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Jack stood there waiting for Chocolates next to the altar. She didn't seem to walk in. His mind was full of thoughts. He knew she was going to look beautiful but not how beautiful, she always looked beautiful. He found out that he was nervous for no reason, he was having what he always wanted: marrying the woman he loved, had a home, legally changed his name to Jack Kelly with Denton's help, his best friends wee there. He also didn't forget to visit his father and ask for his approval and he approved. Jack's father said that after everything his son talked about her she seemed to be a lot like his mother.

The door opened the bride started to walk down the aisle with Racetrack. She didn't only look beautiful; she had never looked that beautiful. Chocolates reached out for Jack's hand and he took it without hesitating. She looked at him and smiled and he smiled at her too. Later she mouthed an "I love you" and he did the same. He couldn't hear anything the priest said, he just looked t her, he was lost in her big blue eyes.

"Jack, do you take Cristina to be your wedded wife? Will you love her, comfort her, honor her, and keep her in sickness and in health until death do you part?"

"I do" Jack whispered.

"And Cristina, do you take Jack to be your wedded husband? Will you love him, comfort him, honor him, and keep him in sickness and in health until death do you part?"

"I do."
"By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride."

They kissed sweetly and hugged. Both were crying, but still they were incredibly happy. They walked out of the church and headed to reception. When they entered to the Waldorf, they realized Elizabeth had done an excellent job with the place. There were flowers everywhere, the food looked delicious. Jack led Chocolates to the dance floor after taking some pictures of them together; they knew this day would be worth remembering.

"Jack?" Chocolates called her husband.

"Yeah?" he looked at her lovingly.

"I love you. Do ya love me?"

"I love you so damn much, doll." He kissed her. "I love the way you look, the way ya talk. The way you hug me, kiss me and comfort me..."

"That's enough," She interrupted him with a sweet kiss. He was surprised of that. Most of the times he was the one with the initiative to kiss her and now that she kissed him it was heavenly.

The night had fallen and it was time for the bride and groom to rest. They had danced all the day away and they knew it was time to go up to their bedroom. They would stay in the hotel for the night and go home the next morning. Jack opened the door and Chocolates entered the room, he closed the door behind her as she started to remove her veil. Jack started to undo his shirt.

"I'm gonna put on my nightgown, ok?" Chocolates took the gown, and went behind the screen. Jack looked at her silhouette while she was stripping down.

"That's a nice nightgown, baby." He smiled. She smiled back at him and went to sit down in her dresser, she started to comb her long her. Because her hair had been held in a bun, she had now a few waves instead of a very straight hair. Jack sat down beside her.

"I can't believe this, Jackie. We're married"

"No, I can't. I can't believe I'm the luckiest man in the whole world." He said as he pulled her closer She was little nervous, she knew what was going to happen. He started to kiss her passionately, unbuttoning the front of her gown with his left hand. Softly, he slid his hand underneath her knees and carried her in his strong arms. She pulled back from his lips and looked up at him lovingly; he could see in her eyes she was a little scared.

"I won't hurt you." He said.

"I know you won't Jack. It's just that is our first night together"

"Jackie boy, married" Spot laughed. "That's amazing."

"But Spot, as charming and flirty as Jack is, he's very faithful." David said. "And he said he wouldn't get married."

"He said never, ever, ever. It just won't happen" Crutchy looked t the rest.

"Well" Sparks took a breath. "After what Sarah did to him, who would even think of marriage?"

"Dear" Race kissed his girl. "Hmm, ya didn't have to say that. Davey's here."

"Dun worry, he knows I hate her. Besides that... girl cheated on him, she even slept with the other guy."

"Ya know girls, I know ya hate my sister but she regrets of losing Jack and ending up pregnant with William. Her marriage is not working anymore."

"How do ya know?" Someone asked.

"She's staying at home with mom and dad. The baby is at home too."

Spaz sighed. "How could she leave a man like Jack for that stupid William?"

"Spazzie is obvious" Empress shook her head. "William had a fortune and Jack had a dime in his pockets, that wasn't real love."

"She never loved him, she deserves what's happening ta her because everything she made Jack go through"

David got serious.

"David, love" Shadow took his hand. "The girls have a reason to hate her, if it wasn't for Chocolates, Jack would've never been out of the lodging house. She saved him"

"Well, she loves him" Spot spoke again. "And well, we love that girl too."

Skittery was the one that had the best relationship with Chocolates, after all he fell in love with her for 10 minutes or less. "If he ever does anything to her... I'll hang him. I almost hung him when they had that awful fight"

"Well, they were meant to be, they got married after all, huh?" Blink thought. "The best for them, now let's leave this hotel, the love-boids left long ago."

It was late at night, Jack and Chocolates were lying in bed. She was asleep already and he looked at her lovingly as he stroke her naked back. He just couldn't forget what happened the night before: the way she kissed him, they way she touched him, the way he felt her shivering beneath him, it was all magic. Jack couldn't help himself and started to kiss her passionately. Chocolates opened her eyes very slowly just to see Jack's face; smiling and his eyes had a special gleam.

"Jack?" she took her hair out of her face.


"Why don't ya let me sleep?"

"It's our wedding night; I don't want you to sleep."

"Now I won't, I'm sure" she covered herself with the sheets. "D'ya think the boys left already?"

"Yeah, it must be like 3 in da morning."

"3? Well then we did sleep enough. Did ya sleep?"

Jack laughed. "A little."

After speaking for a little while, Chocolates fell asleep again. Jack looked at her until he felt like sleeping again. He pulled her close to him, making her rest her head on his chest. Nothing could be better than now, he thought. With Chocolates there, it was everything he wanted. He lived to make her happy; he knew she did the same, it would be impossible to break them up. He loved her now and would love her forever, they same happened with her.

The End.

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