"House of Stevens"

"I can't believe we're actually here!" shouted Louis, only to be shushed by Ren. "Quiet, the show hasn't even started yet." "I don't blame him" intercepted Twitty. "I, myself, can't believe that we've actually received an invitation to do a gig at the House of Mouse!"

It's true; the Twitty/Stevens Connection was going to play as special musical guests at the House of Mouse. Twitty received a letter 2 weeks ago confirming this. He was so excited that the band was going to play at a club. Louis, on the other hand, was excited that the gig was at the House of Mouse, the "tooniest place on earth". He knew he was going to see every toon in Toontown (or at least every toon in Toontown's Disney district), including his favorite: Goofy!

Louis looked from backstage into the crowd, everywhere he looked he found bundles of animated joy. He saw Bambi and Thumper at one table, and saw Aladdin and Jasmine with their animal sidekicks at their side at another. He noticed that Rajah, Princess Jasmine's tiger, leering hungrily at Bambi and Thumper. That was almost mirrored by Beans, who was also with the band, looking at the 3 little pigs with the image of bacon galore dancing in his head.

"And now, here's the mouse that gets even while Donald Duck gets mad: Mickey Mouse!" said Mike the Microphone, the House of Mouse's resident announcer. The show had officially started, and Mickey had gotten into place at that moment. The audience, as well as Louis, Ren, Twitty, and Beans, applauded Mickey. "Hiya everybody! Welcome to the House of Mouse. We have a special musical guest for tonight..." said Mickey before he was cut short by Mortimer Mouse in the audience. "Let me guess, it isn't O'Malley and the Alley Cats?" he said sarcastically. "Nope" replied Mickey. "Ha-cha-cha, I knew it. Have you all noticed by now that this happens all the time to them?" "Don't ruin the show Mort" said Mickey. "Anyway, our musical guest is: the Twitty/Stevens Connection!" The audience responded to that with a nice, solid applause, something that pleased Twitty. "We'll be seeing them later on in the show, see ya then!"

At that moment, Mickey went off and came backstage where he saw Minnie talking to the gang. "Is everyone ready?" asked Minnie. "Actually, we're still waiting for Tawny" said Ren. Tawny was going to arrive a little late since she had to do a little bit of work at home. Suddenly, they heard a loud scream that sounded a lot like... "Tawny!" shouted Ren and Twitty. Then they saw Tawny limp backstage like she was attacked. "Oh my gosh, what happened?" questioned Minnie. "I was attacked by a lion" responded Tawny. "This can't be good for the act..." said Mickey. Twitty didn't like the sound of that.

To Be Continued....