Chapter 4

"Could It Be Love?"

Karania smiled, she was excited about what Viktor had told her, and hoped that she's see him again that night. The Malfoys got up shortly after the players had left the field to head back to their respective tents, though they did glare at the Weasleys before they headed out of the Top Box and began to make their way down to exit the stadium and return to their campsite. Once they'd left, Karania sighed deeply and smiled as she remembered the words Viktor had whispered in her ear a few minutes ago.

"Okay Karania, spill it!" Hermione cried.

"Yeah! Like tell us what it is you're so happy about all of a sudden!" Ron put in.

"Yeah! Tell us what Viktor wanted when he spoke to you when he came up here a few minutes ago!" Harry insisted.

Karania smiled meekly at them and said shyly, "Well…. Viktor…. Well, uh…. He asked me to meet him back at their camp."

Harry, Ron, Hermione, and the Weasleys looked at her strange while her parents just smiled. They knew better than anyone what was starting to blossom between the two and they were pleased to see that Karania might have finally found someone for herself she could talk and relate to instead of her usual reference book. Still shaking their heads, Harry, Ron, Hermione, and the Weasleys got up and left the top box. A minute or so later, Karania and her family got up to follow them.

Meanwhile in the Irish locker room, Aiden's teammates were annoying him. Connolly was pestering Aiden to sign a poster of their team to give to Karania as a peace offering. Aiden was sighing and rolling his eyes in a way that said, "I don't want to." They continued to pester him until finally Aiden got sick of it and gave in and signed the poster they were holding out to him. Aiden then set out to locate Karania and get her to hang around while everyone left. Aiden finally found Karania and her family coming out of the staircase onto the sidelines on the way out of the stadium.

Aiden ran over and tapped Karania on the shoulder. Karania turned around and tried to figure out who had tapped her when Aiden said, "I apologize for my earlier actions and I would like you to have this poster that we've all signed for you as a gift from our team."

Karania sighed and then nodded and then accepted the gift to be nice about it. Viktor's teammates saw Aiden hand Karania the poster and were mad that the Irish team was sucking up to her because some of their players liked her. After Aiden handed her the poster he scurried away not wanting to get into tense conversation about earlier events and also because he could feel the heat from the Bulgarian team's eyes as they glared at him angrily. Karania made to head back to her tent when the Bulgarian team ran forward and stopped her by grabbing her shoulder to get her attention so she would stop. Karania stopped and turned around to face them. They glared at her as they eyed the poster Aiden had handed her a few minutes before.

"How dare you fraternize with the enemy!" Andrei screeched at her.

Karania backed away from him with an unreadable expression on her face. A little ways away Aiden stopped walking knowing that he might have to bail her out and make up something so her own team won't hate her. Andrei continued to glare at her mad at her for accepting the gift. From where Aiden was, he quickly made up his mind and ran back over to help her. Karania didn't know what to do until Aiden showed up again and Karania felt relieved even though she didn't show it.

"What do you want?!" Andrei snapped.

"You should really tame that temper, it could get the better of you." Aiden said smiling.

Andrei glared at him and didn't say anything so Aiden went on making up something to explain the gift he had given her as he began talking. "That gift was part of our custom for after a game." Aiden explained.

Andrei glared at him. "What kind of custom?" He growled.

"Our custom is to give a girl a poster with all our signatures on it after a game if we win and we picked her. I know she's from your country but we picked her anyways and it wasn't out of spite, it was because we thought she deserved it." Aiden explained.

Recognition dawned on their faces as he said this since it made a lot of sense and they thought this actually could be true in their culture. They nodded and said no more on the matter and Andrei quit glaring at Karania since he now understood their reasoning. Aiden patted Karania on the shoulder and left knowing that he may have a friend in her after what he did. Now that Aiden had left, Karania and her family and the Bulgarian walked together to their camp where they could discuss tonight's match out of the prying ears of the Irish team.