except for Miroku who was on the couch.

Inuyasha had his eyes closed for only a minute, then felt pain on his back. He looked up and saw Miroku standing on him.

"Miroku? Get off me," Inuyasha said.

But he didn't. He reached into his pocket and took out his knife. Inuyasha's eyes got wide.

"Miroku, stop!" Just as he was about to strike, something came out of him. It looked like a see through Kayoko, anf it went into Kagome. Her eyes burst open and she got up. She walked over to Inuyasha, but stopped. Kayoko came out and went into Miroku again. Miroku raised his hand with the knife, but couldn't move after that. It looked like he was having a fight with himself. But he lost as the knife came down.

Inuyasha's eyes shot open to find everyone sleeping soundly. He sat up and kept a watch for the rest of the night.

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