Title: What I Would Give
Author: Lisa
Chapter: Prologue
Rating: G
Author's Notes:
Hi minna! Here is another multi-chapter story by me! Yes, I know I should be working on "What If...," "Against All Odds," and "Roses," but I just had this idea, and just had to write a story before my idea flutters away from my brain, meaning I will forget my plot and stuff. *sighs* So I have to write this. This story takes place in the Silver Millennium, and this prologue is in Serenity's p.o.v. Anyway, I hope you will enjoy, and please review or send me an e-mail. Have fun!
Disclaimer: Sailor Moon and the others don't belong to me, but this story does.
I watch as my senshi leave for their morning training, their bubbly chatter and gossip following them. They seem happy as their cheery laughter echoed in the long, dreary halls of my, or should I say, my mother's kingdom, the Moon Kingdom.
I am the princess, Princess Serenity, heiress to the Moon Kingdom, the only daughter of Queen Serenity. And let me say what a gloomy life I lead. I never get to choose my path for it is already chosen for me. It seems that even my senshi have more freedom and fun than I have. It is so not fair. Oh, I would give anything to change that. But I can not. I am destined to be the princess, and that is what will become of me over the years.

The Earth hovers over me, its rays of light seemingly brightening my mood. It seems that the planet Earth has that effect over me, the power of calm...and gentleness. What would it be like to visit Earth once more? I have gone there only once, and experienced the sensation of being there. Earth has so much that the moon does not have. It has a beautiful view of the moon from a certain angle, which I love to look at, being bathed by its warm, relaxing light. That is difficult to do on the moon since I am living on it. Earth has many types of flowers, many varieties that the moon lacks of. I would say the roses are my favorite Earth flower.

I want to go back there. To be bathed in the warm light of the moon, to smell the fragrance of the blood-red roses. To be free from my life as a princess. I do care that Mother is afraid for my safety, since the moon and Earth are not allies, more like enemies. But I can not help this urge to go, one that is pushing me on, insisting that I have to what I have to do. So why do not I?

The halls were silent, save the light footsteps made my the hells of my shoes. Where is everyone? I asked myself, glancing around at the ostensibly deserted palace. Then I remembered. The royal meeting. Everyone was supposed to be attending today. I gasp sharply. I was supposed to be there! Now Mother would surely send a guard to get me from my chambers. Only to find that I was not there. Then, who knows what she might do? This was not good. My instinct told me to stay, and forget about visiting Earth. No, I say to my conscience. I have to.

I called upon the powers of the Silver Imperium Crystal to transport me to the Earth. Doubts crept up at me, reminding me that the Crystal was used only for emergencies. However this was an emergency to me, and I needed to go.

The powers of the crystal engulfed my body with its immense white flames of power. I sigh, feeling refreshed. I guess the powers of the Crystal had its effect on me.
I felt light all of a sudden, and found myself transparent. It was working, much to my pleasure. After a moment's time, I felt my body floating, and finally vanishing into thin air.

The fresh, cool breeze blew at me as I materialized again, but this time, I was on Earth. I smile, the first smile in days.
This was the same spot I came to last time. Even in the dark, I could see the small ripples forming in the water, and how the water swayed back and forth. What a beautiful sight...

I walk towards the lake, and took in a deep breath of the cool night air. Taking off one of my shoes, I put my foot into the lakes calm waters. The water was cold, but in a way, I enjoyed its coldness.
Taking my foot out of the cold water, I walk slowly around the edge, picking flowers growing in the nearby grass. I giggle, looking at the small but pretty bouquet I had made. "How beautiful. Everything about Earth is beautiful." I say to nobody.

My sharp senses pick up a sound, distant footsteps coming towards me. I froze, not legs unable to be moved, let alone run.
"Run." I hear my head say, only my legs were not cooperating. I remained standing there, frozen like a statue.

The footsteps came closer. "Hey you!" A rough voice called out to me. Quivering, I slowly turned around. "Just what do you think you are doing?" His asked, his booming voice enough to make me faint.
In his hands was a flashlight. As he came closer still, he shined the beam of light towards me, disabling me to see him.
I heard a gasp coming from him. "You are...a moon girl...our adversary...our enemy." His voice sounded threatening.

Tears slid down my cheeks, at I stood there waiting for what seemed to be my death.
"Moon brat!" He screamed at me, his anger increasing by the millisecond.
My body could not take it anymore. The world seemed to twist, turn, and spin in all directions. Maybe this is what feels like to die, I thought before I my world turned black, and I was pulled towards darkness.
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This story written and posted February, 2001.