Leen blinked as she stepped into the bright sunlight "Thank you!" she said to T-Bone and Razor.

Razor smiled at her "you're welcome" then he turned to T-Bone "we need to destroy this place but how?"

Before T-Bone could answer Leen held up a PDA "will this help?" T-Bone stared at her "umm, thanks kid but…"

She cut him off "I managed to access the self destruct codes while I was down there, I loaded them into this, for lack of a better idea."

Razor thought for a moment "Yeah, that should work just great, we may be able to get rid of tall, dark and purple and his hideout without wasting a missile!"

T-Bone grinned "Then what are we waiting for buddy? Let's go!"

All three ran over to the Turbo-Kat and Razor started to download the codes "Hey, umm what's your name? Why did you want the destruct codes?"

Leen was admiring the jet "huh? Oh It's Leen Sullivan, and I wasn't actually looking for the destruct codes, but they were what I found."

T-Bone walked over "Then what were you looking for?"

A grin slowly crept across her face "I wanted the schematics for his ship, you see I'm an aircraft designer and I really couldn't help wanting to see them."

"Got it!"

T-Bone sung around "What was that buddy?"

Razor looked down at T-Bone from his weapons consol "I said I got the codes downloaded, but before we blow this thing we should probably move away."

"Roger sureshot." He then looked over at Leen, who was examining the thrusters

"Hey, uhh, Leen! We need to get away from the caverns It's a potential blast zone."

"Coming!" she replied beginning to walk over.

T-Bone then realized 'duh the Turbo-Kat only has two seats there's three kats here.' "Hey Razor, you got room for a passenger?"

Razor looked up "Hummm?"

Leen walked up

"Ohh, yeah I guess she could sit with me."

"I could sit with who?" Leen asked.

Both tom-kats jumped, they hadn't heard her come up

"Don't do that!" said T-Bone

"Do what?" Leen looked puzzled

Razor cut in glaring at T-Bone "Don't worry about it. Your sitting with me."

Leen shrugged "Okay. Are we going to go?"

"Yeah come on get in." T-Bone reached out a hand to help Leen on to the wing but she backed up and vaulted on by herself.

T-Bone shook his head a jumped on to the wing and into his seat.

Leen carefully climbed into Razor's seat with him, both looking rather embarrassed. "Ummm, thanks." Leen said

"Uhhh, no problem." Razor replied as he made room for her.

The cockpit slid closed as T-Bone revved up the thrusters "You two strapped in back there?"

"Affirmative buddy."

T-Bone grinned "Then lets ROCK AND ROLL!"

The sleek black jet lifted off the desert floor and streaked toward the city, when the TurboKat was about three miles away from DarkKat's lair T-Bone swung her nose around and hovered about a hundred feet off the desert floor. "Razor, you ready to detonate?"

"Roger, detonating... NOW!" Razor depressed a series of buttons on the remote and a cloud of dust rose from the outcropping they had just been at.

"That takes care of DarkCrud." said T-Bone

"Yeah hopefully, permanently." replied Razor.

Leen piped up "Except you guys should know, what with the number of times you've tried to take him out, he's kinda like a cockroach, ya can't kill 'im!"

T-Bone frowned in the mirror that let him see the backseat "Thank you Miss optimism!" He then added "Since that's over, where can we drop you off kid?"

Leen thought for a moment then said "Could you drop me off at the airport, please? I ran out on some people and need to apologize."

Razor tried to think of something to say he was about to open his mouth when, T-Bone spoke first

"Were coming up on the airport." He set the TurboKat down on the tarmac and the canopy slid back.

Razor climbed out of the jet and helped Leen down

"I want to thank you, for saving my life back there." she said.

"No problem it's what we do, just next time don't give yourself up."

Leen smiled and waved as a crowd surrounded her and the TurboKat took-off and streaked toward the horizon.