Title: What I Would Give
Author: Lisa
Chapter: 7
Rating: G
Author's Notes:
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"What?" Endymion inquired, not really sure his ears heard right. "You want me...to choose?" he asked, flabbergasted. Endymion never knew there could be a choice like that, since he was the prince, heir to the throne. "You cannot do that." he shot back cooly, eyes narrowing.
"Really? We shall see then." Henry replied, a small simper forming. He walked away from Endymion, eyes taunting him as he took his leave. "We shall see."
His eyes flashed, turning into an even more deeper shade of blue. "How dare he speak to me that way." Endymion shouted out loud, hands clenching into fists, feeling like hitting something at the moment. "If I have to choose...it would be Serenity. I do not care...about being royalty." he decided. Serenity was his meaning of life, as he realized just now. He could not leave her...ever. " I will be with her."
Queen Gala smiled sadly as he stepped into the dark dungeon in which Serenity was occupying. 'Perhaps meeting this Princess who has won the love of my son could make me feel better saying yes about their forbidden marriage.' she contemplated.
"Princess Serenity?" her soft, kind voice rang out in the empty cells save one.
Serenity looked up from her previous engagement, instant beam forming on her delicate face. "My Queen." she greeted with much formality. "I was hoping to see you." she answered with a regal command echoed in her voice.
"Serenity...did Endymion tell you...about..." she trailed off, and seeing the confused look hovering over her face, she could tell he did not. "I suppose not." she replied to herself.
"My Queen, I am sorry of the loss of your husband." she said with concern, blue eyes showing much consolation, of sympathy.
The Queen sighed, nodding her head as an answer. "It is still hard to think of it...though...I know...it was his time."
"I understand."
"Serenity...do you love my son?" Queen Gala decided to be forward, straight to the point.

The question caught Serenity off guard, making her sputter to no avail. "I..."
"Do not be afraid to answer. I just want to know what is in your heart."
Serenity put her words in thought. 'Do I?' She asked herself silently. 'Yes.' Her heart rang. She was brought back to all those memories of being with him...and how much he meant to her. "Yes."
She smiled then, knowing that Endymion had made a wonderful choice. "Alright. My son has fallen in love with you also. So much in fact...that he has asked for my blessing...for you two to marry. Yet he knows the consequences. You kingdom is not really out ally, and ours is not either. So..."
Serenity could not believe her ears then. "He...he wants to...marry me?"
"Yes. And I agreed. But I did not know if this will work. With the sudden death of my husband...the people of Earth want a future king they can trust. My people....they do not trust you nor the people of the moon."
"I see."

Their conversation was disrupted by a guard. "My Queen, numerous people have gathered in front of the kingdom. They say that Henry has informed them about the marriage of our Prince and the Moon Princess. They are protesting...badly."
Queen Gala rushed from her former standing position, leaning against the cold steel bars. "Do everything you can to stop it." she ordered.
"My Queen." he acknowledged, bowed, and left the dungeon.
"Serenity stay here." her kind eyes were filled with a certain pain. Like she could predict what was going to happen. "It will be safer." Her slender form disappeared, leaving Serenity in a state of frenzy.
Endymion rushed into the kingdom, seeing the people standing by the front doors, he became nervous. "Serenity..." He knew that they could not stay here anymore, that it would not be safe...for both of them. "Please be okay..."
Her boots sounded against the halls, echoing loudly. He reached the dungeon in warp speed. "Serenity, come on." His voice was dismayed. Grabbing her wrist, he pulled her out of the cell.
Serenity found herself running along with her love, not sure where they were going. She knew why though. To escape the people.

Running into the portal room, Serenity and Endymion both entered in it, heart beating fast, out of breath. "Endymion..." she managed to say, breathing heavily. "Are you sure...that you want to leave?"
"Anything for you...I would give anything...and everything...for you." he kissed her softly on the lips, feeling Serenity melt, leaning heavily against him now. "We will be alright, I will make sure of it.
"Thank you..."
They disappeared in a flash of bright lights...
They found themselves materializing again, lights flashing once more, fog...everything blurry...
"Where are we?" Serenity asked, scared. Yet, deep inside, she felt as if she knew the place... "The moon?" Endymion asked out loud.
"Possibly." he answered, breathing in the soft fragrance of her hair. "I bet we are."
They stepped outside, Serenity recognizing everything immediately. "My home..I am back home again..." she stepped into Endymion's embrace, smiling into his shirt. "I am happy." she murmured.

"Serenity?" a voice called out. Four girls stepped out from the darkness. "Princess!"
"Everyone!" Serenity cried out happily. Tears streamed from her cheeks. "Mother!"
The Queen smiled warmly. "My daughter...and who is this? The prince of Earth no doubt."
"My Queen." Endymion bowed formally.
"Mother, I love him."
"Ah. I see." she nodded her consent. "And you came here, in hope that I would agree to this forbidden love...and that you would have my blessing, am I correct."
"Yes." Serenity and Endymion both answered in unison.

Queen Serenity stopped and thought about it deep and hard. She knew this would not be easy...but seeing the sad, imploring face on her daughter, she knew she had to say yes. "Alright."
"Really?" Serenity and Endymion both did not believe their ears. "Thank you!" Serenity embraced her mother tightly, as her happy laughter rang throughout the halls of her home.

"Endymion, what are you doing?" Serenity came in, soft smile on her face.
"Writing a letter to Mother." he answered. "She needs to know my whereabouts."
"I see." she embraced him from behind. "I am glad we can be together."
"So am I."
Queen Gala walked about the long halls, thinking about her son. "Where are you?" she inquired aloud, hand against her aching forehead.
"Letter for you my Queen." the guard handed her a small moon shaped envelope sealed by a crescent moon.
Queen Gala dismissed him with a wave of her hand, anxiously ripping open the letter.

Dear Mother,
I just wanted you to know that I am fine. Mother, I love Serenity and would give anything to be with her...including my birthright. I know the people of Earth will find another person to take over my place, and I am perfectly fine with that. Please understand why I chose to do this. I will always love you Mother. Perhaps we will see each other again...someday.
Your son,
The Queen put the letter against her thumping heart, eyes letting tears shed. "My son...at long as you are happy...I will be content."
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This story written and posted May, 2001.