Full Summary: The god of the human world is lonely and overworked, presiding over the species he has single-handedly created. The Golden Goddesses of Hyrule offer their help to him, but he is offended and sends one of his humans, a scornful symbol of destruction, to their world. As time passes, however, it becomes apparent that this human is not what she was sent to be.

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And She Waited Remix

It's so cold…

Why do I feel like this?

Where is he?

He'll come…

The rhythmic beating of Epona's hooves on the ground sounded loudly and made him aware of how tired he'd grown…but he had to go save her.

Save them.

"Go away! Stay away from her!" she yelled, trying to find time for herself. Those words were the only ones she could think of.

He laughed a horrible, evil laugh that made her cringe in fear. She breathed heavily, her heart beating desperately to escape her own chest.

"He'll come, and then…you'll regret this…" Nothing but hollow threats to him.

He drew closer to her, his footsteps echoing throughout the marble room. "This is your end, girl…" She served no purpose. The girl was not supposed to be here, he had no idea where she came from, she meant nothing to him, and she was in the way. He drew his sword, prepared to off her instantly. At least he would get the satisfaction.

She stood in front of a pink bubble. She had to get her out…

"Stay...away from Zelda, Ganondorf! He'll kill you when he comes…he'll...he'll…kill you." Her voice was shaking, stuttering. She held a small pocketknife in her hands, the only protection she had left. She had no skill, and she had barely any experience. It was barely worth it to hold the tiny blade.

He could tell. It was so obvious. She was shaking from head to toe. "Do you seriously think that little knife of yours can help you? You'll meet your end, here and now!" He was just toying with her. She could be dead right then. Her arm dropped to the side. Hopeless.

He raised his hand, and out came a greenish flow of magic. It rushed through her body, making her nauseous. Her muscles stopped doing what she told them to do.

"Meghan!" another girl's voice sounded.

She hit the ground.

"Faster, Epona, this is important!" He was half crying. How could he have been so careless? How had he let her go alone?

"Zelda is in trouble, and I'm not going to stand here and wait!" She felt angry with him at that moment, and for some reason didn't care if she was hurting him by yelling at him, by basically accusing him of not caring enough to save Zelda.

"Meghan, we need to get the supplies before we can just barge in and fight him! We wouldn't accomplish anything!"

"I'm going, whether you come or not!" She pulled out the ocarina...which he'd intended to leave in her hands for just a short while.

"No, Meghan!" He reached out to grab her, but she had played the Prelude of Light and warped to the Temple of Time, taking his ocarina with her.

"She won't actually go alone, will she? Oh no!" Link mounted Epona and rode as fast as possible…

"How far did she think she could get?" And she had taken his ocarina, but why, damn it! He needed it! "Meghan, you'd better be all right, that's all I can say." He wouldn't even dare to think of what could happen…

"Come on, Epona!" They were nearing the collapsed bridge leading to the abandoned Hyrule Castle Town. He dismounted and ran at top speed to Ganondorf's castle. There were still more obstacles to come.

"How should I dispose of you?" Ganondorf said, pacing in front of the semi-conscious Meghan, eyeing Zelda and hoping that she was affected by the way he threatened the girl.

"Ganondorf, I swear, if you touch her, I'll kill you…" Zelda said, still trapped in her pink gem-shaped bubble, floating above them, her voice reverberating back to herself.

Meghan was conscious, still hearing what was going on outside, but she couldn't move a single part of her body. Her head was spinning, like she was swirling around in space, but her eyes wouldn't open.

God, she felt so stupid...

She burst out of the Temple of Time and headed straight to Ganondorf's castle. The sages had made a bridge for him when they had been there before…

Inside, she opened each door that had a symbol for each element above it, yet each door strangely led to nothing but empty rooms. She was unaware that Link was just behind her, entering each room and seeing something completely different. She went up the stairs at the center, up a tower that rose to the skies, and got to a final door with nowhere else to go. There was organ music that sounded like some terribly overused villain's theme-ominous and heavy. It stopped abruptly, as soon as she started backing away from the door. She was frightened then, realizing where exactly she was. Someone opened the door before she could run.

"Hello, girl." Meghan froze in horror, thoughts racing through her mind…why didn't I have my sword out? Why was that so easy? Why didn't I just wait for Link? She'd been so angry…

He was standing in front of her, laughing so hard, so malevolently. She felt tiny, incapable, her heart beating irregularly. She drew the Kokiri Sword shakily, (un)ready to fight, when she saw Zelda.

"Zelda!" Meghan's hand dropped, the sword falling to her side, clutched in her hand carelessly. She forgot about the evil man standing next to her in her want to help her friend.

Bad mistake.

She miraculously ducked just in time to miss a blow from Ganondorf's sword. Pulling the sword back into position, Meghan readied for a blow. He swung and she tried to block. But he was far too strong.

The sword flung from her hands all the way across the room. Ganondorf's sword came crashing down, and she jumped back just in time to miss a blow. She escaped with just a cut, blood trickling down her hand…

Link went through the different doors, which each held a small puzzle to solve, each with a likeness to the temples in Hyrule…Spirit, Shadow…Fire, Water…Forest and Light were each dispatched without much work. He even found new gauntlets that served to give him tremendous power, unlike anything he'd ever experienced, but nothing could relieve him of his worry. How did she get in so easily when he had to solve all of these puzzles? He didn't see her anywhere…

Finally, the force field around the center of the tower came down. He thought he saw some movement, something familiar fly up the stairs before him, but when he reached it, he found only monsters.

"Look at you, little girl, lying there helplessly, like a little bug, waiting to be crushed." Zelda was now doing all she could to get out of her bubble. Nothing seemed to work. "Does this make you ill, Princess? Would you be quite sad if your friend here was killed before your eyes?" Zelda stared helplessly, on the verge of tears. "Maybe I'll spare her if you stay out of my way. I only want the Triforce, Princess. I only want for you all to obey me."

Meghan thought she heard a door open. She couldn't move to see.

"Die." The sound was like a whisper, so far away…she didn't know who had said it.

Then came the sound of a sword crashing down on air, cutting wind…the sound of metal on metal…

Somebody had saved them.

Another scrape sounded, and she knew Ganondorf and the other person were farther away. She heard him, the one who had saved them, cry out in battle, releasing his frustration and energy.

She waited, frozen.

Clang, clang, clang. Then she heard sounds of magic, dark magic and electric shocks. It was terrifying. It seemed to last forever. She still couldn't move and she felt like she didn't even know where she was, but she was silently thanking the person for saving her, again. She was hoping he was all right.

"I'll be back…I'll have my revenge," Ganondorf said, suddenly breathing very hard. She heard what she thought was Ganondorf collapsing, a heavy thunk of flesh and armor. It was silent for a second. She heard heavy breaths.

"Is she…?" Link started to say, walking toward Meghan in a hurry. She heard another set of footsteps coming from the other direction that were light and delicate.

"She is all right. She is in a conscious state in which she can hear us, but cannot move. I'll see if I can revive her." Zelda knelt down beside Meghan, held out her hand, and a stream of magic flowed from it. Meghan felt a warm sensation, and gradually she could move again. She was sore for a second, and tired. Her muscles protested as she pushed herself up.

"Are you all right?" Link asked her, steadying her as she stood. She felt weakened, and she was leaning mostly on him. He, too, seemed a bit weak too, breathing heavily. She stood on her own.

"Mm-hm…you OK?" Meghan looked at Link, and noticed something different. "You got new gauntlets," she said tiredly, her voice quiet.

"Yeah, gold gauntlets."

"Those would have come in handy a few minutes ago…" Meghan held up her hand to show him what happened. It was still dripping from when Ganondorf had sliced her hand with his sword, right down the palm.

"Oh, let me help you fix that," he said, searching his pockets for some material to wrap it with. She held her hand away from her body, and he gently covered the cut.

"Good job. Thank you," Meghan said as she examined her wrapped hand. She smiled, and he smirked, feeling accomplished that he could treat her strange injuries. Link leaned on his knees, feeling drained. Zelda was looking out the stained glass window. "Hey, Link, I have potion…" Meghan said as she stuck her hand inside her little backpack. She held out some blue potion to him.

"No, I'm fine." He stood straight, as though to prove this.

"You're tired enough, take it."

"No, I can wait…I'll be fine in a second."

"No, you can't."

Zelda was standing next to the window, and she sighed. She watched as Meghan tried to shove the potion into his hands, but he repeatedly pushed her hands away.

Like children, she thought, feeling light hearted with their demeanors. Could it be over? She placed her gloved hand on the window. She could barely see through the darkly tinted window, and what she could see just looked even more harrowed than usual from here. Could this be the end of the evil that once roamed our land? What shall become of Link and Meghan? I know what must be done…but I don't know how they shall be affected.

She looked back at Meghan and Link, who had Meghan's wrists in his hands. Zelda felt that they needed to leave this place of evil. Ganon's body lay, still, across the room, but she felt waves of evil traveling through the air, through the stone ground. She turned toward it, tilting her head, her mouth open and ready to alert the other two.

The ground started to shake, and Zelda knew what was happening. She had known it was too good to be true.

"Link, with his last breath, Ganondorf is trying to collapse this place!" Zelda warned.