"Bulgarian Dilemma"

Chapter 1

"Karania! Get down need I need your help packing to get you to school for your final year!" Karania's mom called.

Karania groaned and crawled out of bed still wiping the sleep from her eyes and headed downstairs after dressing quickly.

Her mom saw her on the stairs and said, "Well that worked nicely!"

Karania glared at her mom in a "this is what you got me up for" look.

Her mom laughed and said, "Look what I got! Three tickets to the World Cup that's being held in England this year in the top box."

"Who's playing?" Karania asked skeptically.

"Bulgaria versus Ireland." Her mother replied.

"Count me in! I wanna go!" Karania cried.

"I thought so." Karania's mother said grinning. "So I've already sent your school trunk to Hogwarts since we don't want to mess with it at the game though your wand is still downstairs since I thought you might need it since you're almost nineteen."

Karania's dad came in dressed in his official Government wizarding robes. Karania's mother tried not to laugh since his outfit was about one size too small. Karania's mom took out her wand and resized it with a flick of her wand.

"Thanks, I don't know how I was going to eat in that......" Karania's dad muttered.

Karania's mother glowered at him and he quickly cleared his throat and said, "We need to head over now, the rest of the Ministry of Magic is leaving now. I've sent over a tent and night clothing."

Karania and her mother nodded and went downstairs and Karania collected her wand and they apparated to the wood close to the open field where people would be staying. They appear out of nowhere with a loud "CRACK!" which made the Bulgarian team jump about a mile high.

The Bulgarian team's eyes fell on Karania and their eyes widened several inches.

Viktor smiled kindly at Karania and her heart skipped a beat as she thought, "My heart's beating so fast and my feet are going numb.... this isn't good!"

"Is something wrong, Karania dear?" Karania's mother inquired.

Karania shook her head no, but wasn't very convincing and even the Bulgarian team could tell that something had gotten her attention.

Desislav was about to say something, but decided to keep his thoughts to himself. It was apparent what Karania had on her mind, and what she was so desperately trying to hide, was that his friend, Viktor, had gotten her attention.

Karania and her mother turned to go to their tent and Karania took a step and tripped over a root and fell down a steep hill and landed with a thud. Many of Viktor's teammates laughed, but Viktor scrambled down to see if she was all right. Karania was lying in a heap unconscious when Viktor came down beside her and he rolled her over on her back and quickly checked for a heartbeat and surprisingly enough there was one. Viktor carefully placed Karania over his shoulder and climbed back up and Viktor's teammates were there to take her from him and Andrei carried over to their doctor while Anton and Danail helped Viktor back up the hill to solid ground. Once on solid ground again, Viktor looked around frantically for Karania and then saw Andrei carrying her. Viktor came running over to him and looked at Karania who still seemed oblivious to what was going on around her. Andrei came to their medical tent and took Karania inside and Radomir and Luben ushered her parents in. The doctor requested that the men leave for a couple minutes and pointed to the door, and the boys slunk out feeling stupid.

Only Karania's mother stayed and the doctor said, "I would like to keep her overnight if you don't mind, just to be sure she's alright since she really hit her head hard but luckily she didn't get a concussion."

Karania's mother nodded and magically summoned Karania's nightgown by making it appear by magic but it didn't come flying across the open field, it more like appeared like it came by apparition. The doctor now left the room and Karania's mother changed Karania into it and then the doctor returned and together they got Karania into a bed and tucked her snugly in. The doctor now went to get the boys and they returned looking embarrassed that they'd been asked to leave but then realized that Karania was a girl and they didn't push the subject. They came over to where Karania's mother was stroking her silky black hair and just then Karania stirred and woke up. Viktor's teammates grinned that she opened her eyes but kept their pleasure to a minimum since they barely even knew her.

Andrei looked at Karania and then said, "I think this was deliberate, but I don't think was the intended target, I think we were but she got the hit of it."

"Great......." Karania moaned.

Andrei looked sympathetic and patted Karania on the head and said, "Don't you worry, sweetheart, we'll get to the bottom of this. We've already got the officials looking into it."

Karania didn't understand what Andrei was talking about but she didn't answer. Just then Viktor entered with a squawking owl. The owl looked angry and started beating Viktor with its wings and Viktor was trying not to drop it.

Karania sat up again and said, "Kikara, behave yourself."

The owl stopped squawking and flew out of Viktor's arms and landed next to Karania and stuck its leg out and Karania took the letter. Karania opened it and scanned it and then put it down and muttered, "Same old song and dance letter from Hogwarts."

Viktor looked at Karania and asked, "Why do you go to Hogwarts? I go to Durmstrang."

Karania looked uncomfortable and said, "I don't know, my parents decided not me."

Viktor grinned like he was hiding a secret but kept his mouth shut. Just then another owl flew in with another letter for Karania but Andrei thought it was for him and reached for it, but the owl squawked and beat him with its wings and flew over to Karania. Karania untied the small packet from the owl's leg that bore the Hogwarts logo and Viktor's teammates whispered to each other and urged her to open it. Karania opened the small packet and a Ravenclaw Head Girl badge fell out.

"What the heck is that?" Andrei asked.

"Something that is really important when a student receives it since it's supposed to be considered a high honor since only one girl and one boy from each Hogwarts house are picked by the Headmaster to help enforce the school rules." Karania's mother told them.

"I don't know if I can....... Most students won't listen to me......" Karania muttered.

Viktor took her hands and said, "You were picked for a reason, you can do it, you just need to learn how."

Karania nodded and gave it to her mom to put with her stuff. The Bulgarian team looked at the badge and thought it was nice, and Karania's mother put it away. Just then a quidditch official appeared dragging Aiden.

"Hey let me.... Go......." Aiden's eyes fell on Karania and his voice trailed off.

Aiden walked over to Karania and looked at her, and Karania looked away feeling embarrassed. Aiden quit looking at her and asked, "What happened? And why does this include me?"

"Some root was enchanted to enlarge itself to trip whoever came near and she came near it, didn't see it, tripped over it and fell down a steep hill and hit her head hard which knocked her out." The official informed him studying him closely.

"I didn't do it! I promise you I didn't, we believe we should settle it in the pitch and not with stupid pranks." Aiden insisted.

"Okay, so an Irish supporter set that little trip trap up. Somehow I don't buy that." The official said.

Aiden looked desperate and appealed to Karania for help. Karania sighed took a deep breath and said, "I had a vision about who did it, and it wasn't him."

Aiden looked like he wanted to hug her but refrained from it much to Karania's relief.

"Okay, Karania, who did it?" The official asked.

"Some underage boy, I don't know his name, but he had brown hair, had a yellow shirt on, and black trousers." Karania replied.

The official looked at her skeptically since he mistrusted psychics and those with the gift of the inner eye. The official glared at Aiden and let him off and he left to go locate this kid she had mentioned.

Once the official had left, Aiden took Karania's hand and said, "I hope you didn't make that kid up. I don't want you in trouble."

"I didn't, I really saw it!" Karania exclaimed.

"Yeah right, I don't believe in psychics, so I'm outta here."

Aiden turned to leave but Andrei blocked his path and said, "Look dude, she is what she is. Being psychic is not a curse but a gift."

"Oh sticking up for her now are we?" Aiden said sarcastically.

"You're acting so ungrateful, I almost feel like I shouldn't have helped you at all." Karania said glaring at him clearly angry.

Aiden glared at her clearly wanting to say something mean to her after she said that, when Karania's dad stepped forward and Aiden jumped since he hadn't realized a Ministry of Magic official was in the tent. Karania's dad glared at him too and said, "Don't you say something that disrespects my daughter's honor."

Aiden shrugged in a "whatever, I'm gonna kick your butt tomorrow and make her pay for what she said" kind of way.

Once Aiden left, Karania laid back down and the Bulgarian team left so that she could rest. Viktor looked at Karania and was reluctant to leave so Desislav had to grab him by the collar and drag him outside which made Karania laugh at the mere humor of it. Now that the Bulgarian had left, Karania's mother tucked her in again and Karania snuggled under her covers and closed her eyes and tried to get some sleep to get rid of her headache from the argument and the remaining pain from hitting her head. Karania's mother sat down beside her while her dad stroked her hair and reluctantly left his child to go perform his duties and Karania continued to sleep.