ARRRG! I almost forgot this, I don't own the Swat Kats, or anything else for that matter, I'm just borrowing them for this story.


"Hey, Chance! You ready to go?" yelled Jake Clawson as he stood at the entrance to the garage.

"On my way!" replied Chance Furlong sprinting towards their tow-truck, "I'm driving!"

"Aww man! You always drive."

"Yeah, 'cause I'm better than you Jake" said Chance as he gunned the tow-truck's high-powered engine and sped out of MegaKat Salvage Yard "What's you hurry in getting to this Air and Technology Show anyway?"

"Jeeze! Chance, didn't you pay any attention to what I just said?"

Chance shrugged. "Nah, I tend to ignore all your techno mumble."

Jake glanced at him and explained, again "I heard that one of the exhibits is some new kind of superarmor and I'd like to talk to the creator."

Chance turned and looked suspiciously at Jake "You aren't planning on messing with the Turbo-Kat are you?"

Jake looked rather sheepish, and replied "Uhhh, no. I just want to see what that new armor will hold up to."

"That had better be all Jake, the Turbo-Kat is just fine." With that Chance turned on the radio and the two kats spent the rest of the ride to Megakat International in silence.