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Zelda, Meghan, Link, Luke, and Liam all sat in the dining room, after enjoying a nice meal. Meghan was attached to Link. They'd held hands the whole dinner, an easy task for them because Meghan was right-handed and Link was a lefty. Link had told them all about everything he'd talked to Sierace about, and Zelda's obvious surprise at the fact that he and Sierace were so closely related was funny to everyone.

Luke noticed Zelda's spirit lightened, as soon as Link was close. She had back her charisma, her everything. She was smiling and laughing the way he knew she should, and it comforted him a great deal. Having all three of them there was even comforting. They were like a family.

After one particularly gleeful comment about the drooling Liam, Link looked back to Meghan's face, his eyes dancing and a wide smile on his face. He tilted his head ever so slightly, observing her. She stared back, smiling at his scrutinizing look.

"What?" she joked, though she was happy that he was there, staring. It felt normal, after so many days of torturous separation from him.

"I just thought…" he let go on her hand and touched her face. Meghan grew hot from embarrassment; he was being so affectionate in front of Luke and Zelda. His fingers traced below her eye in a horizontal line, and his face turned not upset, but questioning. "You do have a cut on your face."


She started to panic. She knew he'd have to find out sooner or later, but why sooner? They were so happy. She knew he'd get so angry as soon as someone told him what'd happen to her.

"What's it from?" he asked, still only curiously, not yet upset. She certainly didn't want to lie, but she didn't want to ruin the moment. She saw Zelda and Luke looking on from the corner of her eye, ready to intervene if necessary.

His eyes quickly looked down her body, landing on her arm, where the larger, more visible cut was. Unlike human cuts, they were merely dents in skin, the same color as her skin but deeper set and entirely noticeable.

"Another one."


"Where are they from?" Maybe one cut he'd believe was an , but two totally different ones would be hard to make a story that would fit each.

Suddenly, he knew. It was stupid of him to forget her vague messages she'd sent him at Sierace's house, but in the excitement of returning, he had. Now he knew something had happened.

"Your notes…something happened, I know it did. The reason for Liam. You wouldn't have him for no reason at all." He turned to look at Luke and Zelda, their faces calm, about to talk. But Meghan did first.

"Something did happen," she nearly whispered. "But I'm fine, except scratches. But everything's fine now. He's ."

"Who?" Link demanded, anger and confusion growing. "Please, tell me what happened."

Meghan had trouble continuing, so Luke took over.

"Another follower. But he's now, so he's not a problem."

Link stood up in anger, nearly knocking his chair over. "Why wouldn't you tell me?' he said. He felt utterly left out, almost like they felt he couldn't trust him. Meghan stood too, shaking her head, and wrapping her arms around him.

"I didn't want you to worry! I really couldn't tell you. I it when you're always so worried about me. You need to live without worrying so much!"

"Just tell me what happened," he said quietly, trying to control his anger.

"I…OK." She waited a second, composing herself. "I was in the field, and it started to rain so I had to get off Galaxy…and he was coming, but I didn't know he meant to do anything…bad. He acted nice at first, he asked if I needed help with Galaxy, but I said no and tried to get on Galaxy, but he wouldn't let me."

Zelda and Luke were completely silent, not expecting her to tell the story in such detail, detail they hadn't even heard.

"He pulled me back, he…knocked me down…" her voice her ing.

Link protectively, unconsciously held her tight to himself, listening to her story with the anger that he knew he couldn't do anything about it.

"He had a sword, and I had…I had nothing. I never expected anything like that to happen…it was such a short trip…and he wouldn't let me get away, I tried but he hit me and cut me. Galaxy tried to help, but I had nothing…"

There were tears in her eyes, her voice weak.

"I couldn't get away, I tried so hard…and he hurt Galaxy…but then I remembered…"

"Fury blast," they said at the exact same moment. Meghan nodded against his shoulder. "And then he was ."

"From…the blast?" Link asked quietly.

Luke made a sound of protest, but Meghan looked at him. "Luke, I know what happened. It's not hard to figure out."

Luke looked at her empty eyes. She'd never meant to do it, but it took a toll on her. She tried not to think of it and continued.

"Anyway, Galaxy brought me back here, and I'm OK now. I promise."

"OK…if you're OK…you're sure? You're fine? Only cuts?"

"Perfect…I promise."

"OK…OK." He sighed. "I'm never ever leaving you again," he whispered to her.

"Please don't…"

Later that night, Meghan and Link were in her living room. She leaned up against Link, half in his lap, her face buried in his chest, her legs curled up on the couch beside him. His arms were around her back, holding her to him. One hand rubbed her back methodically, lulling her into relaxation beyond any she'd experienced in days. She felt safe, safer than she remembered feeling safe. Her eyes were drooping, and although, yet again it wasn't later, the bad sleep and lack of sleep from the previous nights were taking a toll on her. Her breathing became slower, deeper, and she was forgetting where she was…

"Hey…" he said quietly, the sound humming in his chest. "You're tired. Go put your night clothes on and go to bed."

"Mmm…only if you'll be there…"

"Of course."

"Mmkay…" she murmured, not at all wanting to get up, but he helped her to her feet. She stumbled to her room, yawning. She pulled her pajamas out in her comatose state, not even remembering her alterations. The idea of her pajamas being shorts and a cami was so familiar to her that she didn't think twice about it. She forgot about her scheme.

While she changed, Link told Liam to lie on the couch. Liam listened, sighing and closing his eyes. His duties were officially finished.

After getting changed, she opened the door to let Link in, her eyes half opened.

He walked forward, her predictions correct. He was unsure that whether in her half-asleep state, she'd pulled the wrong clothes. He certainly had never seen her wear these. He didn't want to embarrass her, though, so his hesitation was only momentary as he met her in the bedroom in his own makeshift pajamas.

She looked up to his face, somehow registering the red on his face. "What's wrong?" she sighed, sitting on the bed.

"Um…nothing." His forehead creased, as he looked her. She hadn't even pulled the extra coverings from the bed as usual. "Hey, love, just stand for one second…" he murmured. She obeyed, confused for only a second. He pulled the covers, and tons of pillows onto the floor, into a much neater pile than she usually managed. She fell right back onto the edge of the bed, curled into a ball at the end, her long legs right up to her chin. He went to her and picked her up, repositioning her at a normal spot, then he lay down next to her, facing her. She smiled with droopy eyes, and he smiled back.

"What's with the color?" she asked again, in regards to his reddened face, which was starting to clear.


"No, really."

"Um…well, I'm sorry, but what are you wearing?"

"My pajamas?" Something…she remembered something…this was supposed to happen. She smiled.

"I've never seen you wear anything like that before."

"Is that bad?" She remembered now.

"No…I don't mean it like that…"

"What do you mean, then?"

"It's…" he struggled to find decent words, only blushing more in the process. "Revealing?"

She laughed weakly. "So you don't like me revealing myself? Is it wrong to show skin? I'm being entirely decent."

"No, no, not at all, I didn't mean it like that…I mean, wear whatever you want…it's just weird. Is this another Earthly fashion?"

"Of course, silly. I was getting tired of wearing so much. Especially just to sleep in…"

"Well, I guess there's nothing wrong with it, really."

"I'm not actually revealing anything, though, now am I?" Now she was teasing him on purpose. His face turned darker yet. She laughed again. "You're so predictable…"

"You did this on purpose?"

"Yes and no! I wanted to be more comfortable, but I wanted to see what you'd do. You probably thought I'd forgotten to finish getting dressed."

"Um…yeah, sorta."

"Silly boy." She closed her eyes and snuggled closer. Almost hesitant at first, he put her arm around her back. Soon, though, he felt like he belonged again, and he knew it was still the same . It didn't matter what she wore, she was his and he was hers.

"You're beautiful," he whispered. She smiled, knowing that in his embrace was the strength to do anything, and in his words was the encouragement to go on, and his soul's presence, her soul's will to live, happy.

Together, forever.

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